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Hello Ruben,

I noticed that the portfolio menu items (which are categories) displays and works on computer view, but when access from android or mobile devices where resolution is lower the responsive drop down menu doesn’t display these categories. What I need is this categories to be displayed on mobile resolutions and users to be able to populate within categories just like they do on a computer.

Is there something I miss configured? This is the website: dondeir.com.pa

Thanks in advanced!


Thanks for your quick reply! Changed to paged-portofolio and now it works the way I expect. One more thing, noticed that when choosing a different menu item in mobile menu, even though it changes the content, on the dropdown always displays the default title “Site Navigation” is it possible to make it display the current chosen category or menu item?

Thanks again for the great support!


Oh, one last thing, when I add an item on the portfolio, even though it has a featured image set, when clicking on the item and details are shown, the image does not appear. I check other items in the portfolio to compare and they have the same settings… Am I missing something?

Thanks again


Please read the last sentence in my first reply.. The support forum is there for a reason! ;)

Version 1.9 is out now! Please see the changelog and download it:

  • Added theme options for a custom color, custom(via Google) fonts and custom css
  • Improved the functionality of the contact form
  • Added a fail safe for playing multiple videos at once in the portfolio slider
  • Fixed some IE8 issues

Files that were changed in this version:

- footer.php
- header.php
- functions.php
- contact-form.php
- js/plugins.min(dev).js
- js/scripts.js
- includes/theme-options.php

chenkan Purchased

Awesome update Ver 1.9, Contact form finally works. :), well done. AAA+++


Thanks! :)

I am thinking of buying this theme. I have some questions before that. I want to implement 3 level menu in it. Is it possible? If possible please describe briefly. Is it possible when clicked on portfolio page item it will load a simple page instead of little box? How it will be possible?


If you are really good with HTML/CSS/JS/PHP, then yes, you can implement a third menu. Since the theme has no room(in it’s concept) for a third menu i guess that it would take a lot of custom work to achieve it..

About your second question, yes, each project offers you the option to load a custom url..

Hi, I am interested to buy your item, but I need to know if you have qTranslate or WPML? because I read that if supported .Po and .Mo but if I can manage content in more than one language

Thank you, I like your theme


This theme wasn’t officially tested with one of those plugins, but i’ve seen successful implementations for both. Since they are third party plugins i do not offer any support for them, so it’s your job to make it work.

But you can see an example of a successful WPML integration with WowWay here: http://www.dianamurcia.com/

So it definitely works! :)

Algas Purchased


Hey Ruben, I’m very close to purchasing this template but would just like to answer a couple of questions first?

1) Will the template integrate with BuddyPress? 2) Will the template translate and integrate with WooCommerce? I hope to run a site using WP and integrate this with BuddyPress and WooCommerce to offer a complete service.

But my problem is whether this template can be customised to suit BuddyPress and WooCommerce. Sometimes themes are restrictive and cannot be edited to fit these additional plugins.

Your thoughts on this will be appreciated.


No, this theme doesn’t support either WooCommerce or BuddyPress.. They might work, but you would probably have to do extra work.. Officially, they are not supported.

About translation, see my comment above..

Hello Ruebn,

I’m planning to buy this theme, but would like to have some answer before that.

On the portfolio item click i want to open the full size page(like this http://themes.rubenbristian.com/?theme=wowway&type=0) , instead of the lightbox content.



Thanks Ruebn, i just purchased.


Great! :)

If you have any issues don’t hesitate to use the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com


Hello Ruebn, Can we have the separate portfolio from two different categories ? If yes how we can do that?

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Hi ruben, can you please tell how to add portfolio & Gallery categories in menu option. i cant find those categories in the menu option page.

Algas Purchased

Hi, thanks for your help, I’ve bought!   know how I can change the style Sidebar, need to change their color


Check out this ticket: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com/ticket/6568

And please use the forums for support queries…

Hi Ruben, just posted also in the forum, I need an answer quickly, sorry…. :-) Is it possible to have only prev/next buttons instead of all the numbers of how many slides are in the fullscreen slideshow template? If I put many pics, it’s not so elegant actually. Thanks a lot!


You may need an answer quickly, but i’m still a human being who needs to sleep at night :)

If you know your way around HTML/JS, then yes, you can change the navigation style of the fullscreen galleries. Otherwise not, since it involves a bit of custom work..

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I just bought the theme ($45) and test it locally. When I try to add a “slider” on a page, I get the message “Cheatin ‘uh?’. Paid the theme through my themeforest account and just want it to work.

Hoping for quick reply With kind regards Beppoi


Are you sure that you have the latest version of WordPress(3.5.1) and the latest version of the theme(1.9) installed?

If you have issues please open a ticket on the support system and provide more details: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

Beppoi Purchased

I have the latest versions of wordpress and the theme. I just opend a ticket on the support system, so i can give you more info

csarous Purchased

why the portafolio categories don’t appear in my menu settings, it’s maybe because i’m using a translated version of wordpress (es.wordpress.com) o what is the problem, help me please

Excellent Job man !! Keep Going & Good Luck ;)


Thanks! :)

Hey dude, I just realised the theme automatically gets updated!!! Rad! I manually updated the theme be re-downloading and re-uploading via’ my host – I noticed no difference between the “old” and “new” version (Duh!). These automatic updates are a life-saver!

By the way, thanks for the new ‘Color accent’ option!

Well done man, definitely sending more people I know to your themes!


Thanks for your great feedback! :)

I’m glad that you enjoy the theme..

(Oh, and if you are interested to see my website with your theme at use check it out here: http://graemevoigt.com/ )

Hi Ruben!

I Have have two simple questions:

> Is it possible to add some tags inside the project itself like “web”, and that tag shows other “web” projects?? > Is it possible to put a link in each project to show other related projects? Eg: When watching some client project, i want to see all related projects of that client…



I am sorry, but all of these are not possible in this theme, without extensive custom work..

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Pages (with portfolio template) don’t work.. it shows this 404 message: Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found. Perhaps searching will help. Additionally you can return to our home page and start over.

King regards, Sam


If you have any issues with the theme, please open a ticket on the support forums: http://rubenbristian.ticksy.com

ABSOLUTELY AWESOME THEME. Beautiful design, wonderful functionality, great documentation, extremely user friendly backend, and superb support. Congratulations Ruben. We’re just amazed. Bravo!


Thanks your awesome feedback! :)

Hey.. Before i PURCHAS your theme , i would like to know if it is possible to have the categories in the top instead of all the icons.

Thanks // Magnus


If you are a good HTML/CSS/JS developer, then yes.. Otherwise no :)


OK .. thanks :).... is it possible to have the the menu steady then and not moving?


Yes, it is.. There’s a theme option for that.