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WowWay - Interactive & Responsive Portfolio Theme - Creative WordPress

WowWay is an incredibly unique and highly interactive WordPress theme for creative portfolios. Based on a responsive grid, packed up with lots of cool features and built on a powerful admin panel, this can become the perfect theme for you!

This theme is currently at version 1.9.4

The concept and design of this theme belongs to ChargedPixels.

Support Policy

Due to the large amount of support questions and for keeping everything organized, all tickets will be directed through my private support forum:

Theme Features:

  • unique design details
  • highly responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • .po and .mo files included to make theme translation ready
  • grid based & ajax powered portfolios
  • filterable projects
  • paginated portfolio option
  • fullscreen galleries
  • quality sliders for all projects/pages/posts
  • self hosted videos in projects
  • custom scrollbars for project pages
  • 3 sidebar skins
  • custom backgrounds for each page/post
  • two-levels menu
  • blog & post pages
  • two blog layouts
  • fancy jQuery effects
  • cool shortcodes for typography, buttons, lists, quotes and more..
  • ajax powered contact form
  • valid html5 code
  • and much more..

Back-end Features:

  • great theme options panel
  • set logo, favicon, analytics, and lots of other options
  • sliders manager
  • shortcodes generator
  • custom login logo and gravatar
  • and much more…


  • Q: Can i have both images and videos in one project slider?
    A: Yes, check out this project page

  • Q: Can i center the layout of the pages?
    A: Yes, there is an option in the admin panel, which allows you do do this : see here

  • Q: Can i have a full screen slideshow page at the beginning of my site?
    A: Yes, there is a page template which does that, and you can set it as a home page : see here

  • Q: Can i have a full screen video playing at the beginning of my site?
    A: Yes, there is a page template which does that, and you can set it as a home page : see here

  • Q: How do projects work with SEO?
    A: Each project is built as an individual page with headers, footers and content, so it will be crawled by search engines. When a user opens a project page showed by search results, he will be taken to the ajax driven portfolio page, the theme doing all the magic.

Included you also have the psd files and a 27 pages manual to help you get started!

  • Josh Karchmer

    Ruben, just wanted to thank you for your great work. I just started using WowWay for my site and it’s really great. Super slick looking template. I’m still learning the functionality, but I’m very happy with the product.
  • Aurelie Khalidi

    Thanks to you I have been able to build my portfolio after have been freelance for 6 yeard without having one.
  • Lenore Messler

    Your theme is AMAZING! Seriously, your manual and FAQs have been so helpful. Your files are so easy to navigate. I haven’t had any issues finding exactly what I needed.
  • Robert Langius

    I just wanted to say how awesome your WowWay theme is. I’m a newbie to WordPress, but it has been incredible to see how I have been able to build my marketing portfolio using your theme.
  • raknoob

    Great theme, perfectly good support. 100% satisfied. Keep on the good work!
  • GraemeVoigt

    This is by far my favourite theme I’ve ever seen!!!!
  • ToniMnemoniK

    Just say I’m amazed with the theme, and with the updates. Great work.

  • Version 1.9.4: 15 August 2013
    ~ Replaced the self hosted video player once and for all, with the mediaelement.js one, having a custom built skin
    ~ Made theme 100% compatible with WordPress 3.6

  • Version 1.9.1: 12 February 2013
    ~ Improved gallery image resizing/cropping and created a new option to fit all images
    ~ Replaced the self hosted video player with a better one

  • Version 1.9: 30 January 2013
    ~ Added theme options for a custom color, custom(via Google) fonts and custom css
    ~ Improved the functionality of the contact form
    ~ Added a fail safe for playing multiple videos at once in the portfolio slider
    ~ Fixed some IE8 issues

  • Version 1.8.4 : 22 January 2013
    ~ Fixed paginated portfolio number

  • Version 1.8.3 : 2 January 2013
    ~ Fixed more bugs

  • Version 1.8.2 : 28 December 2012
    ~ Fixed some bugs with the menus

  • Version 1.8.1 : 13 December 2012
    ~ Added WordPress 3.5 compatibility

  • Version 1.8: 4 December 2012
    ~ Added the option link pages from the main portfolio grid

