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sy4rul Purchased

Hi Anna, I’ve bought this template and want to customize the homepage page only for starting i.e. there will be more coming later.

I already send the request via http://support.wpestate.org/ (ticket ID: 1196) on 12 Nov and all my ticket answered after 12-24 hours after my replies but there is a ticket in the same thread left un-replied for 7 days.

I’m quite frustrated because it took almost 14 days just to properly read my first support request let alone understand the request itself.

I’m not asking favors or free after sales support. I’ve ask for official Quotation as part of the document needed to proceed with customization work

Can you check on this incident please? I’ve already spend 2 weeks without any actual progress on this project and the support received definitely could be more better.



Hi sy4rul,

Thank you for the follow up. I already replied in the ticket system with more details, but I wanted to clear one of your comments regarding how fast we offer support.

The rule of 24 hours applies for any question you have related to theme features.

For custom work requests we answer based on the free time we have, which right now is very limited.

I apologize again for having replied with delay to your last custom work request. It was not intentional.

Thank you Anna


Please can you explain to me what happens when a property is paid and booked for, does the money go to the admin then the admin has to pass it over to the owner of the property? If so what is the procedure? I have watch the video but it was not that clear.



Hi Paul,

Thank you for your interest.

The fee user pays goes to ADMIN PayPal or Stripe account. That is just for admin. We call is a fee for site administration.

We don’t have controls for the owner to be paid in the theme.

Thank you, Anna