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ngixsw Purchased

How do I change the phone number in the Footer Connect? Thank you!

UPDATE: I read a post with the answer. Thank you…


Thanks. Anyway here is the reply just in case.

To Change the footer phone number,

Open “LostWorld\footer.php” files and find line no: 40. Update the new phone number. Kindly, upload the updated file into your FTP.

Hey! I´m experiencing some issues with this theme:

- the slider keeps changing (the arrows diasappear; the image size changes; the image position changes; the images disappear completely) - the text on each slider only appears a second before the next slide comes on (I´ve seen that this also happens on the original theme) - the theme is too big for the screen, I can move the curser from right to left (not very much but it doesn´t look good). This is also on the original theme.

Can you help please. Thanks Sylvia


Kindly check the following pages, we have done that image alignment using text wrapping.

http://www.ihealyourcat.com/cat-allergy-treatment/ http://www.ihealyourcat.com/cat-healing/

Note: While using image alignment, wrapped text must be in the normal format (not in h1 -> h6).


Alright! Thank you very much!!


Hi. Thanks for your kind words. If you like this theme and support please rate it. 5 stars will be very much appreciated :-)

Coyot Purchased

The author, respond me to my letters please. Thanks

Is there a way to remove the grassy stuff from the title bars?


To remove grassy stuff from the title bars,

Go to open style.css, find line no: 1369
.page-content h1.page-title { }
Inside this block, remove back-ground & adjust padding value as you wish. Same way you can remove grassy stuff from sidebar title-bar as well.

Kindly check this URL,

Coyot Purchased

Beautiful theme but- 1)Responsive is poor! 2)Support is poor! 3)No support! 4)Problems with theme language (problems with fonts in the Russian Cyrillics) and JS! 5)the form of contacts in a subject not correctly sends inquiry and the coding allegedly established to UTF8

6)2 weeks wait for the answer from any help from the author, Cyrillics doesn’t work, the design flies, I don’t recommend to buy only purely because of that that the author simply starts spitting on the buyers.

and anything can write to the author here? that me heard?

mrdurden Purchased

hello i bought your theme yesterday. it seems very nice according to my pre tests :) but i found a little bug i guess.

when i choose without sidebars for homepage it is ok when you go directly to the domain adress. but when you click the “Homepage” link in navigation section there is still sidebars. and i guess it is a small mistake.

i deleted the page from menu. and i created custom menu item to fix this.

but again it is really nice theme. i guess i ll buy it a lot :)

mrdurden Purchased

is there a way to adding hotels? like packages or places?

mrdurden Purchased

and how can i disable the texts and the shadowed area on the slides? i just want to show pictures nothing else.

mrdurden Purchased

easy fancybox (general lightbox) plugin conflicts with theme is there a way to solve it as well?


Hi mrdurden,

Thanks for Purchasing our Lost World WP Theme. Here are all your answers to your queries..

(a). For home page, Go to->wp-admin->Lost World->Homepage tab,

1. Select home page 2. Choose home layout 3. Save all changes

Note: No need to set the homepage in, wp-admin->Settings->Reading (Front page displays)

(b). Packages and Places are Custom posts. If you wish to show any one of the new posts, we have to work on that. It will take some reasonable time.

(c). For removing slider texts and shadows, kindly share your site credentials (WP/FTP) through the mail. We can do that. Mail using the right bottom form @ http://themeforest.net/user/designthemes

(d). Our theme supports easy fancybox plugin, kindly check the following screenshot.

Coyot Purchased

when I send and I accept the message about it subjects here that I receive ? what’s the problem? Base in the coding utf-8.

You’ve been contacted by НикиÑ?а. You have been contacted by ?????????????????? with regards to Enquiry. Phone No: 6546545454 ????????????????????????????????? You can contact ?????????????????? via email,


Hi Coyot,

We have sent you a reply mail for your Query 10 days ago, And here is that mail

“We have looked the screenshots, which you attached in your last mail. From the mail, we understood that you need to use content in Russian language and also some design works needed in the header menu side.

Kindly, send your site credentials (FTP & WP-Admin) with the detailed description of your issue, We will check your site and fix this issue for you.”

After that, we didn’t receive any replies from your side, except the last one.

Without any replies from your side, how can we proceed????? And, we also requested your to share your Site credentials, but till now there is no response from your side regarding the credentials. Without any response from you, how can we fix your issue.

Please reply with your site credentials (FTP & WP-Admin) with the detailed description of your issue. So that we can offer you a solution, or fix your issue ASAP.

Coyot Purchased

i sending message for you, 20 above min.

mrdurden Purchased

well noone will help??

how can i delete the shadow box or transparant box and the text on slides? (which heading and the  text of the slide shown) with nivo slider and the cycle slider.


mrdurden Purchased

how can i remove the mailing list (subscribe your email) part?

by the why noone helps? this is the 3rd day…


Sorry for the delayed response. Kindly check our demo site, the “Touch Slider” is functioning correctly.

http://wedesignthemes.com/themes/lw/ To disable slider Text and BG, kindly replace the following files.

