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Many thanks!

Awesome work ;) Nice!!!

Thank you!

Nice design RetroStar! 
P.S.: Check the responsiveness on mobile resolutions, on my WP8's IE it looks a little bit messy. 
Good luck with sells! ;)

Thank you, I´m gonna check it out

In demo there are 4 examples, but in the zip only 2 ??


Hello… thanks for your purchase…

I gave you the tools to make it as you want… you only need to put your own images… You can use any cloud or snowflake, or play with my PNGs. Same as the backgrounds. Just change your logo, your images and that´s it…

But I take notice that I can add more options… I´m gonna try to add this soon. Thanks

Hello, the design is great, but I have some questions: - Can I replace the timer with a text like “coming soon” or “under construction” ? - If I don’t want the timer, is there a way to turn it off ? Thanks and great work.

Hello! and thanks for your comment Sure… you can turn on/off the timer and the text scroller, just changing true, to false in a js file. If you only wants text, just turn off the elements, insert your h1 and that´s it…

do you have an active email PHP script for your theme>?

The theme has an email collector that works with AJAX/PHP

Great theme… easy to use… Quetion on the Responsive side of the equation… when I look at my webpage.. the graphic logo is seated way deep into the counter….. Not sure why…... Tried everything to course correct this look… any ideas?

It is not so much the browser.. it is in reference to the responsive aspect… The Logo I used was based off your SVG File. I created an SVG File that matches 100% with my logo of choice… On a Tablet and PC/MAC on any browser.. it is absolutely perfect…. When we get down to the Mobile Aspect.. that is where we loose it… I am including a link with the website and your website in comparison….. If we can get the logo to shrink down and stay UPTOP… well this would be absolutely be the absolute best Splash countdown page on the planet… I actually love its simplicity…..... and I am recommending it to all my other clients designers to utilize for their company projects…. So let me know….

Here is the Flickr link (

Sorry that was in my photo stream…


might have to cut and paste these since it is not linking properly for some reason

also a note.. the bottom “MORE” button gets over layered too with the countdown….

Hi, I don´t see it the same way when I shrink my browser… I can´t reproduce it… The logo stays at top on my window, what I see is some problems with the font size on the scroller. Let me experiment a little looking for the problem.

How do you replace the logo?

I mean…no way to use png/gif/jpg? How do i make my logo svg?

Hi! thanks for your purchase!

You can right now put your png/gif/jpg, change the dimensions in css… and the call in html. What you maybe don´t have right now it´s the animation…

Don´t worry I´m gonna make an update tomorrow, fixing this and other things


I just bought your template. How can I change my logo. I change in index.html file code to this: WP

Where I can change dimmensions ?

In addition I would like to add below the loge but above the countdown timer text on white strap : site under construction. How can I do it ? Strap should have dimmension around 500px width and 40 px height.

Last question, I dont see cloud animation, but as I guess it will be shown as soon as I upload all files to my server ?

Can you tell me what code i should change in css in order to change logo dimmension ? In addition could you tell me how and where to add comming soon text below the logo ?

STYLE.CSS LINE 48 #LOGO{WIDTH: your logo width dimension; HEIGHT: your logo height dimension; MARGIN:0px 0px 0px (your width/2)}

Why you don´t use the scroller function? To add text below the logo, you could use the scroller div… put the div ID scroller below the div ID countdown and modify the margins of this elements (style.css lines 59 and 65). That´s the easiest way. Don´t be afraid to experiment.

Please understand that I can´t customize the template for you. Thanks and I hope this is enough for you to achieve what you want.

I changed css line to this: but logo seems to be squeezed. For sure it don’t have original dimmension of 456×254.

logo{position:absolute; width:456px; top:5%; left:50%; height:254px; margin:0px 0px 0px -228px; z-index:4; cursor:pointer; transition:all 0.25s ease-out;}

Any suggestion what code is responsible for this squeez ?

