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Can I use this theme for a completely different product that still need all these filters? In other words, Can I easily modify titles, filter names and values?

Yes, but it will require jumping into some code/templates.

Hello how can I remove the HOME on the top left of my home page? Or tell me what I need to Google to figure it out. ????

What size is the logo/ header/ banner area? I feel like I can make mine a little bigger because Macon Car Club looks so small. Thank you!

You actually need to be using the setting of Latest Posts under Settings > Reading as you’re not getting the correct listings template for search they’re displaying using the blog loop templates which is incorrect. If you don’t want to use the default home you’ll need to create a custom page template and include this bit of code before get_header(); example

Posted in the support system a few days ago, no answer. 1. The images are not inserted in to the listing when added via Add Media button, instead they are inserted in-between the text. 2. The listings don’t show up on the front page, no listing block on/off toggle in settings.

  1. Don’t click insert into post, the images are automatically pulled in
  2. Tag any listing with Featured under the Status taxonomy and you’ll be good to go! Screenshot:

Thank you for the quick response! Got the listing working, the images however still don’t work. I click on “Add Media” select the image/s I want, click the X to close, save/update the page, images do not appear.


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I’m thinking a theme of this word press is bought. Does the version of the word press normally also move after 4?

In unskillful English, I’m sorry.

It fully supports the latest version of WordPress.


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Thank you

Hello, can I remove the Location option on my individual listings pages?

Thank you!


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Hi List pages slide images I’m in trouble not be displayed .

To lighten the image and Tried to change the permissions of a folder , but it does not improve We are running without problems in the local wordpress environment .

thank you

Hi, the theme looks great and I am considering it for a new project. I noticed it has been over a year since this theme was last updated. Have you tested the theme for any vulnerabilities since this announcement was released?

Thank you

Yes, and its 100% secure it doesn’t use any of those functions.


Is there any useful documentation with regards to setting up the site from scratch? Maybe even importing the example content so that I can see how things work?

I am having trouble getting the featured listings to appear like they do on the demo.

When I have used WordPress themes in the past there is normally a helpful how-to guide but seems to be nothing with this one and I need to know ASAP as this is a quick turnaround prohect

Its included in the main download from Themeforest and its also linked in the header of the WP Pro Automotive Options area,

Tag any listing with Featured under the Status taxonomy and you’ll be good to go!


Thanks for the quick reply and solution…I thought I was going to go made! I did post on the support forum (same username) but didn’t receive a response hence trying here for more general help. Hopefully I can get it all done now :)

No probs, I’m a one man team so I also go through the support site tickets however I get quite a few they’re all answered in the order received.

I’m not sure what happened, but the site was working fine and recently all pages just load the home page. I have the templates set to the full width template. Any ideas what could be happening?

Sounds like you might have made a change in the admin settings, possibly permalinks, or installed a new plugin thats causing an issue.