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Hi, one question before im decide to buy it. Is it possible to make parallel searches, something like that: ? I want to have a box, for example, with 1 tab for car (with the search in this category “car”) and in another tab for motorbike (with the search in this category “motorbike”) ? Thanks.

Definitely, you would just copy the standard search form create a tabbed area and include each form, setting the type search field for each.

I have had a look at the theme “live preview” on my iphone 5 & 6 and it does not seem responsive. I then ran a test with googles page analysis and see here the details of how it looks on smaller devices.

Can you provide proof that it is responsive on apple iphone devices too. Is there something im missing here?

Essentially i dont think this works well on safari. Could you please advise if there is anything i can do to make it work on safari? Or f you have an update for it?

Remove the preview frame and you’ll be good to go. Or view it directly

Hi, I’m wondering if I could get access to a sample admin side for the theme ? I would like to see what the options are for the submission purchases/ packages, etc. 3 questions also if you would be able to answer : Are we able to : Charge a monthly subscription fee ? or is it setup to just make the payment and then the listing becomes live ? Possible to use coupons for discounts or something similar ?

Many thanks,

  1. Sorry I don’t offer any admin demos, its just the standard WP admin with custom posts and fields for listings. Out of the box it supports PayPal however its just a single price, kept it simple with room to expand — packages can be added by integrating a membership plugin.
  2. Yes, same as above
  3. Its setup to take a payment then once the payment is received and verfied an admin manually publishes the listing.
  4. Same as #2

Like a user when I list a post from frontend to gallery it upload only one photo and not all the selected one. How to fix that?

Did you purchase the theme on another account?

Ok, please open a support ticket with that account information, along with your admin login details.

Hi. How do i edit vehicles box to remove the comma and is currently appearing in the box (In the field where it should appear city and state ) would like to leave empty without the comma .

The template has some functionality for bulk import vehicles to speed up the inclusion of new listings?

Tks Aline Araujo

Thanks for your purchase. Please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.

You can use a free plugin like

I’ve seen your reply to previous questions about ‘users can edit other’s listings’... where you say to edit ct_status.

Please could you give details of this please as I am having the same issue?

Thanks a lot

Login via the link in the header of your site > my listings > select one and

Sorry. I don’t understand that as a solution. Currently all users can edit all listings (regardless who the author is). You replied to a different theme buyer whose question was: “also the edit and view listings seem to be editable to everyone .. is there a permission thing?” Your reply: “You’ll need to modify the ct_status function in admin > theme-functions.php

Only the person that created the listing can edit their respective listings. If you’re creating a “view listings” link please see the navigation section of the documentation, you’re actually viewing the wrong page/template.”

I need details on how to make the listings secure. Thanks a lot for your speedy reply :)

That’s incorrect, those pages are only accessible to someone who is logged into the site, and will only show listings that were created under that user, now if that user is Admin Level it will show all listings on that page like the account you’re viewing on.

If you’re still unsure about anything please open a ticket on the support site, with your login details and I’ll take a look.


8/17/15 — View complete changelog here

Hello @author, I wish to buy this theme for my new project. My question is “can I remove cart and price of product on the website while start, and need both cart and price in future”.... Possible ??

Yes, you can through the woocommerce plugin.

Is it possible to change all attributes from cars to – for example – horses? Or do we have to change code in theme?

Yes, but it does require changing some code I’ve had buyers use this theme for everything from tractors to boats to animals. I unfortunately don’t have any urls on hand, 99.99% of my buyers don’t share final site urls.

Hi, i’ve been using the theme for a while now and i have just one issue. Why is it that the images on pages take so long to load? The page loads completely but the image doesn’t appear until a while later especially on mobile devices. What can be the problem?

Could be a lot of different things, however the first thing I would try is adding a caching plugin like or and testing.

Hi ! Demo is not working – its just white screen. Where i can see normal demo ? Thanks

Sorry about that,

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll get that fixed!