(1.1.a). Open LostWorld\inc\ folder.
(1.1.b). Replace, “slider_one.php” & “slider_two.php” files.

(1.2.a). Open, LostWorld\js\plugins\nivoslider\ folder,
(1.2.b). Replace, nivo-slider.css

slider_one.php – http://d.pr/f/lqob
slider_two.php – http://d.pr/f/toeD
nivo-slider.css – http://d.pr/f/cim9

To disable footer newsletter subscription, kindly check this screenshot - http://d.pr/i/HtO9.
bradlow Purchased

Awesome theme! I need to center the menu, i only have like 5 tabs and it’s pushed to the left. How can I fix it?


First of all thanks for your Purchase and Appreciation.

To center the menu alignment, follow the below given process.

(a). In “style.css” file, replace the following styles
main-menu {

float: left; margin-bottom: 0; text-align: center; width: 100%;

(b). In “css\slidemenu.css” file, replace the following styles

main-menu li {

display: inline-block; float: none; list-style: none outside none; padding-left: 0; position: relative;

Kindly check the following screenshots. If you find any difficulties, let us know.

bradlow Purchased

Thank you :) Worked!


Hi. Thanks for your kind words. If you like this theme and support please rate it. 5 stars will be very much appreciated :-)

mrdurden Purchased

hello thanks again, when i use oversized logo same height but wider witdh logos position changes and it is not in the center.

i have a logo like 500px width – 210 px height when i upload it, i see it correctly in the page but not in the correct position(center) it takes places to the right side of the page top. it should be in the center of the top.

mrdurden Purchased

there will be city names as categories. people who want to go that place will see hotels around it.


Hi mrdurden,

Sorry for the delayed response. We checked your information.

Your need Hotel module, which should like “Explore Places”?

Here we attached the back-end look of hotel module (after integration). http://d.pr/i/IJ3t

1. Let us know, which fields you need to change in the hotel module. [We indicated in the top right corner of the screenshot]

2. Timeline for Customization:

(a). Need updated theme + Hotel module + Existing customization [Upto 90%, we can show the best result] = 6 hours


(b). Hotel module with the Existing old Theme = 4 hours

If you wish to Proceed, Let us know.


Hi mrdurden,

We checked your WordPress credentials are working fine.

This is a new module work, we need to work particularly for you. So it might be a customization task.

Last time, we have sent the timeline for your tasks without the email reserve notification work. But, we will try to finish this job with the same 6 hour timeline.

Note: You might be charged for $25/per hour.

Please submit your FTP credentials, and hire us through Odesk ( https://www.odesk.com/ ) (or), pay an initial payment by PayPal.

How do I updated this theme without loosing customizations?


Here are some new features, which we have updated in LostWorld Theme Version – 3.0

1. WPML Ready (For multi language support, http://wpml.org/ ) For this, all php file’s text domain have been re-worked.

2. Woo-commerce pages design issues fixed For this. “style.css” file have been reworked

3. Shortcodes issues fixed For this. “style.css” file have been reworked

4. Twitter issue fixed. New twitter API updated for twitter widget.

Kindly find above update log, and update your necessary things. If you find any difficulties, let us know.

nugget77 Purchased

Great Theme! Homepage under “Our best travel packages” and “SOME OF THE PLACES THE MIGHT THRILL YOU” How to get to look exactly like demo? What is shortcode? I like the side by side listings, right now it is one item per line. I have the demo exactly like your except for this part!

nugget77 Purchased

LOL Never mind, went to homepage layout and checked without sidebar. I followed set up instructions exactly and it was misleading as it said right sidebar.. No biggie, love the theme!


Hi. Thanks for your Appreciation. Great to hear that you have solved your issue. Let us know, if you find any issues in the future. If you like this theme really, please rate it. 5 stars will be very much appreciated :-)

Coyot Purchased

Hi, how is conect Twitter widget??? When is connected -No public Tweets found ((((


Hi Coyot, Sorry for the Delayed Reply.

We checked your existing site URL, http://mimanilva.com/. But it is not working. We think your domain has been expired.

For the Twitter Feeds issue,

Currently the Lost World Theme has updated into Version-3.0. In the recent version, we updated the following things.

1. Woo-commerce pages design issues fixed
2. WPML ready (For Multi-language support)
3. Some basic shortcodes issue fixed
4. Twitter API issues fixed (New twitter API updated)

New Twitter Widget screenshot: http://d.pr/i/wISN Note:

Please download the updated theme in Themeforest. If find any difficulties, let us know.

It would be great if you could post a version change log.I want to know before apllying the update.

Thank you !


The Change log of updated theme,

1. WPML ready (for multi-language support)
2. Small design tweeks in Woo commerce pages
3. Twitter new API support
4. Small shortcodes issue fixed


Thanks !


Please don’t forget to offer us the Item and Author rating! 5/5 will be very much appreciated :-).

nugget77 Purchased

How do i change the title for section “some of the things that might thrill you? Thanks

nugget77 Purchased

nevermind got it had to add a title tag such as title=”TEXT”] after blog post in shortcode. That’s not very wordpress friendly but at least i know coding but others might not :)