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I your latest changelog (v1.6.6 8/25/2015) you say : ” To update please find the zip below, unzip and upload to your server via FTP into wp-content > plugins > ct-re-custom-posts (overwriting your existing folder)” .

I don’t know if I am missing something but where is the ZIP? I tried updating directly from WP ADMIN backend but it returns me an error saying that the URL does not exist. Please advice.

Its located in realestate-6 > admin > plugins > ct-real-estate-custom-posts.zip

Hi,,,thanks for the super fast reply. I did you you said and then tried to activate de plugin in WP but I got the following erro:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ct_metaboxes() (previously declared in /home/fla/public_html/wp-content/themes/realestate-6/admin/metabox/metaboxes.php:5) in /home/fla/public_html/wp-content/plugins/contempo-real-estate-custom-posts/includes/metabox/metaboxes.php on line 315

That plugin is actually only for my new Real Estate 7 theme, I’ve changed the plugin name so there isn’t any confusion. Grab the plugin out of the folder I explained above, you’ll need to update that via FTP into wp-content > plugins > ct-re-custom-posts, delete contempo-real-estate-custom-posts and you’ll be good to go.

The Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts plugin keeps uninstalling itself. How can I fix that? Thanks.

Please see http://wp.contempographicdesign.com/wp_real_estate_6/changelog/, you need to delete “Contempo Real Estate Custom Posts” that ones for my latest Real Estate 7 theme and install “CT Real Estate Custom Posts”.

I recently purchased the version 6 of the theme and can now see version 7. Our site is not yet finished, would I be entitled to the 7 upgrade for FREE or a discounted price, or would I have to purchase a version 7 at the full price

Thanks for your purchase! RE7 is a completely new theme, with a ton more to offer — the naming is just a convention I use. You would need to purchase it seperately, RE6 is still maintained and upgraded as well. It’s in the same way that Apple does its iPhones for something to compare to.


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No worries. Thanks

My company is in the Caribbean and we only do business in one country which has one city. Can you please add an option to search by community or town in the search bar if its possible. Thanks

I’ve actually built that feature into my latest WP Pro Real Estate 7 theme, it allows for Communities and Sub Listings of that Community as well as search.


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how do I get the logo to align with the top menu? Keeps adjusting to bottom of frame

Sounds like the logo you’re uploading is of irregular proportions of large in size. Please open a ticket on the support site, http://support.contempographicdesign.com with your login details and I’ll take a look.


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Hello, I can’t login to support page. It always ask to solve equation and then log in again but it just doesn’t work. I always get equation.


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I don’t understand, how do I login?


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Well, now it works, I tried this before. Thanks for help.

Can you provide guidance on this error ? Fatal error: Call to undefined function ct_currency() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas07_data02/94/2811394/html/wp-content/plugins/contempo-real-estate-custom-posts/includes/metabox/helpers/cmb_Meta_Box_types.php on line 423

Using custom post type plug in version 1.1.1. Just updated it.

Things like that are better suited for a plugin or custom development, I’d recommend looking into Gravity Forms http://www.gravityforms.com/

Contact Form 7 Supports thank you pages.

Can also use that one.

Currently looking to buy this theme. However when I tried the demo site, there was I few things I did not see.

I registered a new subscriber, and submitted a listing from front end.

1. When submitting a new listing there was no indication about the cost of the listing. 2. From the admin side there was no way to approve the listings.

How do you go about having new subscribers choose their subscription, or even just see the price? And how does an admin approve listings?

You need to go into WP Pro Real Estate 7 options > front end submission and set the price, listings are automatically set as pending when added them an admin will need to publish after payment has been received. Users can pay for the listing via the My Listings page.

Hi. Just updated the theme and the plugin.

I’ve added some custom taxonomies, they show up in the search form, they show up in the Add Listing… everything seems correct. But when I do a search using the search form in the Homepage, it ignores my custom fields and searchs every listing or only uses predefined fields. Any suggestion?

You also need to add them into the array in search-listings.php, top of the file. http://cl.ly/image/2P1h1Q3m2A2L

Don’t know why did I forgot to put them in there. Thanks!

Hey Chris, I’m trying to figure out how to modify the call to action at the top of the theme above the banner. http://415.461.myftpupload.com/ Currently it says, “Now’s a GREAT time to sell your home! The Market’s HOT!” with a contact button. I’d like to change it but can’t find it in the theme options anywhere. I have probably looked at it a hundred times without seeing it. Can you provide some guidance?

