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Hi there, this theme is elegant! I would like to know some questions before make a purchase. Is there an animation effect when scrolling both Down & Up on homepage showing the content in animation effect. Or wonder if you have designed a theme like this elegant style with the animation effect I mentioned or recommendation for this. Thanks


Hello AIR_MAN,

Thanks you for your questions.

We build our theme base on Visual Composer: http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431

Each element we make can control effect/animation.

Caused that you can control very easy. Out of it we have support system http://support.shinetheme.com if you have any problem just post ticket on it we will help you answer as soon as possible.


Removing percentage change banner opacity?


Please add this code into ThemeOptions > Styling Options > Css Code:
#home-pattern .parallax-overlay{rgba(44,62,80,0.4);}
Hope thats help!

allie007 Purchased

I am getting this error on my site

[Error] Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) (color.php, line 0)


H allie007,
This trouble cause by Transfer Type, You should transfer files such as images, php files via Binary transfer type. http://shinetheme.com/demosd/doc/wavex/assets/images/FTP.png
Please remove old-theme then upload it again.
Ah after that, your trouble still couldn’t resolve, please post new ticket on our support forum, we will check to you.

Hi there, I’m having problems with the Wunderkind theme, purchased from Themeforest – specifically the liquid testimonial sections in the latest version of IE. In some instances where there are several testimonials in a slider, the next testimonial is visible to the right of the current one, when it should be hidden. How do I fix this please?

http://www.ashtreedesign.net/clients/engage/ Screenshots here… http://ashtreedesign.net/clients/screenshots/image002.jpg http://ashtreedesign.net/clients/screenshots/image003.jpg

Hi helenaengage,
Please post new ticket on our support forum, We will help you check this trouble.

Sorry guys, but I think it´s time to solve the issue with parallax effect on Apple mobiles devices.

Design for mobile devices should be your key priority. It´s the way the people surf the web now. Mobile optimization shouldn´t only be an additional feature in a theme, it should be the way you code primary… nowadays desktop devices are secondary. But it seems that some developers doesn´t realize about this fact.

Please, it´s a must to resize the background image for the theme with proper mobile queries. Otherwise, this theme loses all its potential.

While the theme it´s awesome, it´s inexcusable/unforgivable that once the theme was released several months ago, still not fixing this key feature.

Please, let us know how to create the media queries, or fix it, and release a new update. It´s critical for lot of us. Sorry guys, but somebody had to tell u that.

Please, help us to get the greatest WP theme in Themeforest with a great device compatibilities.

Thanks in advance.



Another key issue consists on check the video background feature. At the same way, it doesn´t work on Apple (at least) mobile devices… it´s shows a black background. You replied some time ago that it´s not possible to do that, but several new themes have this feature, and works great on apple devices.

Please, solving that two issues, Wunderkind theme would come to close perfection. I think it’s worth trying to solve it.



Hello angel,

Thank you so much for your feedback.

We will listed all things you wrote above and check and update for our product in next time. and will update to you.

So about the show video on mobile. Could you show me some theme ready do that? This problem we are very interested for update and waiting from you.


xthatguyx Purchased

This theme does not work properly on the new iPhone products—iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Support team is aware, but has no plans to fix this.

DO NOT PURCHASE if you have anyone using a relatively new product.