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WP indicated there was an update to the template. So we updated the template and it completely changed the look of the site and actually wasn’t abel to display the page content on home page. It was strange. It looked like what Melvetica showed above at http://demos.antthemes.com/consultant/. And, it also told us we were using a free version, which is NOT the case. So, we went back to themeforest and re-downloaded the file for the site. Now it is telling us there is an update available AGAIN and we are fearful of uploading. What gives??? The comment to Mevetica above of thanks wasn’t enough. Can you explain what is going on?

I can’t upload a screen print here, but WP indicates, “You have version 1.0.7 installed. Update to 1.2.16.” When I check your changelog it states 1.0.7 is the latest version updated in December of 2014. Can you confirm that is the most recent version? It is what we received when we re-downloaded the theme. Should WP be notified that there may be a scammer posing as you trying to push a bad update?

Don’t uae the update from the Appearance > Themes page that will grab a theme from the free WordPress themes repo, please see http://support.contempographicdesign.com/?knowledgebase=how-do-i-update-my-theme-to-the-latest-version

PreSale Question’s: Is this theme compatible with Gravity Forums Plugin? Is this theme compatible with a plugin where users are able to submit a resume securely? Is this theme compatible with WP LinkedIn for Companies Plugin?


I haven’t personally tested either plugin, however I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t work no problem.

I just had the same issue as tpiroq.

Can you elaborate?

Wordpress says the theme needs to be updated. Then it updated to a completely different theme called “Consultant.” Thankfully this happened when I installed the theme, before doing any customizations, so I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Regardless, you should let WP know that this is happening.

That’s because you updated from the WordPress.org theme repository and there’s another theme named “Consultant” which is a completely different free theme someone else created.

For some reason WP added this confusing new feature in 4.x+, please see this KB article:


For those, like me, who had been having the issues with WP asking you to update to what was a theme NOT associated with this one. I have posted about this in the WP forums asking how this can be rectified by disconnecting the incorrect association of “consultant” to WP Consultant Responsive Theme.

Obviously it would be great if we could get the legit updates to work through WP like most themes work, but I will take it not telling me I need an update to an incorrect theme.