Thanks Chris, Dan

not sorted. not fixed. Still don’t know how to change the text.

The template is being called from the Page Builder you’ll need to find that page and edit it, I unfortunately can’t really help much in that regard as it was something created by whomever before you and not part of the original theme, hope you understand.

Like i said….for now…......Uncle…......Punt….......Hands Up!

Help for best way to reduce margin between the bottom of the slider and the top of the next block as defined by the page builder. You can see on this page, http://taosrealestate.com/ the margin between the bottom of the slider and the beginning of the next block. There’s no spacing in the HTML of the block of code below it, so wondering where is the best place to reduce this in the theme. Thanks Dan

I’m assuming that would be for the portion where the skin is defined. Correct?

Yes, under the Custom CSS area.

Never mind, got it.

Our purchase code is f42cad7a-beb8-4d26-a039-e0c10b5ce6de. I am not the original developer who bought and installed the theme. I am picking up the project and have 1 question regarding the mapping of listings. When we have multiple listings in the same mobile home park only 1 icon appears on the map. When you click on that icon it only shows information for 1 of the properties. It is showing the info for the last property listing created for that park. How do we get 1 icon for each property or multiple properties displayed when you clcik the icon for that park. I imagine this is the same for people selling multiple condo’s at the same address.

Leave the auto lat/long off in the options and you can manually enter them, unfortunately theres not much control after the API has placed the marker if its not exact.

I just went and tried some websites that convert addresses to long/lat and the issue seems to be that you cannot get long/lat for different units in a mobile home park. http://geocoder.us/. So that wont work. That Is probably the same reason it won’t work for condo’s in the same building. Any other way to get multiple listings at same address (sam long/lat) to show as either multiple icons or to list all properties at that address in the text displayed when you click the icon for that address?

If that’s the case, you would have to do some custom coding. Unfortunately customizations like this are outside the scope of my support, hope you understand.

ok. One last item. Does the testimonials option in the page builder use the same flex slider code as the “Slider” option under “Home Page” in settings? If so is it possible to set the slide speeds for Testimonials? I dont see where. The client wants the Header Slider images to autorotate but not the testimonials. I can set the speeds in “Slider” settings for Home Page but not for Testimonials.

It does use the same code, you’d have to modify the class of the testimonial slider block and apply its own FlexSlider script call in admin > theme-functions.php > after line 296 http://cl.ly/image/000h2N0m3h2F

I was trying to use the visual editor “post-slider” short code in page builder to display the testimonials but I don’t know the settings to have it only select testimonials. It Doesn’t display anything.

Do You know what options I need to set for that to display testimonials?

This is what the short-code put in: [symple_flexslider unique_id=”” post_type=”post” taxonomy=”” term_slug=”testimonials” count=”8” order=”DESC” orderby=”date” thumbnail_link=”post” img_crop=”true” img_width=”” img_height=”” title=”true” animation=”slide” slideshow=”true” randomize=”false” control_nav=”true” direction_nav=”undefined” slideshow_speed=”7000” animation_speed=”600”]

The testimonials are a custom post type, I haven’t personally used the FlexSlider plugin so I’m not sure if you can select that or not. But you can try to change post_type=”post” to post_type=”testimonials” and see if that works.

Curious about what others say about this question ….............. What is the best known method for SEO purposes for handling a property that has sold. I’m assuming that for listings that it would be best just to create another category called “sold” and move the property into that category. That way Google doesn’t see a 404 error and a 301 redirect doesn’t have to be setup every time a proprty is sold. However, I am curious how others handle this. The other part of this pertains to properties that are indexed by Google that are part of the IDX mls set of listings. When a property is sold there the property will just no longer be found. If Google has indexed it already then does this mean manually going into webmaster tools on a regular basis and setting up 301 redirects? That seems like a lot of work but I can see how such might be necessary. Thanks in advance to anyone who has some wisdom to offer.

No love on this?

Hi, I have a three level menu but only the first submenu shows. how do I show the third level of submenu? Thanks!

Did you purchase the theme on another account, I’m not seeing a buyer badge? In order to get a third level modifications would need to be made to ct-dropdowns.css, unfortunately customizations like this are outside the scope of my support, and something like this is way to in depth to explain easily. Hope you understand.

Hello, I can’t add the details of my listings. Can you hep me? Thanks

Make sure you have the CT Real Estate Custom Posts plugin enabled otherwise the Listings Custom Post Type won’t be shown.