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I have updated the templates and plugins to the latest version but I noticed that the research results of the form are always the same: change the map but the list of buildings (under the map) is always the same and shows all properties.

I also created the link with “ct_ct_status = rent & search-listings = true” but you update the map but not the list of properties.

My website:

Thanks for your purchase! Please open a ticket on the support site and we’ll help you out with that.


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I reemplace the word in the Home Slider month per weekly, for rent.

But have one post, the first post, show Month, and the work doesn’t exist, and show diferent price with open link.


Thanks for your purchase! Please open a ticket on the support site and we’ll help you out with that.

Hi, when I can update to the 7 version?

Its not an update its an entirely new theme you’ll need to purchase it, the naming is convention I’ve been using since 2008 — thanks for your previous purchase as well.


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Hello, What review plugin can add for the Property Pages? I try more 10, but only work for pages or blog. Not for custom post.



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Review with comments.

I test this:

But don’t have comments

I unfortunately don’t have any that I’ve used or can recommend, I’m sure there’s tons out there you’ll probably have to manually add the template tag or function from the plugin in order to display the reviews, etc…

Great theme for Real Estate, but difficult to get going unless you’re a WordPress Pro. Took a lot of fooling around, but I finally found a permalink structure that would work with it: ”/year/monthnum/category/postname/”. If the “category” isn’t there, listings archive and individual listings result in ‘404 page not found’.

Added two tickets to your support system—and got no response there. Resolved the issues myself. Still wondering where the ‘alert’ shortcode is though.

One issue I have is that Agents have to be added as user type Author. I will also have Authors for the site blog and so on who are not Agents. I will create a custom post type for Agents and Brokers, but it seems to me that should be built in to a Real Estate theme or plugin.

You can find all the Symple Shortcodes on their plugin demo site

That feature is actually built into my RE7 theme, basically a simple check box to mark a user as an agent, if they’re not then they won’t be displayed in the Agents page template, etc…I might add this in a future update for this theme as well.

What is the typical response time when I open a private support ticket? I am trying to get this theme up and running ASAP and would would love to get the issues I’m experiencing with the Home Page slider resolved today. Thanks!

I’ll personally take a look right now.

You’re all set, it was a JavaScript error due to there not being a Primary menu set under Appearance > Menus, which caused the slider not to load. Thanks for your purchase and patience!

Thank you for responding (and fixing) my issue! I appreciate your awesome support!

Not sure if my earlier comment posted. What is the ETA for a response to support tickets submitted?

See previous response.

Hi. Quick presale question. I am taking over an old project based on Real Estate 6. This theme needs to be upgraded so we are planning on rebuying the theme so we have the license and it is under our name. However, I saw that there is Real Estate 7. Are these two themes compatible at all? Seeing that we are rebuying anyways, wondering if we should stick to 6 or go but 7. Thanks.

I would recommend going with 7 and yes they’re compatible however the backend framework has been redone from the ground up including the accompanied plugins like my, however the transition should be pretty much seamless. I’ve actually personally upgraded one of my longtime buyers from RE3 to RE7 recently you can see their background and the StayFurnished site in the Showcase

What I would recommend doing is using WP All Export and WP All Import with the official RE7 add-on all explained in the documentation to get the data from your clients live site and imported into a dev site with the new theme then once everything is all setup and to their liking use WP Clone to move the entire thing from dev to live and you’re all good to go. That’s the same process I use for anyone switching from my older themes or competitors like Real Homes which can also be seen in the Showcase.

I posted Private Ticket #719492 6 days ago and have heard NO RESPONSE. Can I please get an update?

I’ve passed your ticket # onto Hina she’ll be responding shortly, apologize about the wait and thanks for your patience!

Can you please let me know when Hina will be responding?! I still haven’t seen any response to my support ticket!

Apologize, I’m personally looking into it right now.

So far – not happy at all. I purchased this them almost 2 weeks ago – I have submitted THREE support tickets and have not hear one word from anyone. I’m getting very close to simply asking for a refund. This is very, very poor support. From looking at the comments here…I’m not alone. I wish I had seen this before I bought this.

Can you post all three of your ticket #s and I’ll have a talk with Hina my support staff I apologize for the frustration and this shouldn’t be happening.

Private Ticket #719665 Private Ticket #724020 Private Ticket #728419

Thank you, I appreciate your patience in this matter I’m talking with Hina right now your tickets are her first priority. She’s currently on the way home from Uni and we’ll be with you shortly.

Is it possible to change the order of the listings displayed by availability? Currently they are displaying by when they are added to the site. I would like to order them manually. Also, I have asked several times on my tickets sent in about correcting errors on the listings page. All of the properties on page 1 say they’re 1B/1B and page 2 says they’re 2B/2B which is incorrect and not relaying accurate info. When will my question finally be tended to? I’ve asked 3 times in the last 10 days and it’s been ignored. Ticket numbers are Private Ticket #692827 & Private Ticket #738481. Thank you – Ashley

I’m beyond sorry, I’m talking with Hina right now she got the tickets confused most of the tickets are for RE7 so she mistakingly glanced over that. She’s responding right now and looking into the issue, I 100% assure you.


Have a great evening!

