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Can I search by property ID? I see the grid listing, but is there row listing? Are the property features controlled from one location so I can just check the features for that property instead of typing it in?

Yes, you can search by MLS simply by adding a field to the search modifying MLS to ID if that’s what you’d like via some small code changes. Yes, there’s both grid and list layouts see http://grab.by/HfdA, the property features are a custom taxonomy so you can enter anything you like baiscally works like standard WordPress tags take a look at http://grab.by/Hfec

No Demo?

Not Found The requested URL /redirect.php was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.22 Server at themes.contempographicdesign.com Port 80

Thanks for the heads up, demo is back up!

I’m considering this theme for a vacation rental site however I have a few questions: 1. Can you have multiple offices? If not, do you have another theme which would be a better fit? Actually, if you can let me know which of your themes could have multiple offices that would be great as that seems to be tough to figure out. 2. Can you set a rental price as a range or based on seasons? Thanks!

Hi, i like this real estate theme for my company , is that support Realtyna Organic MLS ? and can i use it as a trial at first before purchasing ?


I’m having the same problem as ryantheis on iphone devices. I have a concerned client. I’m hoping this issue has been resolved. Clearly, a theme that doesn’t function properly on iphone or according to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/ is a problem. Waiting anxiously to hear back on my support ticket.

Responded to your ticket a little while ago. The theme demo does pass the Google Mobile test 100%, however either a plugin or modifications you’ve made are causing some issues.


Can you add custom widgets to the site? For instance, property management widgets or other widgets specialized to one’s business?

Definitely can add as many custom widgets as you like. Just a heads up I recently released WP Pro Real Estate 7, I’d highly recommend you check it out http://themeforest.net/item/wp-pro-real-estate-7-responsive-wordpress-theme/12473778?ref=contempoinc


9/22/2015 — View complete changelog here

Hi, I’m interested in buying your theme. I have some questions before.

First of all, it includes a demo content? Do you have to buy any extra plugin to leave the page as your demo page?

1. Users can register and add properties without registering as agents? 2. Can users choose to register as an agent or as an independent? i need to allow both users and agents to have the capability to submit property 3. The administrator can add properties? How they would contact the admin should be interested in a property? 4. The filters are customizable? or there are prepared filters and can be used only those? 5. Can I fully translated into Spanish page? 6- Do I need to know about coding to build the page? 7. Can I change the homepage header? I can put images or videos, or slider, or map? 8. I do not need dsIDXpress plugin, it will change into something the look of the page if I do not use this plugin? 9. Can I add Google Adsense, Analytics to this page 10. Do you refund? 11. The theme have listings packages? 12. Is there a way to monetize the site, either charging to highlight a property, or charge for suscrpcion or registration? 13. I need to filter on the main page, properties for sale, rental properties, and highlights. can I do it? 14.- Can i keep free listing and paid listing. 15.- Can i add my own payment gateway 16.- how the home search works? 17.- Should admin have rights to approve the property 18.- Can i have EMI calculator

What I need is to create a page where users can add properties for free or by charging them either with packages monthly, yearly subscription or by property

Also that they have the ability to highlight a property.

Basically what I need is a directory of properties.

Sorry for asking too many questions. Beacuse i had a bad experiance from previous them


I’d actually recommend looking at my latest WP Pro Real Estate 7 theme it can everything you’re looking for.


Now I downloaded the zip but still 1.3.9

Hello, great looking design. Question, is there a way to add a couple of more property details to the homepage image slider? Like price of property and maybe # of bedrooms and bathrooms? Thanks for your time!

Yes, with modifications you could however instead of this theme I’d recommend my latest Pro Real Estate 7 it includes Revolution Slider so you’re easily able to add whatever you’d like.


After downloading and installing what I thought was supposed to be the latest version, here is the message that still remains in the WP dashboard: There is a new version of the WP Pro Real Estate 5 theme available. You have version 1.3.9 installed. Update to version 1.4.0.

If you have a child theme active you’ll need to add Version: 1.4.0 in the header of style.css otherwise the notification will remain, also the notification only checks every 8 hours so it’ll remain until it checks again as well.

Hi wanted to list properties from low price to high in realestate 5. Tried this: $search_values[‘orderby’]=’meta_value_num’; $search_values[‘order’]=’ASC’; $search_values[‘meta_key’]=’_ct_price’; but did not work out. Any ideas?

it’s woriking. thanks

Glad ya got it sorted, thanks for your purchase!

I need help to upload listings I want to Rev Slider, it only shows the default properties. Thank you!

Did you purchase the theme on another account, I’m not seeing your purchased badge?

I have purchased the WP Pro Real Estate 7

You’ll need to post your questions when logged into that account so I can verify your purchase. Thanks!

having issue when adding or editing a listing, it doesnt show the listing info section and instead shows this Fatal error: Call to undefined function ct_currency() in /home/desig195/public_html/amyandmarlin/wp-content/plugins/contempo-real-estate-custom-posts/includes/metabox/helpers/cmb_Meta_Box_types.php on line 423

it also says theres an update for this theme but when I download it through here its still version 1.3.9 instead of 1.4.0

You’re running the wrong plugin, please see the instructions in the changelog http://wp.contempographicdesign.com/wp_real_estate_5/changelog/, grab the proper plugin and you’ll be good to go!

Very disappointing Support for this theme. It needs to be updated and I downloaded (supposedly) the latest version and installed it but it still says its an older version. Waiting over a week to get an answer from Support. Should have purchased from Studiopress!!!

The last update was just for the CT Real Estate Custom Posts plugin, nothing in the theme was updated. However the plugin is packaged with it, as outlined in the changelog.

can you please tell me why the hell the blog page looks like this? Ive ran into so many issues with this theme its crazy. I made modifications to the header but Im sure it has nothing to do with why the blog layout and styling is this bad – http://amyandmarlin.designersdrive.net/category/news/

forget it im gonna just rebuild it

Looks like some CSS modifications that you’ve made are affecting the positioning of the lead image.


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still awaiting support at your SUPPORT forum, guys. C’mon!!!!


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Replied, and you’re all set!


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Ticket #11997 is now several days old

I am very disappointed with the non-existent support for this issue . I opened a ticket more times every month for the same problem and , instead of trying to solve it , I am told that the device iphone and ipad support works well ! There were months when customers complain because the site is not visible on ipad and iphone , I tried to disable all plugins but the problem persists . And the support does not give me even a little help .