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I just purchased this theme and loved it. Do you have a help file that has more info on how to set up the video carousel. I want the theme to have a layout like the example on this site. Thanks in advance for your help.


there is a help file included in the download. what else do you need? all 10 last videos goes to carousel and the rest can be reached via the videos page you should create.

if you have any other questions wpfeed@gmail.com


Hi, I was wondering if I could please get an answer on this issue I have with your video theme:

Do you see the posts that say: “Sport posts 8, 7, 6, 5” ? http://themeforest.net/item/wpshow-/full_screen_preview/53734

How do I get some of my posts to show on that bottom left section?

I’ve already tried to add a new post under “news” but the post doesn’t show down there.

Can you please help.


just add the posts to category “blog”

bha1966 Purchased

I love the theme, but i was wondering do you have any more help files to explain how to insert the custom field for loading video’s Cat?


I just bought this theme and I’m wondering if you could send me the PSD file you used? Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.


sure, send me an email to wpfeed@gmail.com

Set up this theme and got the videos working on the home page but the posts under the category ‘blog’ are not showing up on the home page. Under the reading settings I have the Front page displays set to ‘your Latest Posts’.

Set up this theme and got the videos working on the home page but the posts under the category ‘blog’ are not showing up on the home page. Under the reading settings I have the Front page displays set to ‘your Latest Posts’.


send me url and admin details if you wish wpfeed@gmail.com


I figured it out. The category didn’t take the first time. Thanks.

I sent you a mail at wpfeed@gmail.com for the PSD file some days ago, and I also have a question concerning the video carrousel that I would be glad if you could help : now I have 17 videos that I would like to appear on my website (and maybe more in the future), and I would like to have only 7 of them (the more important ones) in the carrousel of the front page, the rest of them being shown as the visitors click on the link ”> All videos” appearing on the lower right corner of the video gallery.

Could you please explain me in details how it could be achieved?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards.


did you get the psd i asked for the url of your website and if you can send me user + pass to admin

I want my Front Page to show only the latest video in the carousel, with the rest appearing in that right sidebar area and on a Video Gallery page. Is that possible?

Also, my blog is 16 months old. Will I need to go back at put all of my posts into the blog category for them to show up in this theme?

Is there any way to “test drive” your theme before purchase?

BTW , you can view my blog at: www.bluesasianetwork.com. The BLUES ASIA TV component has just been added in the last 3 weeks, which is the new feature that has sent me in search of a new theme. I will be posting 2 new videos every week, drawn from my YouTube Channel.



Well, I bit the bullet and went ahead to purchase this theme. And am I ever happy that I did so! Even tho I have a lot of work to do to get my old content properly into the new theme, I was able to get up and running very quickly, once I discovered where the “instructions” are [in the downloaded theme folder!]. I’m amazed at how simple it is to install and set up.

Tom Colvin www.bluesasianetwork.com


looks great (-:

Oshik, I’m into the fine-tuning stage.

I’ve been trying to edit the header and logo section so that I can increase my logo by 50 percent. I’ve tried increasing the height of the header and the width of the logo—but that does not accomplish my objective.

Any hints about how to accomplish that?

I also notice problems with a couple of my plug ins – widgets.

My author’s box under each blog post now does not pick up the text that should appear there.

And my FEED from FACEBOOK sometimes displays text in white text, which is legible, and sometimes displays in black type, which is unreadable.

Any hints about these?

THANKS . I’m really loving the way this theme is working with my content!


Hi, this theme supports automated thumbnails creation from youtube? I want to post videos from youtube but dont want to manually upload any image.

An admirable effort but I found that this theme has far too many problems and restrictions to really be useful for anyone. I thought it would be perfect for websitenightmares.com (video reviews of bad websites) but spent way too many hours hacking it into shape, recoloring and building all the graphics and its still too limited.

I’ve had to abandon this theme.


This theme is used in more then 400 websites without any Problem, many of the users asked for help and got it. Any buyer who has some kind of difficulties using this theme Is always welcome to ask for help.

What was your problem?

jsmith14 Purchased

Hi I have a question, I purchased the theme and am having an issue with the homepage videos. I cannot see the second page of videos, the dot does not link to the second page of videos. can you help? Here is the link: http://www.hrtheseries.com


looks like JAVASCRIPT conflict, are you using any kind of jquery plugins?

Hi I have a the same question as jsmith14 (we are workign for the same client), we purchased the theme, having an issue with the homepage videos. We cannot see the other pages of videos, the dot does not link to the second page of videos. can you help? Here is the link: http://www.hrtheseries.com I disabled all plug ins and the “more” function is still not working. Could you take a look if I sent you the log in info via email? :)


looks like a bit of code is missing for you. ill try and fix it for you.

hi OshikErnst, it’s a very nice theme, I like it… :-) I was wondering if this theme can play live video streaming, or embed live stream video…? I’m looking for any best application to stream living video/live tv.. please help. Thank you very much. Tiger



the theme can play any embed video from the web.

thank you

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Hi there

I tried to email you through the themeforest contact form but got no response and i’m getting a bit desparate!

I purchased this theme a couple of weeks back for use with our video production website but i can’t get the carousel to work on the front page, it simply displays my videos as posts in the video archive. I’ve set the home page as a video template in the page setup which i assumed would just put an instance of the carousel on the page.

Please help, i’m stuck and out of ideas!!


I also looked at your working demo and it looks as though there is some script that isn’t loading, loopslider and lightbox stuff.




I’m very intersted in this theme, is a responsive version is available ? or will be available ?



Hello! i buy this theme,but i see i when i put a wrong link i dont have an error page,other thing i dont have in posts thumbal for first image. can you fix for me this 2 issue please.Thank you very mutch.

Hello! I buy This theme but nothing is workin for me with new wordpress. this theme need a renew options and i see is not support for this theme.My posts in index page dont show older posts but same posts.Feed is not working with this theme too. http://top-al.com you can see by yourself.I just asking to renew all functions for this theme from author…

Hi! I´m thinking about purchasing your Theme and just got one Question: is it possible to use my own youtube Videos in it by some plugin? Or do i have to upload them to another Platform or my own webspace?

Thx for the Answer!

Best regards