Pre-sale question about auto trader theme,

i really want to have my website similar to truecar website, so i want to ask you about search filter, can this theme have search filter like first, buyer need to select either brand or body type then if choose brand then model of that brand will come up, while choosing body type the brand that have that body type will come up and let the customer choose, something like this, , i want search filter to work step by step. because sometime it does not make sense in some case, for example ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) , when buyer click at brand BMW and there is convertible body type option for them to choose ( assume that there is no convertible type in BMW) just example

can this theme fix this or is there anyway for me to fix this if i use this theme , if it require any plugin to solve this please tell me thank

Yes, I’m actually working on an update to add that capability should be out very soon!

thank for you answer i have another question please answer this question for al of your car dealer wordpress theme so that there won’t have dupilicate question


did the theme support this plugin “Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin” because i want to make my webisite to have bid funtion

No problem, I don’t see any reason why that plugin wouldn’t work with the theme.

Pre-sale Question you have paid customization service?

2.if i would like to have bid and auction function in each car listing, can you do that?

3. how long would it take?

4. and can you estimate the price of the customize service?

Yes, I do to add a auction feature to the site would depend on a lot of different things I’m assuming a plugin would be used so that would need to be decided on before hand then I could look at the integration steps and cost.

Hi, we are adding vehicle listings using high resolution images from a DSLR which seems to be slowing the loading time of the listings tremendously. Do you think it is possible to have the images load as a thumbnail and only download the full resolution image when the user clicks on the image? I see another theme has that function. Please advise asap.

I’d recommend resizing your images down, if its straight from the DSLR they’re more than likely over 3000px wide. If you don’t want to edit them you’ll need to run a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache.


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Can I use this theme with an advanced search function ?, for an example, If choose from “MAKE” the BMW from the first dropdown, next one “MODEL” need to show only 5Series, 7Series, X5 and X6 like this… Means, the subcategory must be related to parent category. I think my question is clear. Yeah ?


Yes, although that functionality would have to be built in.


ameen-du Purchased

Thanks :)

Hello, Where i can see the demo of admin page? I would like to see what and how i can change something, like search categories. Thank you

Its very, very similar to my RE6 theme but the naming and things are changed so its automotive based

I would like to use this theme only for “Vehicles Classifieds” 1. Is it possible configure the search listings, change existing or add new? 2. Disable the cart and paypal for users. Submit new classified without any fee 3. The Map on the bottom of the site is automatically shows my location or i can set the area?

  1. Yes, everything is modifiable however it would require jumping into some templates and code.
  2. Simple as just not activating the WooCommerce plugin.
  3. That map is used for Featured Listings

Hello, the theme supports the new version of wordpress 4.3.1 ? Tks

Yes it does, demo site is running the latest.


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I completely customize the Listing Categories and Listing type names etc. Now my Issue is, I want to use the LISTING ‘Product Type’ in Navigation Main Menu. Can I use ? or What is the solution Hyperlink to LISTING, if I integrate WooCommerce Category for Navigation Menu ??


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OK.. That’s DONE ! I am using Custom Navigation. Thanks :)

Glad ya got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

Hi – Couple of pre-sale questions quickly.

- Can this theme be changed to a dark theme completely, with a black background only?
- Can we change the primary theme colour scheme to my client's specific colours?
- Can the slide show be incorporated with video?
- Can we remove the pricing range grid and pricing specs, we will be selling 4X4 accessories adn workshop etc not the car as a whole. Therefore can we remove bits of this functionality to only refer to the specs of the car part and pics on how it can look?
  1. Yes, using the Create a Skin panel.
  2. Yes, using the Create a Skin panel.
  3. Yes, its video ready.
  4. Yes, if that info isn’t entered it won’t be shown.

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Hello there, My Discussion / Comments area not visible in Single Listing !! What is the Solution ?


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Its all right, but my issue is not solved !!! still its show “Comments are closed.” message under the Listing. :( And, many templates I purchased and very first time I had trouble with a Template !! FED UP :(


ameen-du Purchased

You always answering in a simple sentence or few words, cant understand what or how. Remember, others are not brilliant like as you.

Sorry, went ahead and just did it for ya real quick, replace your single-listings.php with and you’ll be good to go.