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Dankov – I love your work. I just want to know if I can combine elements from this theme (Xenia) with a previously purchased theme (Sardonyx). More specifically, I would like to use the banner and the slider from the main page of Xenia. Before I purchase, I just want to know if there are going to be significant .js or style sheet conflicts.

If you could help me accomplish this, I will compensate you for your time.

Hello. I’ll help you with remade slider from Xenia. Don’t worry, write only in email :)

I’m having trouble setting up my contact form.

I keep getting the error:

Warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/novoht9v/public_html/assets/php/config.class.php on line 56 An error occurer and the message can’t be sent!

This is the line the error is referring to:

-->       $this->Config->Address = array();
             $this->Config->Cc = array();

The website is: novo-hotels.com

The help would be awesome.

Hello. Sorry for long delay. Where you get this error?


The messages are being sent but I’m still getting the same error on: http://novo-hotels.com/assets/php/send.php

Website page is: http://novo-hotels.com/contacts.html

You delete contacts.js from contacts.html.

Connect this script http://take.ms/4zPdJ

What version of PHP does this theme need. I need it to work on 5

Hello. It is HTML template. May be you want ask about wordpress version? In Wordpress PHP 5.3+

Thanks. Yes I bought that without realising that I am running PHP5 not 5.3 :-(


Some function are not working like sticky menu etc. at www.mydomain.com/xenia/index.html although its full work at www.mydomain.com/index.html

Please advise, how we run in sub-folder for developing purpose.


Hello. The first time I get this kind of question. Try change chmod in server for this sub-folder

what we do to create mark on map contact form

Hello. Sorry for long delay.

I badly understood question. Do you want create new maps? Go to https://www.google.com/maps > get iframe code and paste to site.

Regards, Egor

Hi there,

Great theme, Is it possible to make the “Our Clients” carousel function slide automatically instead of having to press the arrows?

Hello. It is no problem. Add this code to jcarousel.responsive.js in assets/js/ jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery('.jcarousel').jcarouselAutoscroll({ interval: 3000, target: '+=1', autostart: true }); });

Hey, Which code line is for slider? Cos i need to change pictures and text in slider but i cant find it? Can you help? Sorry for my lame question:]

Hello. In index.html from 126 line, read documentation for Revolution Slider

Hey, Which code line is for slider? Cos i need to change pictures and text in slider but i cant find it? Can you help? Sorry for my lame question:]

Hello. In index.html from 126 line, read documentation for Revolution Slider


I have this problem for a week already and is driving me crazy.

Out of nowhere, the contact form stopped sending emails. Tried everything, different options/emails/, even changed the website content to another hosting provider….same result :((

Please help!!!

Hello. Do you connect contact.js?

Hi. Solved the problem, it was related to hosting provider’s servers. Cheers.

Hi Dankov,

what are the differences between:

Xenia – Refined HTML 5 / CSS 3 Corporate Template -

Xenia – Refined WordPress Corporate Theme

Best René

I wonder that Xenia – Refined HTML 5 / CSS 3 is so much cheaper. The Features are the same in both?

Yes :)

but wordpress version more powerful

Hi, I have problem with contact form. How i can set it up to work corecctly? Cos i have problems. Can you help me? Website: http://pr-rembud.pl/kontakt.html

And one more question:] In orginal i have this: <button data-filter=”.graphic” class=”cbp-filter-item”>Graphic </button>

I want to change “button data filter for diffrent” site how can i do it?


First – try add contacts.js to kontakt.html

Second – data-filter it is category for interactive filter. I bad understood your question.

Regards, Egor.

Hi Dankov,

your templates suit perfect for my work (http://paperboutique.de/test ), very nice design. I’ve a few questions, it would be great if you could help me with these issues: 1. Search (on top of the page) is not working, even on the demo version here. How can I make it work? 2. I extended the portfolio items. But now the lightbox shows the wrong title/pic. It works good til the third row(http://paperboutique.de/test/hochzeitskarten-einladung.html ). 3. Added more fields to the contact form (http://paperboutique.de/test/bestellung.html ). Now I get a error message.

Thank you for your support! Dagmar


it is html/css template (not wordpress theme), in wp version search will work. (xenia wp http://themeforest.net/item/xenia-refined-wordpress-corporate-theme/8736962)

2. I think problem in it http://take.ms/wdrP5

3. contact form work only with default fields.

Regards, Egor


oscar79 Purchased

Hi Dankov

I have just uploaded your theme Xenia cleaned to my test hosting. The buttons in the part “Our Clients” to move the logos don’t work in the “Corporate Layaout”, they redirect you, to up in the same page. The others layaouts work fine, but I just need the Corporate :-(

KO -> http://imathia.esy.es/Xenia-Fullwidth/index.html

OK ->http://imathia.esy.es/Xenia-Fullwidth/index_2.html http://imathia.esy.es/Xenia-Fullwidth/index_3.html

Do you know this behavior?

Thank you so much

Hello. Ok, I’ll fix and make update. Thank you for the bug,

I check template for buyers now, and everything work.

Hi. How can I change “icon-attach” graphic? Could I open svg file by some program?


Hello. I use simple font icons (not SVG).

I bought HTML 5 version accidentally. I wanted WordPress. What do I do now?

Hello. Wordpress version is available in themeforest. You can buy it here http://themeforest.net/item/xenia-refined-wordpress-corporate-theme/8736962


zppinto Purchased

Hi Dankov! How can I automatically (responsive) adjust the class="tp-banner-container" height on your index.html page? I have a map on that div instead of a banner! I already tried several approaches with no sucess, and now I’m trying the media queries. I only specify the “max-height” of window size to readjusted the map height. But I’m getting some troubles! When I used it on different browsers, let say Chrome and Firefox, their programs have different headers size, and I can’t get the same results on different browsers. Do you think you can help me, or known some trick that can bypass my problem? Thank you in advance.


zppinto Purchased

I forgot to explain what I’m trying to accomplish… I want the map div to covers all the page from the header to -100px (for example) from the bottom. And this should work in all devices! Mobile and desktop with different resolutions. All should have that “bottom distance”. Something like this http://tinyurl.com/nayn4nq I already tried to do with JS and Media Queries, but I got problems with both! :(

Hello. Let me link on your site. I’ll take a look.

Hi Dankov, I bought your Xenia theme and I have a question for you.

How can I have the sticky menu always on when viewing on a smartphone? The sticky menu only works on desktop or landscape mode on tablets but not on smartphones.

Hello. Yes, I now. I speciality disable sticky menu in small resolution.

Ok but how do I enable sticky on small resolution screens?

Hello. Need change responsive.css. Write me to email and attach your template, I’ll try enable. dankov.theme@gmail.com

This template was the perfect solution for our companies needs. Awesome customer support, tons of layout options, fast and responsive. Here is what we were able to do with this template – http://e-hazard.com/

Thanks. But please, write to the review page http://themeforest.net/reviews


2cre8 Purchased

Hi Dankov

I recently bought your html template Xenia, which is amazing, thank you. I am however having a problem on tablet devices where users cannot click on the home slider buttons. Do you have the fix for this?

Thanks Greg

Hello. What tablet you using?


VTabs2 Purchased

On 4:3 desktop/laptop screens the far right third level menu goes completely off the screen. Is there a way to have the menu fly out to the left instead?

Hello. If you can, provide please screenshot with problem to email. Thanks.

Here is a screenshot of it

I’m not sure I can fix this bug, just try not to add 3 level menu to the last item of menu