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Hello! I`m new to worpress thmeforest and design…:D Can I modify the words in listings, search querry or pages..in other language then english?


Yes, you can.

hi contempoinc,

one of my clients’ website is experiencing back-end side problems. the backend is not loading properly. The dashboard is displaying many error lines, mainly of this type:

Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 127: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: body line 23 and html in /home/onesahos/galassoimmobiliare.it/wp-content/themes/galassoimm_theme/admin/update_notifier.php on line 90

Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: in /home/onesahos/galassoimmobiliare.it/wp-content/themes/galassoimm_theme/admin/update_notifier.php on line 90

I guess something is wrong with the update_notifier, although I’m not wp savvy enough to understand what’s going on.

I would appreciate your help. Thanks!


Simple fix, just replace your wp-content > themes > realestate_2 > functions.php with http://pastie.org/9545422 and you’ll be good to go.


hi there! problem solved. your support is GREAT as usual :-) onesa


Good deal, glad to help! Thanks again for your purchase!

Hi, Is there any way to enable: right click on images -> save as ? thank you in advance


With the way timthumb works the images are dynamically created, so right-click save as won’t work however you can use the browser developer tools to inspect the img and copy the URL into a new window where you can save or copy it.


It does not give me link to the image , it opens same listing in the new window …

I am looking at real estate theme. I would like to clarify some points below:
1) Backward compatible. Every upgrade of wordpress or your software will not cause my website to be down or not working.
2) Create/define customized fields that is mandatory for a specific group of property?
a. For example: I would like Number of Bedroom to be compulsory for all residential property but not non-residential property
b. For non-residential property like office space, the system will allow me to key in field without asking me for number of bedroom. The bedroom fields must not appear in the first place.
3) The system will dynamically display appropriate search query. For example, If I am search for office space, the system will not have display bedroom in my search query
4) Can I display my home page with different feature listings. Feature listing for a set of residential property, Feature listing for a set of office space for rent….
5) If I display my listing, can I choose what fields to display? Residential property displays bedroom but not office space.

  1. No, 100 guaranteed if anything does arise I’ll always release an update. However WP is always made backwards compatible so there’s no worries there.
  2. You can add/edit/delete any of the custom fields or taxonomies however you see fit by editing a couple files.
    • If you tag a listing as Commercial under the Property type those residential fields are automatically removed
  3. That is correct refer to the above
  4. By default the featured listings section is setup to display the most latest descending. However with code modifications/additions you could define only residential another for commercial, etc…
  5. Again each type of listing only displays pertinent information pertaining to that certain type.

Purchase the theme some time ago, when the version was 1.6.3. Now am unable to update it to the latest version. I completely deleted the previous version, downloaded it again and installed, but it still shows as 1.6.3. Help please. Paul

hi contempoinc,

is there any way to get the listings search results sorted by decreasing or increasing price?

thanks a lot for you usual GREAT support



sorry for my late reply, you may use plugins for this purpose,

Best Regards

Maybe after over a year it’s time to release an update? Mobile navigation is nearly broken under WP 4.1 and Theme v.1.6.3


Also, when on the theme options page, the WP admin nav doesn’t expand to reveal sub-options.


I’ll take a look, thanks for the heads up.

Hey there, I am using the SiteOrigin Page Builder on your theme, wp-pro-real-estate-2 and for some reason, it is not showing the content full width. As you can seen at http://www.brainspin.com/dev/arrow/ The widget I placed shows the text only about 300 pixels wide instead of 900. Can you help me figure this out?

Thanks, in advance :)


I have presale questions:

1- is possible to build custom filters per taxonomy/post types?

2- is possible to add post meta to filters?

I plan to use your theme for various listing types using custom filters for each main category having different post meta.



1. Yes, however it requires getting into some code.

2. Yes, but again would require code editing.