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Love the home page with the video carousel. Is there any chance of making a page that would contain a gallery of all the videos?


Hi Cre8tiveSoul, great idea, you can create this template page on the admin, any way i will save this idea for next version.

Can i see other layouts? So i decide if buy it

and.. where are

Sidebar Widget Ready Gravatar Ready



hi betto, thank you for your comment. you can see the widget sidebar on the bottom part of every page (on the right side). you can see the gravatar support here: http://wpshow.wpfeed.com/?p=23&cpage=1#comment-2 and on every comment

and other layouts color?


hi, not yet, sorry. you can feel free to play with the CSS

when you made other colours i buy template

Hey there,

I am curious how the thumbs are posted? Is it automatic, or do you have to upload the thumbnail as an image?



Hi Timagic, you have to upload the thumb. and add it in the custom field.

Will the wordpress plugin flv-embed work in this template? I have my own movies and need to know if flash movies from my server are compatable. I am very interested.


at this moment only embed videos from other websites can be used.

Bummer, I like this template.


you can use any EMBED code. which means you can download FLV player (not the plugin) – http://www.longtailvideo.com/players/jw-flv-player/

then: embed a code like this: (all the code between object and /object> ) http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/tutorials/Javascript-API-Examples#scriptless

(just change the player.swf path to where you placed the player, and change the path to your movies instead of movie.flv)

hope it helped you. it worked for me (-:

Are we allowed to take out the copyrights or change up the theme a bit? Like modifying it?


sure, tell me what you need

Ray2khax Purchased

Help! I need help, I purchased this, Yet when I install it! It looks nothing like the demo why is this?


Dear Ray2khax, first of all thank you. did you read the read me file included? did you divided the post to two categories (video, blog) and added two custom fields to those from the video category? the two fields are (thumb and embed) please tell me if it helped you. for further help contact me on oshike@gmail.com

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I did all of below but i still show no video on home page.


is everything ok after the help i gave you?

Does this come with the PSD file by chance?


i can send it to you via EMAIL

RE: flv embedding ^^ What’s the minimum variables needed in the embed tag. Can you post an example because the link to the tute is param exhaustive.


hi, not sure i understood the question. there are 2 fields you need to fill each time you embed a movie. embed – for the code of the flv and thumb – for the small image on the right.

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How do I change the color of the theme?

Alan Tone FilmMaker www.EarthFriendlyNews.com


you need to work on the style.css. it is not configurable.

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My site has extra navigation circles. I put the pagination code back to default, and I’m still having this problem It seems to be putting in about twice as many navigation circles as needed.

Could you give me an idea of how I might fix this, or how to change the code so I can manually select the number of navigation circles?


try look at the loop code in index.php, didn’t came across this problem yet. i will check it as soon as possible. can you send me your URL please.

Where is the favicon located? I cannot find this at all. Other than that, I love this theme. Also, how do you take the comments off of the blog?

Am I able to change colors of the theme? My site’s current colors are gray, black, pink, and red. I’d like to keep the same color scheme. Thanks. – Beth


unfortunately no, but i can send you the PSD file if you like.

Very Cool! Is there any way I can insert a forum instead of the blog?


you can install bbpress next to the wordpress installation and link there from the menu.

I am using this theme at http://www.hd-fractals.com for my vlog and its wicked! just my two cents but a few different layouts would be awesome. Maybe one with a smaller video size, so there is space for the side bar to come up nearer the top of the page – for text or adds? honestly though wpshow rocks! thanks it was just what i was looking for.


hi teamfresh, thanks, hope to release some new video themes or updates to this one soon.


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I am trying to get lightbox 2 (http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/) work on this theme. Well, actually, i have gone installing about a number of lightbox plugins, and i can’t make it work. i thought my problem is compatibility issue on the plugin itself and wordpress latest version but when i try to activate a default theme, lightbox worked, so i guess it has something to do with the javascipt / jquery, etc.

Did somebody here tried to install and make it work? Can somebody help please?


Hi, sorry for the slow response. here is a solution. open your header.php and move this <?php wp_head(); ?> just before </ head>

here’s an example. http://wpshow.wpfeed.com/?p=40#content

i did it and now you can use lightbox.

how would I go about having all the latest blog style posts on the home page? right now it only allows for one category of posts to appear there.

also, the ‘write a comment’ field is going on two lines for some reason…

For the update you should also add some kind of auto thumbnail creation.


you can have from all categories, just make sure it categorized as blog as well.