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Hi Anna,

This looks incredible. 3 hours of searching for a theme similar to “AirBBNB” and I was about to hang my keyboard up and go home for the weekend. And then I found your theme! I have had a good look through, but I was wondering if you could please clarify this before I buy:

- How does the payment work when a booking is made? Does it split the payment automatically (Paypal) so the booking fee goes to the site admin and the actual booking payment goes to the property owner?

- Is it possible to set it so that a property owner can buy an annual subscription for x amount and then there is no commission charged when a person books their property?

Thanks very much



Hi James,

Thank you very much for the comment.

Please see my reply below:

- How does the payment work when a booking is made? Does it split the payment automatically (Paypal) so the booking fee goes to the site admin and the actual booking payment goes to the property owner?

—> The payment for a booking works like this:

a. Admin sets a fee he wishes to receive as site fee

b. User sends a booking request to owner

c. Owner approves booking and then the invoice will include the % fee admin asked for

d. User must pay that fee to admin before booking is confirmed.

—> Based on the above, there is not fee split. Only admin gets the site fee. The rest of the payment is handled outside the system (it’s between owner and user).

Owner details will be revealed after user pays that fee to admin.

From this point forward the theme has to be customized and new features must be added to work as you need to.

- Is it possible to set it so that a property owner can buy an annual subscription for x amount and then there is no commission charged when a person books their property?

—> This is not possible. If admin sets 0 fee it will be for all owners and all bookings.

He can charge owner a fee to submit the property, but there is no correlation to the booking fee for admin.

Hope this helps.

If you wish to see a test site in admin, send me an email at annapx0909@gmail.com and will help on Monday.

Thank you, Anna

jenki Purchased

I discovered a wordpress 4.0.1 malware attack on Sunday called Soaksoak.ru and reported here:


More detail can be found here:


It seems the plugin rev slider may be a cause, but fundamentally ALL plugins and Wordpress should be updated immediately.

I ask all theme providers using plugins to UPDATE them immediately and repost an updated version of the theme.



Hi Jenki,

Thank you for the follow up. We’ll investigate this on our side as well. So far you are the first and only person to report this (if it helps).

Thanks again! Anna

jenki Purchased

A note to everybody: WP Estate DOES NOT HAVE ANY ISSUES! It works perfectly and is a wonderful theme and incredible support. I have NOT had any problems with this theme whatsoever.

The issue I am reporting is wide spread to Wordpress installations (see links provided) and might be entering through plugins not updated especially found embedded in themes.


Thank you, Jenki :)

Great looking theme! Pre-sales question: Can you attach documents to listings? For example, PDF’s for flyers, surveys, etc.

Also, can a listing have more than one agent to it? Some of our listings are co-shared.


Hi JP,

Thank you very much for the interest in our theme.

We can upload PDF to listings only in our other theme, WP RESIDENCE – http://themeforest.net/item/wp-residence-real-estate-wordpress-theme/7896392?ref=annapx Video tutorial for this feature – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-admin-user-attach-pdf-file-property/

We don’t have more than one agent option in either theme. This would require to be developed as custom development. It’s not a difficult task to do. We have a full schedule for custom work, but if you wish to discuss more please open a ticket here – http://support.wpestate.org/ This is where we discuss support and custom work requests.

Thank you, Anna

zerronet Purchased

Hi Anna. I am writing to make a suggestion. As you know I am using this theme from one year ago and am very happy. I miss having a management data and to consult my clients. I believe it is essential to treat these data in a real estate management program. Attached is a picture of what would be a solution. Greetings from Spain.


Hi Antonio

Thank you for the suggestion. I have copied your link on the wishlist. Still have to get to it to discuss with my partners, and although can’t promise we can make this, I promise we will take a look. On the spot I can’t tell if it’s possible to add those filters as dropdowns for the fields we have.

Thank you Anna

Pre sales question. Can I add properties dynamically via a MySQL database? We do real estate, but it’s a different kind and it can’t be integrated with MLS/IDX/RETS etc. The properties have to come from our MySQL database which is populated daily by a web scraper. Can I make this work with your theme? Thanks!


Hi naturalstate720,

Thank you for the interest in our themes.

By default what you need cannot be created as a general import system. You need something special and a custom cron that checks your third party database, and imports/updates your WordPress database so the 2 databases match always.

All this custom work process will require custom work hours – if it’s possible to connect the 2 databases. Right now we have a full schedule for custom work, but I can tell you what we need to be able to know for sure if we can build the import for your solution. We talk about such solutions in private.

So please open a private ticket for this request here http://support.wpestate.org/

Thank you Anna


Thanks for getting back with me Anna. I’m really leaning towards purchasing this theme. But still have a few questions.

I read that I can us WP Import All plugin to import and keep my data source in sync. And while it doesn’t support MySQL it does support XML or Excel and I can make that work. It even supports setting up a cron schedule that I could run right after my scraper runs. Nice!

But, does the WP Import All plugin work with your Residence theme or just your Estate theme?

Could I use the WP import tool to import my agents? I have over 200 of them.

Customize property page Could the property page be modified much and can this be done fairly easily? I need to have a javascript countdown that displays when the property expires. Our properties are only available for 7 days. I already have this javascript code written and in use on current site. Just wondering how hard it would be to plug it in.

Pre-purchase question. Is there a way to change the search options? I am creating a website for a company who only needs the property listings for a single building. Thanks!


Hi khomuz

Thank you for the comment. We have custom search fields that work as in this help – http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#advsearchfields The custom search can be populated up to 8 spots with property fields (default and custom). As dropdowns we only have the categories (action, category, city, area).

I am not sure how properties of a single building must work, but for this I would recommend WP RESIDENCE as in there we have support for a spider system of showing multiple pins in the same location. If you click on the map here http://wpresidence.net/area/manhattan/ you’ll see it at work when you try to click on a pin.

I assume all buildings will be properties and they will have the same address on the map. That is why I would recommend WP RESIDENCE theme. If you have other questions please contact us anytime.

Thank you Anna