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Hello I am interested in your topic, do you think I could use for a taxi customer? regards. DN


for the races I just need a reservation function. The calculation of the journey must not occur because it is the taxi that will set the price. I am sending you an email to the back office, so thank you again


I sent you an email Anna but I received an automated response



Since we already discussed via email, will consider this complete. Thank you, Anna

Hello. In this Theme can I sell a private section to a real estate to publish their apartments? For example, they pay to me with PayPal and then they receive a code that authorizes them to upload their 20 apartments? Thanks in advance


Hi Martiniano

Thank you for the comment. What we have and I hope it can help is enable membership – set 0 free listings for all new users, create membership packages that are NOT visible in front end so users cannot buyer and you can add that package manually to the users who pay you outside the theme.

Or you can make the package visible, users pay you via PayPal in the website and they get the package. This is the help for membership http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/freesubmission

If you wish us to help understand how membership works you can use our private support system here http://support.wpestate.org/ and we can guide you to the settings directly in your website -

Thank you, Anna

celaler Purchased
Hi Anna, Thanks for your theme. We like it and we have done our website design with your theme. Please keep going to improve this very good theme. And everybody check our website on this link. http://www.istanbulgayrimenkul.com

Hi celaler

Thank you for the nice comment and for sharing with us your link. The website looks really nice.

I may have some tips for you, if you do not mind.

a. You’re missing some icons. Check that. Ex: Binalar, Bina and a few more.You should add the icon in Theme Options – Icon management.

b. You added a lot of actions and the available place is to narrow. Enlarge the space with this CSS:

.gmap-menu .action_filter { max-width: 80%; }

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna, When the booking is approved, is there a way to cancel it and remove the booked dates from the calendar?


Hi RainDigital,

When booking is approved – only admin can delete the booking by ID from admin. A confirmed booking cannot be deleted by owner or users submitting booking in front end – for security reasons.

Thank you Anna

Anna help!

I just updated to Wordpress 4.2 and I got a fatal error :( Nothing works in the wp-admin area – just a blank page and fatal error.

“Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_avatar_url() (previously declared in /home/athensho/public_html/wp-includes/link-template.php:3414) in /home/athensho/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpestate/libs/shortcodes.php on line 661”

Can you please help me?


Hi OmegaCreate

Thank you for the follow up. We released an updated version for 4.2.2 a few weeks back.

Version is 3.01.

You can download from Theme Forest – Your buyer Account – Downloads menu.

Just to be sure you didn’t add any language file in wpestate/languages and you not forget to save before you update via admin, do this:

a. Login via FTP and rename previous theme from wpestate to wpestate_old

b. Then via wp-admin – themes – add new wpestate.zip from yesterday update and activate. That should be all.

Next – if you had any language changes or perhaps other changes you can copy from wpestate_old backup to new wpestate folder.

If you wish our help – please open a support ticket here http://support.wpestate.org/ and send us your wp-admin access + FTP access. Support system is private.

Please read the update notes carefully

- get_avatar_url() replaced with wpestate_get_avatar_url() in

bloglisting.php line 18

bloglisting_search.php line 15

functions.php line 606

shortcodes.php line 671 and 738

single.php line 59

- Sidebar plugin update included in the theme to be compatible with 4.2 requirements. Change made is below:


added ‘id’=>sanitize_title($sidebar), at line 60

IMPORTANT NOTE:This is a third party plugin, but we had to make it compatible with WordPress 4.2 standards. Because of that – all custom sidebars added before this update in SIDEBARS – ADD NEW – will need to be populated with WIDGETS again from Appearance – Widgets. Then all pages with custom sidebars will have to be saved again.

- Rev Slider update to 4.6.9

NOTE: export your revolution sliders before you update – for backup. For some clients – the update deleted their SLIDERS.

- map-search-form.php

Thank you, Camelia

Does the theme allow for multiple users to upload and manage their own properties?


Hi LSB-Web-Design

Thank you for the comment. The theme has user submission – but not sure what you mean by “multiple users”. If it’s each user manages his own properties – that how submission works. If it’s multiple users managing the same properties – we do not have such a feature.

Thank you Anna