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Can you help with adding the team page. I created a page with the team template.. I have enter the team as users. But can seem to place them in the page editor. Thanks.


Any users that aren’t admins will show on the team page.

Help: Testimonial page, the widgets are working great! however when i created the testimonial page, the image is very large, and the actual testimonial is only displayed after your click the read more.. like a blog post.. Thanks for your help in advance!


Is the site up live where I can see the issue?


Thanks for the awesome theme.

I got a small problem with the Nivo slider on the product detail page. It seems the style isn’t loading properly


Maybe you might see the problem directly? Saves me some time configuring the site :)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT : Only happend when I add more than 1 image to a product.

EDIT2 : It has something to do with the fixed width of #slider (style.css @ line 376 and 377)


Shoot me a message with your login details via my profile.


Thanks for the awesome support.

I’ve seen you’ve even updated the template!

You deserve a 5 star rating!

Thanks again!


Not a problem, thanks for your purchase!

Design is good, do not argue, but management sometimes very illogical. We have to waste time reading manual, or finding a solution by trial and error. And the poor manual and does not contain all the answers. I had just broken brains to guess that the portfolio is derived from the link /? Post_type = portfolio – and this in the manual is not a single word. In your about this I guess? So I do not understand how to set up a title block LATEST PRODUCTS on the main page. Why in the portfolio is supported by a slider, and the products – no? And most importantly – why is not working in a portfolio of sorts http://beton-forms.ru/?post_type=portfolio ? Please forgive me for bad English.


Just submitted an update v1.1.7 for the products slider issue so that will be released shortly.

The homepage is controlled via WP Executive Options > Homepage, each block can be controlled from there.

For the sorting I’m guessing because its in Russian that its having issues interpreting all the special characters as they’re coming out like this in the code:


Not sure of a workaround for that, are you using a special plugin to translate the theme files?


2/23/11 — View complete changelog here

Hi, My WSP uploaded the Theme, and it failed to activate from Word press front end, says – Stylesheet missing > Secondly i see the change log sheet indicates bugs with WP 3 .3.1 which is the latest version.

WSP then installed manually via FTP , but the style sheet is still missing.

Please advise how should we fix this problem as WSP has installed older version of WP 3 .2.1 and now awaiting stylesheet.

Your urgent assistance is gladly appreciated.


Make sure you’re only uploading the realestate_2.zip and not the entire main zip you downloaded from ThemeForest.


Sorry, but I have another problem with your template. I changed the references in the short portfolio on the Latin and it worked. At that time, the portfolio was only 2 category. But once in a portfolio, a third category of goods, the first is no longer displayed. http://beton-forms.ru/?post_type=portfolio see for yourself.


Looks like you removed the filtering from the template.

Two more questions for you. A question. Should look like the code page to its conclusions on the portfolios of only one specific tag. Just in my case it is more convenient not to use the filter and spread different products for different galleries on different pages. 2 question. Why, if a portfolio of more than one page of images, they do not open when you click in the litebox. For example, here http://beton-forms.ru/port/art-319


Guessing you got this sorted as the images are zooming in on click.

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is there a reason the Option Tree plugin does not work with your theme?


Not sure why you would need to use the Option Tree plugin, as I have built out my own admin options panel and framework.

wiltwyck Purchased

You didn’t answer my question.

I think it’s really not very safe of you to assume that you have actually thought of EVERYTHING that anyone could possibly want to capture and use as an option or variable in your design. The whole IDEA of Wordpress is that it is dynamic and customizable with widgets and plugins – and you’ve build a theme that limits that.

Don’t worry about it dude – I hacked your code and added my own options. Would be nice if I could have used Option Tree – but I’ll remember that for my future purchases.

Best of luck with sales.

I can’t add images to my slider. Don’t know what’s the problem. Just reinstalled Wordpress and theme and still not working.

Hopefully you can help. I will send my login details to you in e-mail.


Have you tagged your posts with Featured?


