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Hello again Playnethemes

I have an issue with the gallery and I wonder if you could help me with it. when I have a gallery post and I assign the features image(s) to it, the gallery displays the full res photos. This is not the case with the featured image of other post types as I changed the dimensions of the “large-image” thumbnail and now a smaller image loads, but the gallery does not seem to be affected.


in the link to the post below, the featured image loaded is a resized one, not the full resolution one that I uploaded. WP chooses a lower image res

now when there is a gallery, the full res image loads, which makes loading the page take more time

I need to know if it’s possible for the gallery to act like the featured images in loading a lower-res image (one of the sizes defined in the Image Sizes in WP

best regards


Hello Ali,

I use flexslider for the galleries and this is just how it works. If you would want to change the way it handles these images you would have to rewrite the flexslider script quite significantly I think.

Kind regards

Got your idea! Thank you for looking into this anyway. your support is appreciated.

best regards,



For some reason my homepage shows full posts. Could you help me with that. Thanks

Hello mirok,

Just add the more tag in your posts to control the length that is shown on the homepage!

Kind regards

Is there any font control with this theme? Thank you.

Hello MrsB2,

Not standard because what most people don’t know is that it slows down your website significantly.

You can however easily import it with just the URL! :)

Kind regards

Hello PlayneThemes,

This is a perfect WordPress theme. You have the eyes of the design gods!

One little question: in the description you mention that you can have alternating even and odd post colors, but I couldn’t find any details about that in your documentation. Let me know!

Hello sieger,

Thank you so much for your kind words! :) I really, really appreciate it and I hope you’ll love using my theme!

You can do this via CSS yourself but i don’t think I actually inserted a control for it, thanks for noticing this!

Kind regards

Hey PlayneThemes! Your Theme looks awsome! there’s just one questions that keeps me from getting it right away though :) Is there a way to add a lightbox (jQuery)or similar for post pictures? Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers, Denny

Hello Scotch,

Thanks for the compliment! :) Yes this is easily possible with a plugin and some small modifications! :)

Kind regards

Theme is fantastic! Just purchased and couldn’t be happier. Was wondering if you could eliminate the padding at the top before the header begins? I’m sure this is an easy fix in the editor that I’m missing. Thanks!

Hello sir,

These appear because of jetpack being used as a plugin. Of you want I can hide them for you?

Kind regards

Got it. I can just disable Jetpack. I don’t use it much anyway. Thanks for the speedy response!

You’re welcome! :)

I purchased this nice theme and I had one little problem that was beyond my skills. So it wasn`t even bug, it was just my personal request I couldn`t do myself. So I contacted the support at and I was blown away. I received email within few minutes and after couple more minutes it was solved. Mr. Mats from Playnethemes fixed it for me and kindly explained everything. Everything within couple of minutes. Really awesome support, I wish this kind of support was standard everywhere. Thanks you very much!

You’re very welcome Adam! Glad you liked my support and theme :)

Seems like Writer/Reader from WPMinima – who actually disappeared without any notice, leaving no support just after selling some themes. I’m seeing a pattern here:




Am I hallucinating here?

Hello sir,

Haha seems like coincidence :) can’t find any records of that author here nor a website? My themes come with support :)

Kind regards

Simple, beautiful theme with an excelent and immediate support. I recomend this theme to everyone who is looking for a simple theme with no major issues. Thank you very much Playne Themes

Thanks sir! :)

Hello playnetthemes,

I have a simple question, there is a way to add some social buttons in the preview of each post? (just after the “Read more” button)

Thanks! :)

Easiest way to do this is using a plugin! :) For example:

Kind regards


Great theme!

I am just wondering how you got Flexslider working on the front page??


Thanks! Do you mean the gallery post?

Kind regards

Hi there,

thanks for the Theme – its amazing :).

But I dont need quick help. I have the Video Problem some had before. I do exactly what you say:

- Create a Post - Mark it as ‘video’ on the right bar - Create a custom field “video” with the iframe youtube/vimeo code - add field & post comment

But it just doesnt show up. May you help out please?


Sure! Can you give me a live url of the video post?

Kind regards

Thanks for the fast reply. I sent you the link via E-Mail. :)

You’re very welcome! :)

Hey there,

Great theme! Wondering how easy it would be to add in some sort of profile picture or image in the header, as opposed to it just being black.

Thanks in advance!


You mean a background image? I could easily add that for you.

Kind regards

Yes, exactly. Wasn’t sure if that was something in the theme options, or something to manually put in.


It’s not something that is in the theme by default.

Kind regards