I changed css line to this:

#logo{position:absolute; width:456px; top:5%; left:50%; height:254px; margin:0px 0px 0px -228px; z-index:4; cursor:pointer; transition:all 0.25s ease-out;}

but logo seems to be squeezed. For sure it don’t have original dimmension of 456×254.

Any suggestion what code is responsible for this squeez ?

Please send me your URL so I can find the problem


I have a question, can I change number of clouds which are visible and height where they appear in the screen ?

I have the following error message:

Decompressing …

Installing the theme …

Could not decompress the packet. The issue is not the style sheet style.css.

Failure to install the theme.

Hi, thanks for your purchase… this is not a theme for a CMS is an HTML5 Template

After purchasing , I will be getting all the 4 templates shown ?

The cloud effect is not working on Chrome!

Hi, thanks for your purchase! I don´t know what your problem is… can´t you see the live demo? I´m seeing working right now on Chrome

Hi, very nice theme. I’ve uploaded the WR template snow folder content into the htdocs via ftp. however the snow flakes effect and the social icons seems is not working. what could be the reason? the website address is should i have to upload something else? Thank you in advance for your reply

It seems that safari doesn´t handle webgl… it´s a very new technology and it´s difficult to see it working as it should be on any browser/device… at least by the moment. Wish you luck with the icons problem… cheers!

thank’s a lot! I’ve resolved the problem under Safari by enabling WebGL under the Develop menù, now the snowflake is running perfectly also under Safari 7.0.6! I love this theme!

Good to hear that!

How to set the time I want in your template.

Nope, we did, cause we set and cheese together and pick this template. But we didn’t know the designer is rude.

I´m sorry if you think i´m rude… but your story is strange, and the template comes with all explanations if you take 5 minutes to read it… just read the point B of my documentation, there´s your answer with a screenshot… no language involved… and if you have doubts about that… I´ll answer no problem at all

I’m not good with java at all or developer things, that’s why I asked where and what name even if I read the doc, I won’t understand anything at all. Thanks again and sorry cause I said you’re rude.

This is such a brilliant design and love it so far. Jus hav a few questions though…

1. How can I change my logo to a svg file? 2. When I click on “MORE” it dims and reveals the “subscribe” and “about us” page… how do I find the dim colour? 3. In your ‘night’ version of clouds demo u seem to have stars within the clouds.. how do I apply those?

Otherwise thanks again for this… PS. U need to do this for WordPress with easy to use control panel.

Hi, thanks for your purchase and comments!

1 – You need to make your logo as a vector inside Illustrator or Inkscape and export it not as a bitmap, but as SVG.

2 – Check style.css lines 80 and 82. There you´ve got the style properties for the button and the hover state to tweak colors, etc.

3 – The trick is to edit the cloud image. Just play with the cloud tone and add some random tiny dots with glow to achieve that effect. With this concept in mind, you can create lots of different effects.

I really need to do an update to this item… that includes a WP version. Thank you and let me know if you have any other question

Hello, I really like the template great work! My question is how do I adjust the height of the clouds to be lower and the speed they move to be faster. Also how do you disable mouse interaction with clouds. I want to specify height of clouds and the speed then i want it to stay that way. Thanks

Hi! thanks for your purchase, please rate my item if you like it.

You can customize the height from this part of the code inside index.html plane.position.y

Play with the last number on that line, you could make the clouds lower with a specs like these:

plane.position.y = – Math.random() * Math.random() * 200 – 60;

To speed up the animation, find this function and play with the first multiplier number on the position line… something like

function animate() { position = ( ( – start_time ) * 0.3 ) % 8000; }

To disable mouse movement find this function, and put 0 to both axis.

function onDocumentMouseMove( event ) { mouseX = 0; mouseY = 0; }

Hope this is what you need. Good luck!

Hi, these is an awesome web! i would like to know if i want to stop the animate after 20 seconds, how should i do? thanks a lot!

It´s easy to do it, but do you want to stop the animation without resuming?