Yes, posts isn’t a problem, but there is something weird going on with the slider, and I can’t add Products to the slider with the featured tag…


Not sure what else could be going on if you’ve already done a fresh install it couldn’t be a DB error. Which is normally the case when this happens.

The funny thing is that earlier on it worked, so I don’t think it’s a DB error, can you check that please, I have send you already my login details. It’s really anoying that it doesn’t work anymore. Btw isn’t it possible to use an image that is linked to a certain page, I want to add an image to the slider that is linked to my Contact page without the image being displayed @ the contact page, is this possible?


Have you added any plugins? I can’t really help to much since I don’t know what’s changed since it stopped working? Have you tried uploading the default theme files?

I installed WP Super Cache and Transhposh, but the slider was already acting strange before the plugins were installed. Seriously? Can’t you do anything? Have you even looked at it? And why don’t you answer my question:

“Btw isn’t it possible to use an image that is linked to a certain page, I want to add an image to the slider that is linked to my Contact page without the image being displayed @ the contact page, is this possible?”


I’ve had other buyers with this issue before and all of them were solved via an Export > Using the WordPress Reset Plugin > Then Re-importing the XML

For the linking to a page I’m not sure this would be possible since you can’t have posts and pages within the same query. I would suggest looking into a slider plugin for something like this, that way you can specify your image, link and content.

Something like:


Well I tried everything what you said…. I just resetted everything. Hopefully you can solve it by importing your xml. Cuz it doesn’t work the way I do it.


Have you tried importing the dummy content XML , after resetting?


Yes I did and the slider wasn’t working. So as I asked before, can you do it with your files. Maybe it will work then. Hopefully.


Sent you a new XML file.

Only thing that works in slider are the posts, portfolio and products don’t work…..


Just tried that, fail again…. Nothing works apparently… Strange…. What I noticed is that when I go to screen options with products and portfolio there isn’t a Tag that I can set on or off, with posts there is a function Tag that I can enable or disable… Maybe there is the problem?


As requested: Have you sorted out the problem already?

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Hi ! Thanks for template, it’s well done :)

I was wondering how I could change the color of the navigation menu. I don’t see anyplace in your stylesheet !

Also, can you give me the code for the products Grid ?

Finally, the Alert bar is not working on my site, even though I check it right and put a Alert Text… I’m on MacOs X, using both Safari and Chrome.

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It was there but the 2010 version :

/** * jQuery Cookie plugin * * Copyright© 2010 Klaus Hartl (stilbuero.de) * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses: * http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php * http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html * */

I just replace it but still not working.


For some reason its getting a 406 error on that file, that’s why the bar isn’t working as it relies on it.

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I resolve all the Javascript error by asking my hosting company to disable Mod_security with was causing the 406 error.

Everything working fine now ! Thanks for your time :)

Could be interesting to have a widget for the products..!

Have you sorted out the problem already?


Which are you referring to? I get a ton of support requests, if you keep all replies in the same thread it makes it much, much easier to keep track of.


Alert bar doesn’t seem to be working on my site.

Do I need to do anything else than putting my text in the WP Executive Options ? As nothing appears yet.

Here is the site : http://wiseboost.com/cristal/



Hi i purchased this theme yesterday but all the images on the theme happen to have disappeared and i have uninstalled word press from my hosting site and reinstalled still no luck how can i resolve this problem.


We’re they working before? Take a look at this FAQ :

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Hello…I have having issues with your theme when I delete an image from a page. It appears to try and load the image even after it is deleted and the page is refreshed. Here is a link to the page I am describing…


That’s because the image is still attached to the post, have you tried deleting it from the Gallery area?

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I really like the look of this template but I’m fairly new to WP. Would you give me info on how to add content to the Home page and where to add more info boxes such as a text box and radio buttons to the Contact page?


The homepage content is a mix of featured posts, portfolio, products and widgets. Take a look into WP Executive Options > Homepage