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Hi, one question before im decide to buy it. Is it possible to make parallel searches, something like that: ? I want to have a box, for example, with 1 tab for car (with the search in this category “car”) and in another tab for motorbike (with the search in this category “motorbike”) ? Thanks.

Definitely, you would just copy the standard search form create a tabbed area and include each form, setting the type search field for each.

I have had a look at the theme “live preview” on my iphone 5 & 6 and it does not seem responsive. I then ran a test with googles page analysis and see here the details of how it looks on smaller devices.

Can you provide proof that it is responsive on apple iphone devices too. Is there something im missing here?

Essentially i dont think this works well on safari. Could you please advise if there is anything i can do to make it work on safari? Or f you have an update for it?

Remove the preview frame and you’ll be good to go. Or view it directly

Hi, I’m wondering if I could get access to a sample admin side for the theme ? I would like to see what the options are for the submission purchases/ packages, etc. 3 questions also if you would be able to answer : Are we able to : Charge a monthly subscription fee ? or is it setup to just make the payment and then the listing becomes live ? Possible to use coupons for discounts or something similar ?

Many thanks,

  1. Sorry I don’t offer any admin demos, its just the standard WP admin with custom posts and fields for listings. Out of the box it supports PayPal however its just a single price, kept it simple with room to expand — packages can be added by integrating a membership plugin.
  2. Yes, same as above
  3. Its setup to take a payment then once the payment is received and verfied an admin manually publishes the listing.
  4. Same as #2

Like a user when I list a post from frontend to gallery it upload only one photo and not all the selected one. How to fix that?

Did you purchase the theme on another account?

Ok, please open a support ticket with that account information, along with your admin login details.

Hi. How do i edit vehicles box to remove the comma and is currently appearing in the box (In the field where it should appear city and state ) would like to leave empty without the comma .

The template has some functionality for bulk import vehicles to speed up the inclusion of new listings?

Tks Aline Araujo

Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

You can use a free plugin like