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Nice Theme.

1. can i disable the sidebar?

2. is there an autoplay option for the gallery?

3. can i disable the post format icons?


1) Yes, in the customizer ( screenshot: ) there is a section called Site Layout where you can select the site to be full width (no sidebar).

2) No there isn’t at the moment, however if you install a plugin that allows you to add javascript code in your footer ( eg, ) and then add this code: then that should make it autoplay after every 3 seconds, alternatively you can add it to the theme code if you know how to do that.

3) Easiest way to do this would be to add some custom css (in the styling section of customizer: ) the code would be: .post-format-icon { display: none!important; }


ah.. cool! Thank you!

Is it possible to put the head/featered image of the blogpost under the post title?

Hi, the theme is designed to add the featured image above the post so you’d have to tweak the theme/hire a developer to tweak the theme to make them show under the post title, customisations aren’t provided under support here on ThemeForest I’m afraid.

Alternatively, you could simply add the image to the top of the post content, that way it would show above the post text and therefore under the title, and then open up the customizer, go to the “Styling” section and add this into the custom css box: to hide any featured images that appear above the post box.

Hope that helps


Hi, Simnor. This is a great looking theme! I have a couple pre-purchase questions:

1. I don’t see a sample page in the demo, but I have a lot of pages on my blog. Can I make comments appear on pages? I basically want pages to be displayed just like posts for the most part.

2. Is it possible to add a mobile ad for readers viewing on phones?

3. What size logo works well on desktop and mobile versions?

Thanks so much!


Hi, answers to your questions below:

1) Yes, comments are available on pages if you have them enabled in WordPress, this is an example of the basic page with comments:

2) You’d need to hire a developer to do something like that because it isn’t a theme feature.

3) The logo in the demo is 202 pixels width x 50 pixels height for desktop and twice that size for mobile (because mobile uses a retina version), so that’s the recommended size, however it should work with any size.

Hope that helps

Cheers, Simon

Thanks so much for your quick reply! This is very helpful info.

Hi, I am a beginner. This is a very nice theme, I just have a couple of pre-purchase questions.

1) Can I make the pictures at the top of the posts shorter so you see less picture, more text?

2) Do you have a custom “bio” sidebar widget that has a small picture and text? If not, can one easily be put in?

3) Can the text on the header be removed so I can use a custom header with the title/tagline embedded?

4) Can advertising widgets easily be installed, like for the sidebar?

Thanks, Josh


1) Yes, if you want less height then you can use an image that is much longer width than height, the images resize by width (keeping the width to height ratio of the original image).

2) You could just use a normal text widget and add an image with HTML, something like this: replacing LOCATIONOFIMAGEHERE with the image URL that you get when you upload via the media library.

3) When you say custom header, do you mean an image? If so then you could add that via the logo upload, or you could do it via the background image option. There are many ways of removing the stuff in the header, if you do purchase the theme then jump onto the support forum: and I’ll be able to assist further with the code you need to add into the custom css field of the options.

4) The sidebar uses the normal widgets function in WordPress so if you know of a plugin that does it then you can use that. Or if it’s some code that an advert network is providing you with then you can use the text widget again and add the code that they provide.

Hope that helps,

Cheers, Simon

Hi there. Great looking theme. Just a question regarding the post images, do you get the post image from the featured image you set in the post editor, or can it also get the first image it finds in the post without setting the featured image directly?

I have a lot of posts without featured image, but with images in the post itself. :-)


Hi, it get’s it from the featured image, not from the post I’m afraid.

This plugin might help you though:

Cheers, Simon

Hi, do you know if this supports the latest version of Wordpress (3.8.1)?

Yes it does


Any plan to support worpdress 4.0?

Hi, I can confirm that the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0


Nice theme ! I would like to use Visual Page Builder in the backend. Will they get along ?

Hi, sorry for the delay. I haven’t tested it with any page builders as it’s a blogging theme, so I couldn’t say. You’ll probably be better off purchasing a theme that has it built in because that will guarantee compatibility.



dannieh Purchased

Ive purchased and installed the theme on . Right now it shows complete posts on frontpage instead of only excerpt like on the demo. How do i change this?

Hi, you need to use the more tag, there’s a video here which explains it:



dannieh Purchased

Thank you for a quick reply.. worked as it should :)

When installing the theme i did not get the dialog with “activate shortcodes” etc. So now i dont have any short codes buttons in the editor? Is there any way of manually activating shortcodes?

The widgets i managed to activate manually

Hi, you need to install the simnor shortcodes plugin: