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Nice theme.. Good luck with the sales :)

How does one add a logo?


Hi, OTD . Changing the theme’s logo is extremely easy and is done from the theme’s admin page: - Go to the theme options page, and under the “General” tab, click browse to select a logo image from your computer. You may need to specify it’s width and height in order to adjust it’s margins and center it correctly.

If you still don’t understand, I’ll be glad to assist you.

This really nice theme, but the white flash when page is changed is very hard on the eyes, is there a way to fix that?


Hi ungowa, yes! it can be fixed.

(the white flash is caused by the background images, during the time they are loading.)

We can fix this by changing the background color to one easier on the eyes.

Get this;

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.



Hi. I’ve just noticed the bandwidth problem. I’ll get it back online as soon as possible. Thanks allot for notifying me !

Purchased the theme. Love it. But is there a use for the “main sidebar”? Put stuff in it, it doesn’t show up anywhere. And not sure why the Piecemaker 2 plugin is included. Doesn’t seem to do anything except freeze the background photo. Any suggestions, comments?


Actually, no. The Piecemaker slider is not on the front page of the demo. But I will try the static page thing and see if that helps. The longitude and latitude come right from Google Maps. But I will try that again as well.


OKā€”last time you’ll hear from me.

When I purchased the theme, I recall the piecemaker slider on the demo. Now, it no longer shows up when I open the demo. Just a large blank area.

And on the issue of the map, I just entered the same coordinates you have on your screenshots. No map. I’ve disabled all plugins (except piecemaker). Still no piecemaker, still no map.


I’ve obviously screwed something in the installation, although I don’t know why that would keep the piecemaker from showing up on the demo on all three of my browsers.

Also, I’m sure you’re getting tired of me, but I’ve entered longitude and latitude info into the contact section, and I get no map. I am obviously doing something wrong?

You probably mistyped the lat/long. Double check it. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

Well, as a purchaser of this product, I gotta say I’m less than satisfied with the support. I won’t ask for my money back, but I will say that blaming the user and saying “there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work” doesn’t strike me as the height of customer service. The Piecemaker slider STILL does not show up in the DEMO version, let alone the copy I purchased, I entered the same lat/long as he has in the screenshots, and still no map. And he doesn’t seem to have an answer for either of these problems other than “I must have done something wrong.”

I won’t be purchasing any further DI Design products, and that’s a shame because it is a good-looking theme.

Add this to the fact that when you attempt to visit their site, http://www.themetumbler.com/, you get this happy little notice.

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

Get some frickin’ bandwidth.

bschemalfeldt: Send me a message with your email using the contact form and I’ll help you out.

Unfortunately, I had an extremely tight schedule yesterday and couldn’t find any time to help you. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast, let alone attempt to denigrate our image. You practically waited less than 24 hours.

If telling the truth denigrates your image, perhaps you might wish to examine your image.

Have you fixed your bandwidth problem yet? I see someone else mentioned it earlier.


Your quickness to assume all of this is my fault is a little bit less than I tend to call “decent customer service.”

And maybe there’s something wrong with my machine… but PIECEMAKER DOES NOT SHOW UP ON YOUR THEME FOREST DEMO ANY MORE !!!

I look forward to your solutions to these problems.

But I love the theme.

Nope. Still can’t access the http://www.themetumbler.com/ site. Did I do something wrong THERE , TOO?

We’ve helped bschmalfeldt fix the problem he had.

Update: I also want to inform others having the same problem with the map not working: to make it work, move the “head.js file from the xen/js/ folder to the main folder of the theme. (xen/)

themetumbler.com is offline because it is still in construction. As I’ve said on our profile page, any support will be handled through email by first emailing us using the contact form.

I want to thank DI for fixing the problems with my site. They are a little too quick to blame the user, but they did a nice job.

I have two more questions.

Now, since the fix, my background pictures appear when the site is first loaded, but when you click a link to another spot on the site, they vanish. If you refresh, they reappear.

Secondly… I filled out the headline and info section for each of the slides, but nothing shows up on the Piecemaker slides. How do I get my piecemaker slides (thank you for the size correction, BTW ) to have titles like the ones on the demo?

Once these two things are worked out, I am a happy Xen user.

demo site 404 page not found error

Live preview no longer exists.


lid_989 Purchased

Hello is the creator online? :) i like the template i just have 1 question :)


the dropdown menu does have a scroll. and about the images… do you have a working link where this problem can be seen?

lid_989 Purchased

Yes i have a link to show you.. but you will need an account to watch it. can you give me your email? if you don’t want to write it here just send it to me in lid_989[at]yahoo(dot)gr

lid_989 Purchased

Are you there?

Look i can’t add a scroll bar in the ul class