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Hi Guys from Themeco.

There is a mistake on this page: At the bottom of the page you are talkin: ”.my-lightbox”, but it is about “responsive_tex” ;)

Many thanks, RandeWoo…we’ll get it updated :)

Hi, question prebuy, when i click preview.. i see this.. is there demo like that, like your main page with big wallpaper on top with logo and menu on the that included..thank you

Hi There,

Our Ethos 03 Demo is setup to model the overall layout/structure of that page and can be installed via our demo content importer. Since it is a Standard Demo, all images will be replaced with holder images however it will give you the look of what you see in Ethos 03 (which is modeled after our sales page).

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Hey thank you for the Answer appreciate it alot! :) iam looking for a perfect theme for a corporation where i can mix and match. So its a basic one right? What with your more multimedia demos..Is that layout available anywhere else? I menu menu bottom black logo above and wallpaper top, or is that exclusive only to that demo. Thank you

The demo just gives you a starting point, so you can make changes from there. Nothing would be specific to that demo. There are things that are specific to the Ethos stack, like how the navigation menu is styled as boxes in a band. Having the slider above, and the menu below can be done with any Stack.

Hi, I see that the theme is responsive, what I would like to know is when building your site, is there an option to turn on certain images or content for mobile devices only, and certain content for desktop devices only?

Sure! Our page builder has toggles on sections and rows. You could create alternate content for desktop and mobile. We also offer CSS classes like “x-hide-desktop” that can be added to any element individually. Our Integrity 1 demo is a great example of this.

HI i have created a page with the theme and now i´m ready. But in the responsive mode the custom headlines and the flowing text not adapts. What is the best way to adjust it?

Hi Ben,

I’m not sure what would cause this without a closer look, but we’re happy to help. Could you open a new thread in our support center? Include a link to your site, then one of our developers can check things out and advise a solution.

Does X-theme integrate with the LernPress wp plugin?

Hi there,

We don’t integrate with them directly, but you could still use the plugin with X. It’s not a plugin we include as part of our update testing, but in our experience X works great with any plugin coded to WordPress best practices.

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Hi there – I see that the theme comes with layered PSDs. Does the download include all PSDs for all stacks? Specifically, I would need the PSD for Integrity 01. Thanks.