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How can I make the header/navbar visible & already at top of page ON PAGE LOAD?

Thanks in advance

no need for my admin. Same is on your demo. When landing on fullscreen slider, I would like the menubar on top. As of now, I have to scroll down to see it.

I found the error. I was adjusting the setting in the theme options. It was being overridden on the page level.

Really sorry for this careless.


kyntho Purchased

Hi, Our company purchased your wonderkind for our company web site. When browse the website from iOS devices is crashing…I think your theme have same problem …..

Hi kyntho, The crashing trouble, We had resolved on version 1.2.0
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin + FTP account? We want to check more about this trouble.


Feelsoo Purchased

Hello, I’m still waiting for your answer about the non-functioning of the portfolio. My ticket is open and no one answers .. You have helped me to solve the problem but the problem has not been resolved 100% then I would be happy if someone responded to my ticket. Also my theme was changed manually by you and now I do not know if I have to install the new update, what should I do? Please answer me?

Hi Feelsoo,
We saw your ticket on our forum, We will try to answer you soon.

Hello if i download the actual 1.2.7 version and i install der wunderkind.zip i will not get the version 4.5 of vc but i copy the wunderkind folder in the zip i will get 4.5. So there must be a wrong zip file if i download only the themefiles.! And now it say there is a version 4.5.1 of vc: 0.04.2015 – ver 4.5.1 – Improvements with stretch row logic – Grid pagination isn’t hiding “add to column” control in Fronend editor – Grid filter logic improved – JS script logic for templates improved – Bug with wpLink fixed – Visual Composer settings link in multisite fixed

Hi there,
Thanks for this comment. We will update Visual Composer version 4.5.1 on the next version, we have to ensure that has no conflict on theme before releasing.
shinetheme support.


I get an “Error” in the recently installed website: http://www.ediits.es/web/

I have uploaded “drupal_7” folder inside /web, and I have imported database. All withour errors, but website doesn’t work.

(Sorry I don’t speak english)

Hi Hazhistoria,
Could you send to us your wp-admin account via email: contact@shinetheme.com ?
We will help you resolve it ASAP.


HSPHSP Purchased


Please, could you add social network “linkedin” in panel “ST Member Item Settings”


Surely! However we have to modify on file code PHP.. So, could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin account?
Thank you.

If someone will help me it will be great, i am struggleling since 2 days ago to fix a problem and shinetheme support doesnt do anything.

I cannot see the Banner Settings in the pages in back office to edit the video and the text.

Did someone received the same error too?

Hi there,
Please view this screenshot below: https://docs.google.com/a/shinetheme.com/file/d/0B2ofGYB0icdEcmNhdkkzVmxZUnM/edit?usp=drivesdk Let us know if you can’t do on your self.
Thank you.

Hi JcRazione,
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin account? We want to check more about this trouble.
Thank you.

Resolved! :)

This theme is giving me this error when I try to load it – it also breaks the site and gives blank pages everywhere: \nFatal error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’, expecting $end in /var/www/example.com/wp-content/themes/wunderkind/inc/st.custommenu.php on line 1

This could by due to line-ending conversion. If you have problems, try to transfer your PHP files in BINARY type, instead of ASCII. This is screenshot for you:
Please post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin + FTP account if you can’t do on yourself.
Thank you.

I double checked line endings. This theme actually just doesn’t support hhvm. I uninstalled hhvm and installed php5-fpm and it worked fine. Odd since basically every other theme I’ve seen worked fine with hhvm.

VC newest Version has 4.6! Please update!

update will come soon?

28.08.2015 – ver 4.7 Visual Composer has arrived – Compatibility with WP 4.3 ....

Any timeline update will be deployed???

We will update today!

Tried to view the demo in Safari. Performed horribly and dragged my entire OS on my high end 2015 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM to it’s knees. Wow. No such issues in Chrome. Guess it’s obvious which browser the developer uses.

Ok, we did some checking on MAC, it is fine. Could you give us some screenshot about this troubles?
Thank you

Pre sale question: When will your update for WP 4.3 compatibility be published?