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I’ve been using WowWay for about three years and overall, am quite happy with it. Updating to 2.1 broke my gallery though and distorts images to crazy dimensions. Most of the pictures are sized to 1,350×900 but I’ve tried 1,200×800 and 640×480 and the result is still the same. They get stretched in the same manner.

A 1,350px × 900px image is scaled to 52,178px × 773px. I left it active on my site so it can be viewed at the following link.


So far I’ve tried the following:

Tried all the different re-sizing options in the gallery page

Updated the images used in the gallery

Tested 640×480 images.

Disabled most plugins except the following (want to avoid losing some settings and others are required for WowWay according to the manual):

Download Manager, Krown Portfolio, Krown Shortcodes, oAuth Twitter Feed for Developers, Wordpress Backup to Dropbox, Wordpress Media Tags, Yet Another Social Media Plugin

The site is running on the latest Wordpress version.

The only other known bug on my site is that using Krown Shortcodes contact form in my pages fails to send an email and directs users to a 404 error instead. All other features seem to work perfectly.


Hi there

I’ve looked at your theme but after a quick view i can’t see to find anything working bad.. Could you please post more details? The homepage works fine, projects are properly resized, etc..

Please let us know a specific link or project which causes you issues, in order to be able to debug everything easily.

Also, please contact us via our dedicated support system, in order to facilitate the process: http://krownthemes.com/wordpress-support-contact/

Regards, Ruben.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it.

The link I posted above did in fact lead directly to the broken page. However, after your post, I decided to check it out using a different browser. It’s working in Internet Explorer but not when I’m using my install of the latest version of Firefox. I see you visited with Chrome.

I’ll do some checking on my browser install to make sure there are no issues specific to my computer or browser install but using a different computer with Firefox didn’t work either. If I don’t figure it out I’ll visit your support link. Thanks again.

Hey, i have a problem with fullscreen galleries. Images appear distorted under firefox 44.0.2. Puppeteer described the same problem some weeks ago. here is a link: http://superhappypeople.net/ it´s a fresh installation with just this page added. can u help? thanks


AdiKth Author Team


Thank you for choosing our theme!

These types of errors are usually caused by third party plugins. Please deactivate all your extra plugins and test the galleries again.

I’m loading your site on Firefox now and I’m not able to see the images issue. Have you also tested it from a different computer to see if the problem persist or it might be an isolated case?

If you still have the issue please send us an e-mail with your admin login details here: http://krownthemes.com/wordpress-support-contact/ and we’ll take a look at your code.

Regards, Adi.


Smook Purchased

Hi, I have these problems ONLY in firefox too. It’s like problem in resizeProjectFull() function and too big img width maybe from wrong aspect ratio. Check my website: http://autoradia.pl


AdiKth Author Team


Thank you for using our theme!

Have you also tried to deactivate all the extra plugins and test the galleries?

If this doesn’t work please send us a message to our support center : http://krownthemes.com/wordpress-support-contact/ and we’ll try to identify the cause for the issue in your case.

Regards, Adi.

Having the same problem in firefox! Just upgraded to wordpress 4.2.2 and the gallery fullscreen images broke.


I am sorry for all of these issues, it seems that indeed something broke there after WP4.2, so we’ll attend to this ASAP.

Expect an update today or at least tomorrow morning!

Regards, Ruben.

Thanks for looking into it, Ruben. Looking forward to the update.

The update is already in the queue – it should be approved and available within the day.

Hi. I was wondering if the grids have any choices as to what they launch. On the demo, the orange plus sign pops up a really attractive overlay of a portfolio page w/pic AND text, which I love. But if the text is really, long, it wouldn’t be great. Is there a way that the plus sign could launch a link to a page, or is that not a possibility yet?


AdiKth Author Team


Thank you for your interest in our product!

We have the option to add a custom link for the portfolio grid thumbs. Please see the “custom link” portfolio item on our demo grid (is the 7th element) to see how it works: http://wowway-demo.krownthemes.com/ .

If there is anything else we can help you with please open a ticket on our dedicated support center here: http://krownthemes.com/wordpress-support-contact/.

Regards, Adi.

Hi there!

I’m trying to decide between your themes “Huge” and “WowWay”...

I’d like to get “WowWay”, but on mobile Safari/Chrome browsers (iPhone 5s, iOS9.3 13E237), the scrolling is much better in “Huge”... in “WowWay”, it doesn’t “flick” up/down… it’s like “Huge” has some sort of inertia setting for scrolling, that’s a lot easier to use.

Is it possible to change the code give the same scrolling feature to WowWay?

I’m kinda hoping that it’s as simple as checking a box or radio button.


Any chance a dev can answer this soon?


First, I’m very sorry for my late answer and I apologize for that!

Thank you for your interest in our products!

Unfortunately there isn’t an easy solution to change the menu functionality in WowWay to look more similar to the Huge menu.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding!

If there is anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our dedicated support center: http://krownthemes.com/wordpress-support-contact/

Regards, Adi.


jasontoth Purchased

Hello, how would i change color of the swiper-next / swiper-prev & the share-buttons in the portfolio popup box? They are currently hard to see being dark grey against a slightly light grey background.

Thx, Jason