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Do you possibly have a demo file you allow your buyers to use?

Hi cnovamacias

Thank you for the comment and for buying the theme. Yes, we do.

We have a video tutorial here http://wpestate.org/theme-help/installation-f-a-q/

Demo content is is the large file you download (All Files and Documentation)

If you wish us to assist with this, we can do this for you.

Please open a client support ticket here – http://support.wpestate.org/ and give us your site url + wp-admin access (user, pass) + which demo you wish (booking or non booking)

Support system is private.

Thank you Anna


Do you possibly have a demo file you allow your buyers to use?

Hi cnovamacias

Please see my previous reply.

Thank you Anna

Hi, is the Theme compatible with WP 4.3 ?

Hi 2fcomm,

Thank you for the comment. There is one notice about 1 function that must be updated to new WP requirements which we will release in an update next week with 3.03. The notice does not affect functionality. It shows only with debug on.

Thank you Anna

Hello. I followed all of the instructions and uploaded it to my wordpress account, however, it looks messed up. I have tried to change the Advanced Search over Slider/Image in theTheme Options in google setting but it doesn’t change. The size of the page is all off and things are on top of each other. Is there an update or fix for this?

Hi sweetiemsmile

Thank you for the comment and for buying the theme. We have not met with this situation as you describe it.

We can help with theme install and demo setup for free if you wish. Please provide wp-admin access to your website in our private client support system here – http://support.wpestate.org/login/

Tell us which demo you wish. And we will do the setup for you.

Thank you ANna


I have a pre-sale question

Is there an ability for the user to log in and rate a listing with several given criteria and choices.

Thank you!

Hi Thanos

Thank you for the comment. We don’t have such a rating system in the theme. I don’t know if a plugin can add this (with several criteria). It’s possible, but I didn’t test any to confirm what would be a good choice.

If you wish to look for a plugin, you can look for one compatible with custom post type (which is the property). Our users are registered with SUBSCRIBER level (wordpress standard). So the plugin should be compatible with this user level.

Thank you Anna


Joval51 Purchased

Good Day!

In regards to vacation rentals, I’ve never actually ‘booked’ a vacation rental in another country, directly from a multi listing website. I have used these websites to looked for ‘potential’ vacation rentals and to view availability calendars, then I’d contact the owners to firm up calendar dates and for further communication etc. and we’d book the dates tentatively until I was able to arrange both rental dates and flight dates. After that once everything would be finalized I’d pay a deposit with balance one month or 2 weeks before departure, via wire transfer and also via pay pal. So with this in mind, I’d like to ask the following questions:

1. Could it be possible to use the ‘booking’ calendar as an availability calendar only, in a ‘out of country’ vacation villa rental situation, it seems a little uncomfortable to me as an end user to send a booking ‘request’ that shows an invoice total, as an end user I’d only be requesting confirmation that these dates are actually available and other questions that might be needed.

2. With only availability calendar ( not an actual booking ) Could it be possible to not require the end user to sign in ? I don’t mind that they sign in, it’s another way of keeping statistics and activity, but for probably many end users, they might not want to be bothered having to sign in, remember passwords, and if this is not possible, could this be possible in your other theme wp-residence?

3. When first contact is made between end user and listing agent/owner, does admin get notification? that would be good for showing the amount of activity a listing receives, etc.

4. Could it be possible to offer agents/owners to pay listings also via wire transfer and / or interact e-transfer?

5. I have registered as a user and as a user/agent, I’ve since deleted these, but when I try to register again, the system continues to say the email is already registered, any idea how I can fix this ? I’ve tried clearing browser, and flushing super cache on my host provider, but that didn’t work..

I like your WP themes very very much, Thank You!

I do appreciate your time, and all the support you show on this forum.

Have a nice day!



Joval51 Purchased

Hi ! sorry to bother you, I do have another question, I hope you don’t mind.

When adding custom fields / listing custom fields for additional property details, using long text, since it is a long description:

All the extra fields I’ve added like Bedroom Details, Kitchen Details, Bathroom Details,Other Interior Details, Exterior Details, for each of those sections the text looks messy and not neatly organized.

Do you have a suggestions for it to look nicer?

Thanks again Jo.

Hi Jo

Please see my reply below:

1. What is a city fee in the property page? and can it be removed?

—> Please open a ticket here – http://support.wpestate.org/ and we will look in code to see if this can be removed with php code or with css.

2. Can I change the text of ‘cleaning fee’ to other?

—> Yes. Any default text can be edited with POEDIT (easiest way). Topic help – http://help.wpestatetheme.org/#translation You can create a new .po en_US and that would include the text labels you wish to do.

All the extra fields I’ve added like Bedroom Details, Kitchen Details, Bathroom Details,Other Interior Details, Exterior Details, for each of those sections the text looks messy and not neatly organized.

—> We need to see exactly how it looks to advise on the best settings. Please open a ticket in our private client support system – http://support.wpestate.org/. Give us the link to the page where you need help with display and wp-admin access.

Thank you Anna

Hi Anna, thanks for taking the time to reply: I am adding a little more information for your review:

When I or anyone I know actually, look for holiday vacation rentals especially when it’s out of the country for example south america or caribbean etc,and it is a top dollar rental, not enough details makes us look elsewhere. We look for property details that tell us: What are the bedrooms like, what size of beds, does the bedroom have a bathroom, do all the bedrooms have a bathroom, what rooms have ceiling fans, what rooms have A/C, how is the kitchen equipped, What is the payment policy, cancellation policy, what special services can or do they offer, etc

I think the most important question I posted previously above is really the property details / custom fields/ long text. so that a vacation rental owner can offer specific details of Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, the exterior etc. in the property details. (not simply a checklist for everything, that has no order and would just be a super long checklist)

A property detail for example might read:

Bedroom Details:

1 Bedroom with King Size luxury pillow top mattress and ensuite bathroom

1 Bedroom with two double beds, a make up vanity table and ensuite bathroom

Both bedrooms include:

Double Closets with full length Mirrors, Dresser, Night tables with reading lamps, A/C and Ceiling fan.

Each bedroom has private direct access to the pool/patio area

So If you set up custom property details from theme options/listings custom fields, and add custom fields, field label / field name/ field type>long text, and add your text details, for each field name: bedrooms / bathrooms / kitchen / interior / exterior / specials / extras / policies, it’s too much. It just doesn’t look good as a property page set up. Probably because there is no way of adding shortcodes like tabs or something else. The owner adding a property will fill in text details for the bedrooms and so on, but the end result does not look so nice, and the text fields are narrow, so the text is long vertically down the page, and each text field that is side by side, will not always align with one another.

What are your thoughts?

Hey whats the new update? Do you have a list?

I see it….. no worries :)

Hello :) It’s very nice to hear from you. Hope you’re well. Thanks for the follow up. Have a great day, Anna