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Hi Themeco.

Do you already sell Cornerstone separately of your theme or do you plan it for the nearest future? If yes, what would be potentially its technical requirements?

And another wondering. Don’t blame me :) I do really believe your theme is outstanding. But I don’t really like your stacks and I am afraid I would be obliged spend lots of time to recreate something I would like, particularly taking into consideration I’m not a professional. So do you think my fear is unfounded or I am wrong saying that? Or am I right?


Hi There,

We do have an announcement with regards to Cornerstone forthcoming. Regretfully, we can not give an ETA currently, but there are many exciting things going on behind the scenes with this new tool and it has a bright future :)

Stacks are selected by the click of a mouse, so you won’t spend more than the time it takes you to click the mouse to select your Stack. From there, customers can customize the site in any number of ways all live, right in front of you with the Customizer. For a full list of features including Stack-specific features be sure to check out this page.



I was actually talking about creating my own stack. How long and difficult is it with X ? And will I have to code (css, html and what ever) or can I do it with Cornerstone / Pagebuilder / Customizer ?

Creating your own Stack is certainly possible, however that would involve some development know how. You can not create a Stack in Cornerstone as Cornerstone is a page builder for building content and our Stacks are unique designs (globally) within the X Theme.

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Bisso Purchased

I am using a multisite network within the same domain that have subdomains,

do I have to buy additional licenses? BTW, I am the only admin.

Hi Bisso,

You could contact Envato for a specific answer, but if the installs are part of one project, you should be ok. They could definitely provide more insight.



SoZeker Purchased

Hi, Nice thing ! I now the day, still use X-theme , but with visual composer.

When i installed the script “grid for visual composer” i get a error:

Catchable fatal error: Argument 1 passed to Vc_Edit_Form_Fields::setSettings() must be an array, null given, called in /home3/nick9/public_html/ on line 47 and defined in /home3/nickw/public_html/ on line 68

When i go to visual composer grid support, they say i must come to visual composer plugin, when i collect support on visual composer, they told us i must come to you, because i dont have exactly parachase code of them. So Here i am, and what i must do?

By the way, i still love this plugin!


SoZeker Purchased

thanks allready for helping me out guys

Sure thing…a member of our development team would be happy to assist in our forum with this. Glad you are enjoying your time with X!

I currently have the Avada theme for my portfolio site, but lately I’ve been unhappy with the theme and its support. I’m searching for a new theme and I saw this one. I especially like the Renew demo. I’m thinking that would be a good set up for my folio site. But I need to ask some questions first.

With my current theme (after its last update) I can’t even get the social icons to appear in the left side nav. Even after repeated attempts with their support I was referred to their development dept and still haven’t received any help. I was wondering how well your support team is? Do they respond in a timely manner? Do they go the extra mile to help, even with stupidly simple things like getting social icons to appear or trying to change the colors and/or positioning of certain elements?

Also, it seems after every theme update something gets screwed up and I have to spend hours resetting my site to the way it was. How do your theme updates compare? Does it reset the theme, cause problems, etc.? How does your support team handle these kind of requests? Avada made the claim that it had the most settings you would ever need for customizing and shaping the theme to exactly how you want it, and now I have to contact theme every time I want to do even simple tweaks, like “make the social icons appear” or “change the color of the icon circles”, etc.

The Avada theme was almost as much as the X theme and I just want to make sure this time I’m going to be getting my money’s worth. The whole reason behind purchasing a commercial theme was so I could get the technical support and not have to deal with all the problems associated with free themes. It would be nice if this was the ‘last WordPress theme I ever had to buy.’


Hi There,

Just replied to your email about the same. Feel free to follow up here or there if you have any other questions.


i purchased seowp theme and i literally want to kill myself. I just want a theme that doesnt have all the junk just a basic simple theme with no weird editors massive huge layouts … where are they? i need a theme that can integrate call to action button “AT THE TOP PF THE PAGE WHERE IT SHOULD BE! and has text… ABOVE THE FOLD… and 3-4 options for web design graphic design and logo design and bUy now buttons i want a blog that has social share buttons and visually appealing not to large images. and large paragraph text about 14pt most templates have 8pt its disgusting. I cant find a template for the life of me and i have purchased optimize press several templates im tierd of buying damn templates that are larger than life and make my eyes wanna fall out that is not user friendly make it simple let us do the designing just position. this is way way to much.

Hi There,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had less than desirable experiences buying other themes :(

To learn what is possible in X, it would be best to check out our features as this goes into detail about what is included out of the box. Our new integrated page builder Cornerstone is also a great way to easily and quickly build pages within X.

If you have any questions on features in the theme after checking those pages out, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist.


Hi, I’m searching for a client amultipurpose, not too heavy Wordpress theme. I use to optimize WP website with some rock solid services like cache system, cdn, image compression system. About that we use Imagerecycle at with a WP dedicated plugin. So my question comes: does this theme uses his own cache system to re-generates images? where all themes images stored in the /x-theme folder?


