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We are so thrilled to be able to share this product with our current and future customers! Should you have any pre-sale questions, please feel free to post them here, and a member of our staff will be happy to help.

If you have purchased and are looking for theme support, please register at our member site to browse through our many support resources. Once logged in, feel free to browse our knowledge base or open a new thread in the forum. Already registered? You can login here.

Be sure to check out our features as well as our incredible Extensions (included for free with each purchase). These amazing WordPress plugins have been created by our team to work seamlessly with X and include wonderful new functionality like integration with MailChimp, video marketing tools, our Content Dock, and more.

Thank-you for the privilege to serve,
Your Themeco Team

P.S. And now, a poem…

“Twas the week before 4.0, when all through the house,
not a team member was resting, not even their spouse.
The release was nearing – should be about a week,
Customers were waiting for just a tiny, small peak.
With visions a plenty dancing in their heads,
The wait was almost over, Kyle said “FULL STEAM AHEAD!”
And those who did purchase on this last fateful of weeks,
Would soon open their eyes to such a pleasant ol’ treat,
To this most stunning of themes in all of its glory,
X 4.0 – a most magical story.”

Hi, I want to build a very simple and clean portfolio site for my photography and would like to know if its possible to build a site similar in layout and functionality to this? http://www.paulinerouyer.com/



Hi There,

You can align the menu to the left and make it as wide/narrow as you’d like. If you browse through some of our demos you’ll see different orientations, and our features overview gives a good snapshot of all you can do out of the box in X. As a final measure, if you’d like to see just a sample of some of the many sites built with X in the real world, we have a customer showcase that further shows what can be done ranging from out of the box to highly customized versions of X. There are many photographer examples (especially with our Icon/Ethos Stack).

Let us know if you need anything further!

Hello. Very nice work. I was not interested in wordpress before i see you guys. I am 99% into buying your theme about my blog but i have 4 questions.

1) Can i delete your menu bar and embed my own made menu which i builded in HTML and jquery??

2) lets say that i buy the regular License, how many sites can i build with the template? How many domains ??

3) What is the difference between Regular and Extended license??

4) Does the template have a Forum section??


Sure, any customer is allowed to customize the theme in any way they see fit. While we do not provide support for customizations like this, it is very common practice for customizations to take place when purchasing a template and wanting some very specific look or functionality. We simply can’t give estimates for customizations.


And one last question. If i purchase now, will i get ALL the next updates for the themes and ALL the “new” extensions that you might add?


Yes, you will get access to all new updates! :)

I like X very much and am considering it for my next project. The problem is after looking at all the demos, they confused me more than they helped.

I mean… Integrity is great. The menu looks very sharp and clear on both desktop and tablet. But all the blog page appear “boxy” although the whole site is not. Is there anyway to override the blog layout so it’s “full width” like the home page and others pages?

Renew has great blog layout that suits my need, as well as Icon. But looking at menu pains me. For instance http://theme.co/x/demo/renew/10/ has big font for the main menu but the sub-menu is too small, not to mention that it’s very hard to read both in desktop and mobile (red font on top of red background). I know it’s possible to adjust the size and color using custom CSS, but it still doesn’t look as good as the menu from Integrity.

So my questions are: 1) How easy is it to adjust the blog layout for Integrity so the content part is not boxed? How about the margin of the content? It’s way too wide for my taste.

2) How easy is it to substitute the order of the “featured image” and title? I want it title and meta info first before the image, instead of the other way around?


Hi There,

The demos give just a portion of the flexibility of what you can do within X. There are certain standard features as well as features that are unique to each Stack (you can see the unique Stack features by clicking on the “Integrity Features, Renew Features,” etc at the bottom of our demos).

To your questions specifically, 1) the adjustment of the blog layout is controlled in the Customizer and you can make it boxed or fullwidth then as wide or narrow as you would like in addition to being able to set the content area as wide or narrow as you would like. 2) There is not a theme feature to change this, however could be easily achieved with a little custom CSS which a member of our development team could assist with in our forum.


erwinc Purchased

hey guys,

my account has been blocked on the forums. i’ve sent you email but I never got a response. please unblock me from the forums as I’m now pushing forward with using x more now. I finally got around my initial installation problem and I’m ready to move forward. lastly, are we getting 4.0 free or do we have to buy again?


We do not have anyone in our system with your username, so please contact us directly regarding any account related questions.


Is the wave surfing video included in the demo content? thanks, looks great. Buddy


Hi Buddy,

Thanks for the kind words :) That file is not included as it was simply used to show the video header features.

Let us know if you need anything further!

trying to reset my password on the support site, but I am not getting the email. Tried yesterday, and several times today with no luck. Trying to get the API to setup my site correctly :(

Thanks for the help


Sure, feel free to contact us directly and we can send over instructions.



thanks email sent!


Replied :) We had to reply from a separate email address as the first reply we sent was bounced back. It appears to be an issue with att/bellsouth emails which is why you weren’t receiving the reset email address.

After updating to the newest version of X,Wordpress, and Woocommerce, I now get this message: Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files.

I am considering the Ethos – but have few questions.

1. Are the fonts configurable? 2. Can the text be aligned (justify/right/left)? 3. Can images go inline with justified text (text flowing around images)?

Thanks, GK