  • Version 1.7: 27 November 2012
    ~ Added the option to have automatic updates via WordPress Dashboard
    ~ Made tabs & toggles to work inside project pages
    ~ Fixed gallery filtering order
    ~ Fixed multiple toggles/tabs on a page issue
    ~ Fixed some other bugs

  • Version 1.6.3: 5 October 2012
    ~ Fixed some bugs, such the twitter widget, the iPhone header, self hosted videos and IE8 issues..

  • Version 1.6: 25 September 2012
    ~ Added the option to choose a location(header/footer) for the Anaylitics scripts
    ~ Disabled self hosted videos fullscreen button due to theme incompatibility issues
    ~ Fixed paginated portfolio search issues
    ~ Fixed facebook like button issues
    ~ Fixed other minor bugs

  • Version 1.5.2: 17 August 2012
    ~ Fixed a small bug regarding blog slider images not showing up in Chrome/Safari

  • Version 1.5.1: 8 August 2012
    ~ Fixed memory bug when selecting a new category while a project is opened
    ~ Fixed portfolio pagination for small screens

  • Version 1.5: 1 August 2012
    ~ Added self hosted videos support for projects
    ~ Added a paginated portfolio page template(which also gives you the possibility to use multiple categories on a project)
    ~ Fixed the project window closing: when you click any category, the project/gallery will close, and i’ve also added “modal” feature for the project window
    ~ Fixed iPhone “forever closed” menu isssue
    ~ Fixed Safari “never opening” projects
    ~ Other small bugs were “smashed” in the process of this update :)

  • Version 1.3: 28 June 2012
    ~ Added a new page template – Fullscreen Video
    ~ Added another widget area, at the bottom of the sidebar
    ~ Added submenu pages(not filters) to mobile navigation menu
    ~ Added portfolio/gallery filters to admin panel
    ~ Fixed sharing issues
    ~ Fixed other minor bugs

  • Version 1.2.1: 11 June 2012
    ~ Fixed some minor bugs

  • Version 1.2: 9 June 2012
    ~ Made the phone widget number callable
    ~ Added basic touch & swipe functionalities for touchscreen devices
    ~ Added scrollbar support for project pages
    ~ Added 8 more social icons
    ~ Added password protected projects
    ~ Added scroll top top functionality after filtering projects
    ~ Added scroll back to viewed items after closing project window
    ~ Added the ability to have sharing options in the projects page

  • Version 1.1.5 : 29 May 2012
    ~ Made a layered PNG file for the sprites
    ~ Fixed menu category filtering
    ~ Fixed the ‘jump to top’ feature when opening projects on a mobile device

  • Version 1.1.3 : 26 May 2012
    ~ Fixed the sub menu weird arrows display
    ~ Changed the position of custom.css
    ~ Fixed other small bugs

  • Version 1.1 : 23 May 2012
    ~ Social media links open now in a new tab
    ~ Back to top link(on mobile devices) fixed
    ~ Fixed favicon and initial # issue
    ~ Added the ability to disable sidebar autohide
    ~ Added the option to center the posts & pages
    ~ Added the option to fit all portrait images from the fullscreen slideshows
    ~ Added the ability to link directly to portfolio categories
    ~ Added a custom.css in which you can add custom css rules, that will not be overwritten by future updates
    ~ Created a new twitter widget that you can put in the footer
    ~ Created a new page template featuring a fullscreen slideshow
    ~ Created a new blog layout template, featuring full width posts & thumbs

  • Version 1.0.1 : 19 May 2012
    ~ Fixed double portfolio issue

Disclaimer: All images, videos & audio files which you see in the online preview are copyrighted materials belonging to their authors (listed below). None of the assets you see online will be provided in the downloadable package!



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