Hi There,

We don’t store anything in the theme folder but different thumbnail sizes are generated based on the settings in the Customizer and generated by WordPress normally (stored in wp-content).

Let us know if you need anything further!

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Hello. I am considering your theme. I have basic wordpress knowledge, using plugins, etc. Will I have to write any code to use your theme for creating a new website with wordpress? Thanks.

Hey There,

You do not need any coding knowledge / touch anything code related. Everything can be achieved with our page builder and customizer settings. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi is it possible to build a classifieds site with this theme ?

Hi There,

There is no classified functionality built into the theme, so you would need to use custom development or a 3rd party solution.


Good evening! :) Pre-sales question for ya’... looked at the demo and instantly realize how MUCH this theme ROCKS! The one thing I didn’t find that I need is the the ability for one page functionality. If THIS IS available, could you send me a link in the demo where I can view this? Thank you! :)

Your wish is my command :)

All of our 02 Demos for each Stack are example one page sites.

Let us know if you need anything further my friend, and thank-you very much for the kind words!

Sorry, I just noticed that this posted twice. shrug That said, I didn’t mention that I saw on the details of the theme on the landing page that one page functionality IS there... but can’t see how to choose a demo of it.

No worries :) Check out the reply above for info on how to find the one page examples.


is it posisble to create this layout as a homepage:

Without any other content on the page?

Hey There,

Our landing page is a modified version of Integrity 1 with some custom css tweaks so it’s possible to recreate this site but it requires some basic css knowledge. The recommended way to replicate a similar landing page would be to use the Integrity 1 demo content as starting point and go from there on. Let me know if you need anything else.

i cannot register

Hey There,

Please write us an email here with your purchase code and the error message you’re receiving. Thank you.

Hello Team X!

I have been searching for over three weeks for a theme. I am relatively new to WP. I have almost purchased several here at Themeforest. This is the first time that I have found one that may be exactly what I am looking for – clean code, fantastic support, solid structure, beautiful features, flexibility, etc…

I have a couple of questions and I would really appreciate your answers…

1) I want to set up a staging site (on a private URL) to play around with design, test upgrades and plug-ins, etc, before pushing my changes live. Can I do this with a single purchase of X? Or do I need to set up something called ‘Multisite’?

2) Are features on each individual stack interchangeable?

Thanks so much :)

Hi There,

Thank you very much for the kind words :)

1) Yep, a single license will work just fine here. Our Themeco API allows you to create/revoke an API key at any time based on the number of purchases you’ve made and registered at our site. So you could take your purchase, validate it in your Themeco account, then apply it to your staging site to play around with everything and get everything setup. Then when you are ready to move to the production server, you can revoke the license in your Themeco account and apply it to your production domain. You do not need a multisite for this.

2) Good question! There are unique Stack features for each Stack, and you can check out what those are by clicking on the “Integrity Features, Renew Features, Icon Features, Ethos Features” at the bottom of our Demos.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Thank you so much for your answers and it is lovely to meet you! :) I will comb through the features of each stack and make a list. I will then go through all of your demos again. It is so helpful that you have all of this presented so clearly and in a way that is easy to follow (for us beginner folk :)). Thank you again! xXx

You’re most welcome! We all have to start somewhere :)

July 27, 2015: Check out just a sample of the reviews we receive daily from happy customers!

hi! im very interested to buy your theme, is it possible to do a page like a one pager with vertical menu and using wpml for two languages? If so is it difficult? What stack should i use?

Thanks :)

Hi There,

You can do a one page site with a vertical menu (not styled quite like that) with any of the Stacks in X. With regards to WPML we are integrated, but as it is a 3rd party plugin, any implementation would be the responsibility of each customer so couldn’t give an estimate on the time to develop a custom feature like that, but it is certainly possible.

Let us know if you need anything further, my friend!

Hello can you send me your IP so can ad it to my list of whitelist on my firewall. that may solved the problem with Api connection even with your work around still can’t connect left you PM on your forum also

Sure thing, a member of our development team will be happy to assist with that in our forum as it is most likely not just an IP issue. They’ll be happy to follow up with you there just as soon as your thread is up.


wow that was fast great will wait for them to reply to my forum post

Sounds like a plan!

I’m interested in building out the Ethos theme but I don’t want those 4 blocks at the top. I like the way it looks when the page is scrolled and the nav bar is fixed at the top. If I buy the X theme, can I build out Ethos without those 4 big picture blocks at the top.

Sure can, that Carousel is optional in Ethos.

Let us know if you need anything further!

My pleasure!

Well seem support on your forum or my tech can’t figure the problem any chance for a refund if I still can’t connect to ?

FYI before the upgrade too 4.2.3 never had this type of problems

Hello! After disableing Curl was able to register all good now thanks