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I am interested in purchasing your template. I want to know how many cars can put on your template. I’ll put 1500 cars to begin with, but I get to 8000 records, it is possible? I need special hosting?

WooCommerce is totally optional.

hello, I want to know if your template works for car classified ads. Add users. Etc. My client needs classified website with all its cars including advanced search options and user subscription.

It can be used for classifieds when used in conjunction with a membership plugin.

Pre Purchase Question:

Members can upload your automobile? Members can pay monthly or yearly for You can upload their cars? Payments can be through WooCommerce?

Thank you so much

  1. Yes, they can use the front end submission system for that.
  2. By default its only setup for a pay per listing with no expiration date although you as the admin can disable them whenever you’d like. If you want to do monthly, yearly subscriptions I’d recommend using a membership plugin take a look at
  3. Payments out of the box use PayPal, however with a membership plugin you’ll have tons of options for payment gateways.

Quick Question. Can i change the currency from $ to some else. and also there is no country list in it. Is it possible to add the country list and also the currency list. So that user can select there local currency. If yes then this product is perfect for me to buy

You can set the currency to whatever you’d like via the admin options, in regards to a currency switcher that’s something you would have to either use a plugin for or hire a dev possibly. A country search option could be added with some modifications.

Server Requirements?


System: Unix, Linux or Windows. Unix is highly recommended. Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later, Microsoft’s IIS Web server 6.0 or later, and nginx 1.0 or later.
  • PHP 5.2 or later. MySQL 5.0 or later. At Least 32 MB of RAM on your Server (64 Mb is comfortable, the more the better).

that’s what you need your template?

There aren’t any real server reqs other than one that supports WordPress.


futec Purchased

Hello there, unfortunately your support page seems to be offline. Is there any possibility to add a box with company logos in front of the slider?

Thank you.

Just checked and the support site is up. However yes that can be accomplished but would require modifications to template-home.php, by adding your code for the company logos then placing in front of the slider with CSS. Unfortunately customizations like this are outside the scope of my support, and something like this is way to in depth to explain easily. Hope you understand.

If you need assistance with the customizations shoot me a message via my profile and I can provide you a quote.

Hi I have a pre-sale question

Can i edit the vehicle types? Vehicles Trailers Earthmoving motorcycle

Is it possible to display different vehicle types on different page?

You can enter any vehicle type you like it’s unlimited. Yes, you can create links in the main navigation to display different vehicle types if you’d like, there’s a section in the documentation on this.


pabloheo Purchased

I am interested in purchasing the template, but I wonder if it includes the option of Spanish language. 2. The color setting is possible? 3. The logo may be image or text only ?

  1. The theme is fully localized and ready for translation, unfortunately I haven’t had any buyers send a Spanish translation file so you’ll need to that
  2. Yes, it has a create a skin panel in the admin options
  3. Yes, there’s an option for uploading a logo or using a text version.

Hi I see that one can use a membership plugin in conjunction with your theme to turn it into a “classifieds/listings” site. What plugin works the best? How is the configuration of memberships handled between the theme and the plugin?

Regards Leon

I haven’t personally integrated any into the theme so I can’t make any recommendations on what one would work better over another unfortunately. There’s tons of great ones free and paid

Is there a way I can see or try the admin interface for adding cars? Or is the database of vehicles purely user created? If I bought this, I would want to use it as if only I am the dealer. There would be no user-interaction other than allowing them to favourite listings. All the car listings would be created by myself. Is that doable?

I actually just got that modification done the other week haven’t released the update yet.

Ah cool. Have you got an estimated timeframe or is it a little up-in-the-air? From what I can see, that’s the only thing stopping it being a 10/10 for me. Good work!

Hope sometime this week if not it’ll be the next.


tripnator Purchased

Hi, great theme, I have one slight issue I have made all the background black with gold accents but I cant seem to find the section to change the listing font to white? Thanks

No probs, use this then: body, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 { color: #fff;}


tripnator Purchased

Top support for a top theme, thanks my site now looks amazing!

Thanks, and thanks for your purchase be sure to rate the theme in your Themeforest > Downloads area!

Sorry, one more thing I thought of. Is it possible to search for cars within a certain radius of somewhere? Preferably a zipcode/postcode.

Searching by radius isn’t available with the theme but could be added with modifications.

Okay cool – and you think it would integrate nicely? Don’t want it looking out of place and clearly an addon ;)

All depends on the developer you have do it, it can if its done properly fersure.