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Novego Purchased

Hello. I bought the theme (i love it) a few months ago. I think I managed to set everything up pretty well. Although I’m not an expert. I do not understand why the gallery continues to give me problems. The previews are always in loading and you can not see the image.

this is the link to my blog gallery:


Thank you.


Have you checked all the items in the FAQ ?

Novego Purchased

My images aren’t showing up?

1) Make sure structure > img_resize > cache folder is set to 777

i really don’t know what it mean

2) Make sure you’re entering the full url to the image beginning with ”>http://


3) Make sure you’re also entering links from images on your server, links to images on outside servers will won’t work.


4) Make sure you have GD library installed on your server, comes by default wtih any running PHP 4 .3+

my PHP Version is 5.2.17

5) Your hosts server security might be blocking timthumb from working more on this here if you’re on HostGator you’ll need to contact support and have them disable mod_security.

i really don’t know this, but i think not because some timthumb works


You’ll need to make sure that the cache folder is writable, if you’re unsure how to do this your hosting providers can help you out, I would also ask them about point number 5 on whitelisting your domain.

Hello! I absolutely love this theme, thank you for creating it! A question: I do not want to use Piecemaker, as I am trying to stay away from Flash. However, I want the slider to display some specific images, and not the pictures from my posts. Is there a way to specify which images to display with Nivo or jCycle?

I would even create empty posts with just those images, but I don’t want them to appear anywhere else, or the picture to be clickable to an empty post on the slider. Any help greatly appreciated!!


Easiest would be to exclude the Featured category from your archive.php and other template loops. Then remove the from the slider code.


8/11/10 — View complete changelog here.

Hi – I’m reviewing your theme for purchase for use on a photography site.

It looks like the theme only supports one gallery page – is that correct?

I would absolutely need multiple galleries. Can I add sub-categories to work as galleries?

I’m currently using the NextGen gallery plugin, and of course I could continue with that. I’d rather have the multiple galleries in Structure :)

I really like the other functionality, and I think it’s a very clean, very stylish theme. I love the hybrid home page – it fits my needs perfectly.


It supports one main category but the gallery is paginated, so you can have as many pages/images as you like.


I would really like to see multiple gallery support in a future release.

I usually do something like this following in categories, with associated galleries.
    Galleries-> Panama
    Galleries->Costa Rica

and so on. The Photography level would build an album showing the galleries with a preview thumb (one per gallery). The specific galleries are populated in the child categories (and sub-categories, etc).

Since your theme isn’t primarily for photography, a “Gallery” custom post type might be the best way to do this.

I’m currently doing this using the NextGen plugin. You can check it out at http://www.beeronabeach.com. there’s not much content up yet – still getting the theme set up and customized. I tried to get a NextGen slider plugin to work, but they all conflict badly.

Anyway, thanks for the great theme! I really like the clean look.

Quick question – where are the styles for the WP custom menus located? I want to remove some of the underlined URLs and modify the boxes and can’t seem to find them.


style.css > lines 483-579

Hi there! I am interested in purchasing this theme. I have some queries that I hope you can help me.

I notice that throughout this theme, the images are loaded full size. I wondered if you could provide some tweaking such that image loaded on webpage are thumbsize instead of full size. :)

Best regards, Chin Seng


All the images are resized and cached via timthumb


thank you for the reply :)


When I switch the header colour to Blue or Smokey, it splits the header in half along a horizontal axis – filling the top half with the colour I’ve chosen, and leaving the bottom with no fill.


- Kevin


Can you post a screenshot, or is the site up live where I can take a look?


Do you have a screenshot of the gap issue you were having?

Yup, here it is: http://www.philpottfund.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Screen-shot-2011-12-14-at-10.32.42-PM.png

Also, [noob question alert] is there any way for me to change the CSS to shift the nav bar’s location a bit left? I’d like to avoid the awkward menu dropdown shift that’s occurring in that same screenshot.


- Kevin

p.s. Sorry about that first link, I had Smokey as the header colour, but then changed it (of course just when you probably checked it) to show it to my friend : /


Oh that’s actually caused by your logo height as the skin backgrounds are limited to a certain height. I would recommend opening up the skin image via structure > images > skins and editing them via Photoshop.

Yes, you’ll need to modify style.css > line 40 > try adding

position: relative;
right: 30px; /* however much you like */


Thanks for the pointers re: stylesheet.

That said, I’m not sure how can the gap be being caused by logo height alone, when several other skins – default, green, and black and white – are all operating fine w/o one : /

hm. a tricky one.


- Kevin

ezos86 Purchased

Just purchased the theme, and not happy to see that the Blog page on the example is actually a category page that I cannot get to setup correctly. After about 3 hours of jacking around. I have had no luck. No Blog Page Template to apply to a page, I would like a homepage and then separate blog page that doesn’t look like a gallery. No gallery needs for me.


All you need to do is add your main blog category to your nav via Appearance > Menus, make sure you also set your Gallery category via WP Structure Options > Categories > Gallery


Just checked out a site I put together (using your theme) for a charity that I volunteer for.

There are a couple errors occurring:

1. Weird spacing at the top.

2. Strange circles popping up.

Any thoughts? O.o


- Kevin


Screenshot: http://www.philpottfund.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/PhilpottFunddotorg.png


Looks like some styling coming from a plugin is conflicting with the theme styles, try deactivating and testing.

Hi, i bought the WP Structure theme some time ago and like it very much. Is there an easy way to change the standard descriptions in the blog from english to german? For example the headlines “Related posts” and “Leave a comment”?

The adress of my blog is: www.michael-hennemann.de

Thank you very much for your help.


Unfortunately this theme isn’t setup for localization, so those verbiage changes would need to be made manually in the template files.

erhel Purchased

See below.

erhel Purchased

Have been using this theme for a while and just changed to the jCycle slider due to some changes in the structure of the site. Although I am experiencing a problem in Safari where slide two and three doesn’t show any text unless you press the arrows. Do you have any tip for this? It works fine in other browsers.

The site is oneweeklaunch.se

edhusar Purchased

I just purchased this them. I did an initial setup but I have one major problem. When I go to edit a post and click the Wordpress Update button I get a blank screen. I have switched to several other themes and it appears only to happen with this theme.

have you seen this before? It is like the Update button has lost to reference to what it is updating so WP just loads an empty.

Update: I get a blank page when I create a new page as well.

Everything else works fine as far as setup goes. Also this is an existing site I am adding your them to. Latest version of WP as well.

Thanks for the help.


Just did a test on my demo site, created a post and page with no issues I also updated a post and page with no issues. Not quite sure what could be causing a problem on your installation, if you have any plugins activated try deactivating and testing.

grobbe Purchased

hello , i have juste purchassed this theme and installed it, i began to configure but this warning appear at the top of admin

Warning: simplexml_load_string() [function.simplexml-load-string]: Entity: line 38: parser error : EntityRef: expecting ';' in /wp-content/themes/structure/admin/update_notifier.php on line 91 do you have a idea about this message, i don’t with another theme.

thank you for your answer guillaume


Replace your functions.php with http://pastie.org/private/jzogcqtmaqndpw7bhfncqq and you’ll be good to go.

jastv Purchased

I want to use the standard WP post ‘feature image’ as the thumbnail images rather than the custom field ‘image_value’. How can I change this?

Alternatively how can I set the value of ‘image_value’ to be the feature image of the post?


You’ll need to go through and make quite a few modifications, unfortunately its not something that’s easily explained. If you require assistance with the customizations, I’d highly recommend Tweaky I send all my buyers to them, they’re well versed in WordPress and very reasonably priced with a quick turnaround.