You too, again apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks again for your patience this has never happened before and can assure you won’t happen again.


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I bought this theme some time ago and set up a website. Everything was working fine but just now I saw that the map on the Homepage is not displaying. It was displaying before and like I said everything was fine, but now it is not showing.

I didn’t do any changes or customizations recently?, so I do not know what could be the problem. Could you help?

Make sure you have at least one listing tagged with “Featured” under the Status taxonomy, if you do then its most definitely a JS conflict not allowing the map to load and you’ll need to deactivate any non-required plugins and test— code doesn’t just stop working over time so there definitely was a change made.


sifeek Purchased

Thank you for your quick response. There are 10 tagged with featured. I know that the code doesn’t just stop working , I was thinking if Google changed something on their API or something like that. I will try to deactivate the plugins and see what will happen. Actually most of the plugins needs update, do you think it is a good idea to update them?

The theme uses Googles v3 API and there hasn’t been any changes my RE7 theme uses the same, so it sounds like a JS conflict issue. Try opening your browser developer tools > click console and see what error is being thrown that’ll tell you exactly whats causing it.

I am having the same issue as a customer here in the comments, Whenever i search a city or a zip code the map is updated but all listings show up & their cities and addresses are changed to the searched city or zip… i also believe that this is tied to another issue, I have created agents for the site and have created about 15 listings including the one included in the demo data. (all of this in the main admin account.) Later I started to change the author of the listings from the main admin account to the agents i created according to the listings they are in charge of. Now when I navigate to the agents page and i select “view all listings” button underneath the agents info, all listings show up even listings who authors are different agents. And from what i can tell the list generated is about 10 items long and does not have a “view next page” button. I know that i have assigned at least 12 listings to one agent so im just worried that the list generated is redistricted to only having 10 items.

Help is much appreciated :) I have already opened up a ticket but not sure if your transition from one ticket system to another has affected you from viewing my recent open tickets…

I’ve brought it back to her attention to answer ASAP, I appreciate the patience please understand the support site receives quite a few tickets a day all are answered in the order received. However I promise she’ll be getting back to you shortly, I’m not sure what happened when I talked to her 2 hours ago when she explained she was responding.

That’s no problem I do understand, and I really appreciate all the work you guys do!

Thanks for understanding, glad you’re enjoying the theme — always love hearing good feedback on my work, cheers!

I’ve bought this theme. Unable to get custom taxonomy functions such as beds() baths() etc. to work in any of my child theme templates. Very frustrating.

Whats the ticket #?



I just submitted Private Ticket #777101 and would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank you.

Thanks usual turnaround time on tickets is 48 hours or less, I’ve brought this to the attention of my support staff she’ll be getting back shortly, normally all tickets are answered in the order received however if you need urgent help I recommend you post the ticket # here and I or Hina will get back to you.

Just a few questions:-

1. Is it possible to add pre-defined values as a dropdown in the to and from prices? 2. Can you split the number of beds similar to the prices from – to?

Thanks in advance for your help.

First thanks for your purchase!

  1. Yes, with modifications. You would need to create a child theme then copy includes > advanced-search.php into your new child theme folder > includes, and replace the ct_price_from & ct_price_to lines 162-176 to selects with all your predefined options and you’ll be all set.
  2. I don’t have any plans to include a beds from/to as this really isn’t the norm for real estate sites but if you require that specifically you could make the modifications to include such a feature.


Hi I’m looking in to this template for a client and would like to ask a few questions before buying:

1) is it possible to have a generic “Location” search box where visitors/users can type part of a location to search for, and the website will either find matching locations and show them in a drop down, or at the least, you can simply search for “London” for example to find all the matching listings in London?

2) Do the location options in the property search update according to your selection? For example if you select a State, will the City drop down then only show the City’s from that State, or will it show all the City’s on the website despite selecting a specific state? (If you can narrow it down, is there an option to do this in your theme settings?)

3) Can the search box be placed over the top of the slider, so that the search shows on top and the slide image shows in the background (like on this site: )?

4) Is there a compatible location plugin that can be used for location auto-suggest functionality, again such as there is on the website that they can click and it will show their location?

5) Can users create a property short list of properties that they like? If not is there a compatible plugin that will allow this functionality?

6) Is it possible to have a sort by distance option where properties are listed by their distance from the users location? If not is there a plugin that will allow this functionality?

Looking forward to your response and I really hope that these options will be possible as your theme is great and with these options will provide just what my client needs.

  1. Keyword search isn’t available at this point in time but it might be something I add in a future update.
  2. Yes, the following fields are chained together Country, State, City & Zip/Post code.
  3. Yes, with modifications which can be done via child theme with some CSS positioning.
  4. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with any and that would also require a keyword based search that was mentioned in #1.
  5. Yes, the theme already has a “Favorites” feature built in thats used just for that.
  6. Not currently but might be something in a future update.

For demo data, I’m unable to get media files to import. Are the links they’re coming from still working? Not a single image is getting imported. The posts and pages are being imported properly though.

I fixed the problem. I edited the XML file and added ‘multi-demo’ to all the attachment links.

You shouldn’t have to do that as the links haven’t changed since the theme was released back in Jan, 2014 but glad you got it sorted. Thanks for your purchase!