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Sorry in advanced if I am asking a newbie question…..

This template looks very impressive, but I have a question about the blog and blog page.

I don’t currently have a blog page on my site, but was wanting to add one, and that is why this template looks so promising to me.

Can someone tell me how I would use the blog within this template? by that I mean, is it a stand alone blog that I keep on my server, or is this a template that I apply to a blog I set up with some other company like blogspot?

Does it contain a UI to add posts or would I have to “code” any new posts?


Hi, This is a HTML site template which means that you will need to integrate it with any blogging platform like wrodpress etc.. if you need it as a blog :)

Awesome! I love it


Thanks moroccan brother :)

Very professional template :), Nice one ;)


Thanks mate :)

lam09 Purchased

Do you have a captcha option for the contact.php

It works very well, but we’ve started to get spam as of today…. :-(

Help appreciated


oops :), Ill look into that and email you tomorrow :)

Guys check out the improved wordpress version of this theme http://themeforest.net/item/xero-portfolio-business-wordpress-theme/132205

lam09 Purchased

HI, just noticed a few rendering issues in the awful IE6 . Any fixes?


Its not compatible with IE6 thats why :)

Can I use this with Squarespace?


I never really used Squarespace, what is it like?

Very nice theme, I am having a problem with a theme on my site and if I get no reply from the theme owner about it I think this might be the replacement I was looking for its bloody great. :bigevilgrin:

Very nice theme!

Hi thanks for posting this wonderful template…I am eager to use it on my not for profit site to promote cross cultural communication; Teaching healthcare providers how to better care for individuals in spite of cultural differences. I would like to use it in wordpress and did not see all of the files for it. So I am writing to request them. I have the buddypress plugin so if you think it would be a problem…please comment.

Thank you, 2or3D TheCCHI.com/wordpress ITwebProHelp@gmail.com

Wow – one of the best freebies yet! Great work man and thanks for sharing.

Awesome bro! Keep up the good work.

Thank you for this. It looks great, and I look forward to using it.

One question: How many Blogs can be added ?

Thanks for proposing it as Free File of the Month.

Excellent template.

What editor would you recommend if I want to implement this template. I only have FrontPage, is this acceptable.

How do you get the submit button to go to your email? Sorry if its an amateur Q – amazing template though!

Very nice template! Keep it up.

Great Work!

Hi thanks so much for making this free file of the month! I don’t know if you offer help whilst this file is free but I downloaded the template and I would like to add more images to the colorbox image gallery in portfolio 1 how do I do this? Thanks Miriam