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Hello I am interested in hiring this Site template for a client who asked me, help me to translate for Portuguese? I would like to see the admin panel to see if it is simple to use. Have any video or pictures showing how are the functions of the administrative site?


It functions just like a normal WP site, here’s some screenshots:

http://grab.by/Ap9M, http://grab.by/Ap9Q
dan1975 Purchased

hi mate! i buy from you this item but not corresponds to the demo! i want to send me money back please! thanks

Presale question:

I am looking theme for buy&sell pets marketplace. I do not need any payment options for it yet, just fronted submissions with approval function. From what i can see that this theme would suite my needs to modify it for pets: some design changes, metabox changes (not need any gearbox etc. options).

Would this fit my needs?

Pre-sale question.

I am considering this theme, but would like to alter the ‘Vehicle’ to being another category, for example “Pets”

and then once you click into “Pets” you can then have categories such as Dog, Cat, Bird, Fish etc etc.

Is there a global way to change the word “Vehicle” to “Pets” on the front end, or would this require changing files/database/php etc. Thanks for taking time to review.