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Great Theme! But when will it work with 3.0? :)

(I have purchased, but forgot to check that it worked with 3.0)....

Jan, Norway.


it is working with wp3, just not including all the new features.

tbass134 Purchased

I’m having a problem trying to get video’s to show up on the page. I have created a new post and embeded a video, Yet it doesnt show up on the video page. Im running WordPress 3.0.1. please help


you can email me your url and admin user ill try to fix it for you


Hello, I tried to email support but they directed me here. do you have any documentation on setting up the theme with featured video. I installed the theme but it’s not showign up like the demo. http://8upvideo.com



sure, help file included in your download files. anyway sent it to your mail

Thank you, it wasnt tin the zip but got it now and working fine!

Thank you

Hello, I cannot get this to work. do you have any documentation on setting up the theme with featured video. I installed the theme but it’s not showign up like the demo. http://bedbugwarfare.com


chrischerkas – we fixed it by email

Hello will this work with wordpress 3.0.1 i need to buy ASAP . Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

bdvans Purchased

Hi I sent you an email with a problem that I was having.

I can’t see to get any video or text posts to display.

Did you see my email on how to remove the wpshow? Please help.


can’t be sure i saw that. please re send.

Please update this theme for 3.0.3 and maybe even 3.1 ;)

SFaerb Purchased

I read your readme file and it says under appearance tab to choose wpshow to set up the options. Under appearance it only shows: themes, widget, menus, editor and when I select appearance it takes me to where you select your theme. So I cannot get to the part where you set up the categories and therefor don’t have the video category post menu (where you embed the code and upload the thumb). Any help? Am I looking in the wrong area?


Six months ago, in one of your response, you stated that this theme works with WP3 but not all of the new features. Which new features were you referring to please?

Is this theme compatible up to WordPress 3.0.4?

Also, is this the only way to reach you for support? I see the last time you were on here responding to support requests was a month ago. If I purchase this theme, I’d like to get it up and running as soon as possible with minimal snags.

Please advise.


Hello, I purchased the theme and it works great only issue is its not working in any IE browsers.It just shows the background I have set but nothing else.

Please Help!

Hi, I LOVE this theme, but with the new WP upgrade to WordPress 3.1., the video embed with thumbnails isn’t working the way it did previously. Do you you have updated documentation?

If so, please send it to me at makemeovereb@gmail.com


ozab Purchased

Just purchased this. But, I dont seem to understnad this from your instructions.

“Under Appearance tab, choose “wpShow”. Make sure you have the two basic categories, first one should be called “video” and the second one should be called “blog”. You can open new categories or open one and change the default “uncategorized” category.”

Please guide me as my page is not even aligned now.: mycloseuptv (dot) com is the site.


Helped via mail

ozab Purchased

Thanks for the help via e-mail.

firerose Purchased

I really like this theme. It was simple to set up and works well.

I’m having one issue where it’s showing more pages of posts than are really there. Any thoughts why this is happening? It’s showing five page buttons (white dots) when there should only be two.

thank you!



it is recommended to use the main carousel for at most 10 videos.

ozab Purchased

1. Is there way to upload self hosted videos? And how? 2. How do I remove the Youtube logo from embedded video from Youtube?

firerose Purchased

Thanks for your response. It’s taken a while for me to upload new material and test what you said. Currently, I only have 8 video entries and yet I show four pages. As I was posting new videos, the number of pages changed but not predictably, e.g. I deleted a video and then added a video and I showed two pages as it should have. But then when I added another video it went to three pages.


Hello, is it possible to add an iFrame where the video would usually go? (Example, in the homepage) instead of having a vimeo player, can I just have an iframe with my content there?

Thank you so much!

How do you go about adding the videos? Are they regular posts? Im wondering because I’m seeing how hard it would be to make an archive page for all the videos.


yes, regular posts categorized under VIDEO category.