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I am having an issue with this theme, for the contact form, its not sending emails to domain addresses, only gmail addresses seem to work


It seems an issue either with your server’s mail function or your spam block. Please contact your webhost about this issue.

Thanks, Maxime


enchufe Purchased

The video does not play on android devices?

Hi there,

The video will never play (start automatically in the background) on android nor any mobile devices. This is due to a limitation set by mobile device companies because videos would take too much bandwidth data for the users. All videos on device must be clicked to start. Since we use the video in background, having to touch the background to start the video is pointless. It’s why we fallback the video with a static image.



Hello, the MailChimp API version 1.3 is deprecated and is not working. The integration its ok because I can see the api calls in mailchimp administration, but the subscribers are not being included in the lists. thanks for your support. regards

Hi there !

Could you please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you.

Thank you


Adding a video link no longer works. I get “An error has occurred”

I opened a ticket and waited a few days and went to check on the ticket and saw nothing there so opened another ticket


What is your tickets number?



can i use an mp4 file instead a youtube video?

Hi Gonzalotello,

No, but we feel that youtube is a simple solution that guarantees easy reading for all. It is not complicated to open a youtube account and put its online video.

Thank you.


i need this for an offline presentation. thanks

Any idea to remove the overlay? I wanna have a clear website. Thanks

Hi Vodkabulary,

Remove in the index.html line:54.

Thank you.



xoxocc Purchased

I bought the xenon theme and when i edit the photo.css to video.css doesnt work… I add the video on the data-videoid:”blablabla” and wont open either… on the preview site works so easy but seems not to work. what can i do about it? am i doing something wrong? please help.

Hi Xoxocc,

Have you tested your page on a web server? When we test website without having a server environment, the browser not allow to read video from youtube,

Thank you.


Can you tell me if exist some way to put a top margin on background video? The header div is hidding important parts of a video that I produced.

Another thing: how can I hide the ad that appears on the video?

Hi Leandrolatini,

You can apply a margin-top with css on the id ‘tubular-container’. You will have to change the margin-top according to the header div height with media queries.


Works for me! Tks!


My website has suddenly stopped working; when you go to it - - only shows the spinning icon. It says the page in unavailable via mobile as well.

Seeing as I haven’t updated it recently, is there a specific change to the theme I may need to implement?

Hi Content Dope

I get to see your site with firefox and chrome. Maybe it was a temporary problem with your server. If you still have a issue, please open a support ticket at and our support team will assist you. Don’t forget to provide us your URL address and if possible, a temporary access to your wp-admin.



mawhtin Purchased

It says xenon theme cannot be installed because style.css file is missing. Can you guys please create an install guide for xenon theme please. This is frustrating

Hi there,

Xenon is an HTML Template, not a WordPress theme. It won’t work with WordPress. Sorry.


Hi many of these templates either don’t show on firefox, ie, or they don’t show video on a mobile. Is it best to have a slider and does the template have a sticky menu?

Also can the countdown be much smaller and can copy like “Something awesome is coming…” be added to the page?

Plus a lot of people wouldn’t realise they had to click on the screen to find more info – is there anything that can be done in that regard?


the video do not show on mobile. It’s not a bug but rather a mobile device limitation. Background video will never play on mobile to avoid cellular data extra cost. A fallback to an image is used instead.

The template is exactly what you see…So there is a “sticky menu”

For the countdown smnaller, etc.. you can do what you want with the html template. it’s html code ! But it will be up to you to change it. we don’t offer customer support for this.


Thanks for that Maxime,

So is there a slider as opposed to one static image?