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I bought this template yesterday and love it! Superb job guys.

I wanted to ask one small question. After install I get a message “Your theme (Wunderkind) contains outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. These files may need updating to ensure they are compatible with the current version of WooCommerce.”

Do I need to update this WooCommerce template?

Hi stefwilliams,

Thanks for choosing our theme :)
And the trouble about WooCommerce, you can use the newest version of Woocommerce and nevermind the outdated copies of some WooCommerce template files. It doesn’t affect to the site.

Let us know if you have other troubles.
Thank you.


stdud Purchased

Why do the images not automatically fit into the size of the columns? – How can I set it?

Hi stdud,
Which part you want to say about?
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin account? Then explain more about this troubles?

Thank you very much.

Now Visual Composer 4.8 has arrived. We hope you can update soon.

Hi there,

Please, could you let me know what´s the best way to recover the Woocommerce pages which are included in Wunderkind theme in order to return visible again in wordpress pages section?

I deleted your premade woocommerce pages (shop, cart…) at the first time cos initially we had not planned to create an online shop, but now, it´s time to launch one.

So, how can I recover these wunderkind woocommerce premade page templates?

I look forward to hear from you. Thanks in advace for the support.

Best regards.

Hello angel_truji,

We think the quickly way is you can re-install our theme to local then copy the template from our theme to your site on hosting.

Hope that help.



Thanks for the promtly support.

Does exist any other way to generate these woocommerce template pages again? I´m not able to create a local install at the moment.

For example, If I download the latest version of wunderkind, then copy and replace the folder to my site on hosting, do you thing guys if it works?

At the present time, my site has been released and it´s working properly. So I prefer not to experiment till you tell me how to proceed ;)

Could you let me know what exactly files I need in order to generate the pages?

Wops, I thought it would be much simpler and easier to do.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry guys, another question.

Could you explain me what´s the integration of Woocommerce plugin into Wunderking? Is that integration absolutelly full and complete as any other Woocomerce themes? It would be nice if I could check some site using Wunderking and with the Woocomerce plugin working, a live example, where I can preview the complete functionability of the ecommerce plugin working in this theme. Could you provide me any example or website? (in the live preview the example is very simple).

For example, Could I add a module in my index page or any other page of my Wimderking theme with the woocommerce products in a similar way that I did with the portafolio? Or customers only will check the products out if they click in the shop menu link?

Did you created a wishlist?


Hi. Such a great theme! I just have one question. At first we wanted to buy nonWP version: http://themeforest.net/item/wunderkind-one-page-parallax-theme/7601990 , but at the and we have chosen WP verison. Now I am trying to find out if there is some ‘one-click’ solution to set all the elements in the same way as it is in nonWP version or if I have to build the whole page from scratch with Visual composer (which I do not want ;) Thanks in advance.

Hello korinektomas,

Thanks for purchase our theme.

Did you found our one click function on our theme?

If you have any problem let us know on our support system.


Well I wanted to know if there is any ;) But thanks to YT tutorial I realized there is ST importer section in the dashboard, where the Once click function was hidden.

Hi korinektomas,

Please ensure that you did install + activate all plugin that we did recommend, then post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin account? We want to check more about this trouble.

Hello, i have the same problem as the demo. If i go from http://shinetheme.com/demosd/wund/home-1/ and klick then blog single i arrive here: http://shinetheme.com/demosd/wund/still-life-in-motion/ then i klick on work and nothing happens because we arrive here: http://shinetheme.com/demosd/wund/still-life-in-motion/#work

So how can we fix this?


Do the ‘our skills’ and counters move in this template like they do in the other versions? How do I activate that? Thanks

Hi sithatsme,
Could you post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin account? We want to check more about this trouble.

Why do we always have to wait such a long time for updates of VC? Visual Composer – current version 4.8.1 available for download! http://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431

Hi webmasterfcn,

About the Visual Composer update, You should not worry about it. The difference between each versions is not too much. We will update when new Visual composer is compatible good with theme.

Thank you.

States that version 4.8.1 is ready for Visual Composer. When can we expect update?

Hi, can you please tell me how to change the text in the footer, thanks!

Hi virusmedia,

To change the Footer text, you can go to Theme Options > Footer Setting: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0a35gn2b97
Please create new ticket in our support forum if you have other questions.

Thank you

Hi, could you please assist? The banner on the shop page misbehaves (loads narrow like in a mobile device) even when on a desktop system. After 5-10 secs in loads to full width but looks very unprofessional. Any ideas?

We got your troubles in our support forum.

Thank you.

Hi, is it normal that text and images dont change at the same time in the banner? http://www.trandworld.com/dev/ Thanks

Yes, It can’t change at the same time :)

Thank you.

hello, A client of mine has bought this great theme and i am trying to help them setting it up. it seems like the ‘team member’ part is making the image bigger upon hovering. as they want to show the higher management there, they don’t want to have any effects. is it possible to turn off the effects on some of the team-member images? also, if this is possible only for ‘all’ members – how could it be done?

thank you !

Hi itaybd,

If you want to change it, We can help you. But we have to modify in PHP code, please post new ticket on our support forum with your wp-admin.

Thank you

on iphone 6 plus, when clicking a link on the responsive menu, the menu does not collapse (does not hide). can you provide a fix or let me know what needs to be changed to fix this so we don’t have to wait for your next update?

Hello teenhype90210,
The troubles you description above, that is the way Menu work, It is not bug. And it is our design, we can only consider about update this, we can’t give you solution for you now.

Thanks for your sympathy!

It’s not how the menu works on every other device. It’s only iPhone 6 that we have found this BUG on. Why would you design it differently for one specific model of device? Your answer sort of sounds like laziness to me. Either way it doesn’t matter as I managed to fix it myself. I’m tempted to offer up my answer here in case anyone else is looking for a solution too, but honestly I don’t want to make the author’s job easier after we all paid for a working product. =]

Beautiful template! I wanted to know if you can disable the loading of the initial site. Tanks

Hello auto54,

Yes you can configuration for turn off it in admin area.



aaronpie Purchased

I am also wondering when we will get an update for Visual Composer? I am running version 4.74 and the update is showing 4.9.2. Reading through the changelog there has been a lot of fixes and improvements to the plugin. I am hoping it will be released soon. I have a month left on my support and the last release of an update was the beginning of December. This plugin has been updated five times since then. Thanks.

Hi aaronpie,

Maybe we will update it in the next week.

Thanks for your waitting.


timmah Purchased

Hello there. Presale question. Can you deaktive the moving and fading elements on the template when you scroll down? Thank you

still no updates?

Hey do you wait with the update of VC because 22 days later i have to renew my support.

Last chance to save $10.80, get an extra 6 months support now. $27

Its a good strategy to wait so customers need rebuy support.

hello we will update at middle of this month.

Hi, I’m also having the same issue @streetoffice had, child theme CSS not functioning. Have you a solution for this?