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Hi anna! How can i change the footer background to and image instead of a solid color? And how can i remove the text on top of the avatar in contact page whenever i mouse over to it? Thanks! :)

Hello again,


And also how can I edit the items listed under the profile once you are logged in. For example, once I log in to my account the only thing I want to have under it are: My Profile, Bookings, My Inbox, Log out.

Not sure if this will work as you wish – but you can try to edit the user menu and see how it goes. The file is in wpestate/libs/templates/user_menu.php

Thank you, Anna

Hi anna! Thank you for that!

I have another question. Cause for the website that we’re doing, I will be having several sub domains. For example: www.subdomain1.mysite.com. Is it possible that once I login from www.mysite.com it will be carried on to my other subdomains as well. Btw, Ill be using the same template for all my sub domains.


Hi whitewalldesign

From my limited experience with Multisites – this seems like a job that multisites can do – with some plugins that could sync theme + content + users.

But I don’t know specific plugins names to tell, I just know I read about this once on a forum when a client asked.

If you wish to try – the start point is here http://codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network

Hope this helps.

Thank you Anna


I have a question concerning this template.

Is it possible to make the owner of property pay in order to see who is contacting him ?

The idea is to make the owner pay if he wants the details of the person interested on his property.

I’m looking for a template that is able to do that,

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi djlethal,

Thank you for the comment. This is not possible in our theme. Hope you find what you’re looking for.


Hi anna,

Whats the social plugin you use?


Hi joaodoxy

Thank you for the email.

We don’t have a social plugin integrated.

I don’t know what you wish to achieve. If you give me more details maybe I can help more.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna, thanks for your message..

So, i need a good social login plugin..

Can you help me?

Thanks :)

Hi joaodoxy

I don’t have any recommendation for a social login plugin. We have Yahoo, Facebook and Google login integrated with out own code based on third party API documentation. I don’t know if any plugin can replace this.

Really sorry.


Hi Anna, I want to use homepage version 9 from the Estate demo but it is not included in the demo data neitheir is it in the manual. You only show homepage versions 1-8. Could you please let me know how I can use this version of the Homepage. I have tried to register with your support system but am still waiting for a password. Kind Regards

Hi ElaineinSpain

Thank you for the comment. We added that page later on. But you can copy the code from here


Open a new page.

Text mode.

Copy/Paste the code

Set title to NO

Set sidebar to none

And save.

If you need more help please open a support ticket here – http://support.wpestate.org/

Thank you, Anna

That’s great – Thank you!

You’re welcome :)

Hi Anna, thanks for your message..

So, i need a good social login plugin..

Can you help me?

Thanks :)

Hi joaodoxy

I answered below. Please check my answer.

Thank you Anna

Hello Anna, The site in question is: http://bit.ly/1RvO2Gf

I need help with a few things:

1) Where can I add copyright to the footer?

2) How can I get rid off the content area on the homepage below the revolution slider?

3) How can I remove the Google Maps from contact page or replace the map with something else?

This is for now.

Hello, Just an update:

1) Done.

2) Done.

3) Still haven’t figured it out.

4) Also on the same page: http://bit.ly/1MkekwS the rental pin is not displaying correctly. I made sure the icon size is correct, but no joy. :(

5) Is there a way to display a page with just the search form in the content area?

Hi centurypixel

Please see my reply below:

3) How can I remove the Google Maps from contact page or replace the map with something else?

—> follow this forum – but in contact-page.php http://wpestate.org/forums/topic/header-map-wp-estate-just-pages/

4) Also on the same page: http://bit.ly/1MkekwS the rental pin is not displaying correctly. I made sure the icon size is correct, but no joy. :(

—> I see the icon ok. Please advise what you mean by “not displaying correctly”. Give me more details and will look again tomorrow.

5) Is there a way to display a page with just the search form in the content area?

—> You can modify one of the custom page templates (same as point 1) and remove header. Select that custom page template for the pages you wish to have NO header. Use shortcode Advanced Search in those pages.

Thank you Anna


jasze Purchased

We purchased the template in order to build our real estate website. After making the UI changes as per our needs – we subscribed to the IDX service for setting up two IDX feeds.

Now we would like you to help us in identifying the process of integration, so everything can be controlled from the WordPress which we have purchased.

Please answer the following questions at your earliest convenience :

They provided us with instructions (attached) along-with username password and API key for their panel.

1) What we were looking for is ability for Multiple agents to have their own sign in and client search and tracking? Does this template provide that function?

2) IDX stated graphical representation will be handled by them to match our existing pages but is there any we can just get the property data and use our own UI.

3) Do you know any provider which just sells property data service = which we can integrate instead of using the entire portal and limiting ourselves with their design?

4) IDX broker allows for multiple agents, but as you can see from the page they sent us, it links the user to their IDX broker website which they replicate from ours, doesn’t allow for template UI to work with it?

5) WE want to display results from two feeds without users having to select from dropdown?

Two Feeds: Example provided by IDX

Also, note that only some pages can display results from both MLSs at the same time. For example, the advanced search page will have a drop down menu at the top where you can select an MLS (you can see it herehttp://homes.propertycapecod.com/idx/search).

Instruction from IDX support

Adding IDX to Your Website: As you can see, we have already taken care of the initial custom graphical integration. All you need to do is choose the links you want to add to your site from the list in your account and add those to your site menu. Add them as external links that open in the same window without iframes. This will provide your users the most seamless experience when viewing the new IDX pages. After you change the navigation on your site in order to add these new features (i.e. add a link to featured properties, mortgage calculator, etc.), please let us know and we will replicate those design changes on our end so the two sites match.

Step 1: Once you review your page links in the IDX Control Panel, you can see many of the core features now available for your use. Select which links you want to add to your site.

Step 2: Now that you know which links you want to use, add them to your existing website where they best fit. For example, if you have a button that says “Search Properties”, you would want to link that to your preferred search page, like the following: http://radfordrealtygroup.idxbroker.com/idx/search.php

Using WordPress? Integration has never been easier with our new IDX Broker Platinum WordPress Plugin! Download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory here,http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/idx-broker-platinum/

Hi Jaspal

I answered via email.

And additional to my email – please check also this forum http://wpestate.org/forums/topic/other-idx-plugins/

I didn’t work with any of the IDX plugins you show me here – but I believe the same limitations would apply as long as these plugins are ok coded. The limitations are listed in the forum above.

Thank you Anna

What’s different feature between WPResidence & WP Estate 3.0? Please advise, thank you! San

May I create the Agents profile and they under different Agencies Company. Thank you San

If the property listing was expired, the information will be record on admin?

Seasonal price for apartment rentals is the core. I bought this theme, now I can’t use this just because of that. everything else is very nice, except for that functionality. If there is any way to add that functionality like using a plugin or php edit please advise. Its just 2 date ranges that should have different prices.