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awesome design, good luck with sales ! ;)


We thought it looked very powerful, too – so we’re your first customer! Well done on this no-nonsense, but very versatile theme. Rich in-house imagery/color will always keep visitors focussed on the content.

Thank you schillerinstitut. Content rules ;)

Hi, great theme and usability, a question – on the sortable portfolio can I have for example a 1,2 and 3 column filterable setup with the slides moving to the top gracefully.

Hi leon1000

There are 3 types of portfolio. 2, 3, 4 columns with prettyphoto lightbox and portfolio single post linked to it. Second is 6 columns with portfolio single post linked to thumbs and there is sortable 6 columns which opens single post in place plus sorting and paging and so on. Mixing these setting will probably come in next update with some other options.

Congrats Shoomury! Well done… Clean, elegant, classy business theme ! Good luck on the market !

Hello there, I would like to purchase this theme for my photography and design website, I have been looking at SO many templates in the past days and yours, so far, offers more features than any others, congrats for the great work and to all the attention you paid while making this template.

I have a couple of questions to ask you.

1 – I noticed that all the portfolio pics opening in a pop-up window, have a “panoramic” size, can I change that to a normal photo size?

2- I would also like to know if once I chose a subcategory in the sortable portfolio, instead of opening the project above, I can simply open the picture with a pop up a window and scroll through all photos of this subcategory.

3 – is the size for the logo fixed or can we enlarge it?

4 – is it possible to switch off the black & white effect?

5 – is there any chance we can have a drop down in the menu to switch the language?

Thanks a lot,


Oh sorry and one last thing, is the portfolio fixed or can we add more menu points ( for ex. one more portfolio).

many thanks !!!


Hi Martina

Most of the things you asked can be done. Can you just send us your questions on email from our profile page and we will answer each one in details. It would will be just too long for a comment reply :)


Hi Shoomury,

Love the look of the theme on Firefox, but when I pull it up on IE 8 or 9 it formats terribly. Can you help?

Working on it. There seems to be some css loading problem. Update is coming next week but we’ll send you a zip asap. Just send us an email from our profile page so that we have your email address.

Fixed. IE8 does not support all CSS3 features but IE9 works fine.

On IE9 my site still isn’t formatting correctly. The address is www.BrandEchoGroup.com. Could I have too many style sheets loaded into the site? I just heard that IE has a problem when there are over 31. In starting my project, I loaded your full demo template file and I’m now adding, deleting and changing content to fit what I will want. Since I’m early in the building, should I start over and not load your demo content?

No problem. We will send you updated version on email. Again, next week will be new update with some other features also updated.

Just bought this template.

Using wordpress 3.5 I got the following error Missing style.css stylesheet.

Could you advise me what to do. Best regards,

We are working on update including wp 3.5 support. Hopefully it will be released next week.

Dear Themeforest,

Last week we bought this template. Till now we can’t use it as wordpress is automatic installing version 3.5

You mentioned last week that the template will be upgrade this week. Could you let me know when this will happen as we can not wait any longer?

If I install wordpress 3.4 can I upgrade the template in the futher without any problems?

Lookfing forward to your answer. With best regards, M vd Pool

This theme was made before 3.5 was released. We still don’t fully support 3.5 but we are working on update and so far we didn’t find any issues. Try installing theme via ftp, maybe that could help.

How do I make a Tab or Accordion?


Those two are html code snippets, not shortcodes (yet). You need to copy that from demo and paste it into post using html view. The best is if you are using import data and there you will have pages with examples. It is planed to add those as shortcodes in some of next updates.


I increased the exposure time of the slide Slider tab in the options of the theme but it had no effect.

Is there another place to do this? Because by increasing the time the slide is still moving too fast.

Any tips?



as you can see in description for slider tab, this option will be applicable only if it’s supported by slider: “Set duration for slider’s autorotate (if autorotate is supported by slider).”. For which slider type you trying to set duration?

I created a Sidebar but do not understand how to connect this new Sidebar to a specific page.

How do I connect the Sidebar the page I want?



you need to create sidebar (or use default), then set for template (layout) desired sidebar.

When I add an image inside of a grid element it will not show up. Is there a fix for this?


we will check this, and send you instructions or we will try to fix it asap…


Hello, I want to display both a logo and text + byline next to the logo. Is there anyway to do this?

There’s no option for that at the moment. You can use logo or textual logo and a slogan. Still you can play with templates/template-page_header.php and add your content manually.

It seems if you have a long site title or tagline the text overlays the dropdown menu on smaller screens. How would I go about fixing this?

Sorry for the delay. Just reduce font size in css.

There seems to be several issues with the theme. When you set the layouts with custom sidebars, you have to reset all of them when you return to make a change.

The sidebars all reset default full width pages.

The second problem has to do with the contact page. The contact form does not save the contact info address, therefor never allowing the contact form to work.

Can someone help me with these as I have gone through the documentation provided with nothing providing any help.

First problem we will try to fix in next update. Second, what you mean about “save the contact info address”?

Dear Last week I ordered the template WPStarter. After a couple days hard working I need your advise how to add the leftsidebar per item (organisatie – onderzoek – portfolio – nieuws)

See my example on www.vertenonderzoek.nl/live

In the wpstarter \ layouts template builder I added 4 templates named: Sidebar organisatie Sidebar onderzoek Sidebar portfolio Sidebar nieuws

In the wpstarter \ sidebars I added above 4 templates By menu I added per theme all the pages

Then in the pages I for example Organisatie I used for the layout Use custom layout en Sidebar organisatie. I have done this for all pages but the leftsidebar will not appear.

Could you let me know how to build the sitebar per theme (organisatie – onderzoek – portfolio – nieuws)

Looking forward to your answer and thanking you in advance for your service.

With best regards, M vd Poel

You need to create template with left sidebar. Than just choose this template for every page which you like to show with left sidebar. If you need additional explanation please contact us on email.

confirm the problem with wordpress 3.5 when you install 3.5 from clean then install the theme using the upload function. The install fails with “missing style.css”. If you have the theme installed and upgrade wordpress to 3.5 it doesn’t seem to generate any problems.

We working on this update. Until update release if you need support for Wordpress 3.5 please contact us on mail to send you fix for it.