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I tried to include every button and non of them worked. I used the markup on in the documentation folder

If I put

Small Button

in the markup, then the button never appears


Please send me everything by email

Bootstrap Modals do not appear to work. Button that triggers the modal works, but when the modal is triggered, the content never shows, it just turns the screen a darker shade of black.

Yes I included bootstrap-modal.js

hey since revolution slider was included, can we get documentation for it?


I’ve send you an email :)

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Hello, How can we change the color scheme to a custom color?


Hi, you have to edit the skin CSS to your new scheme color. Is located at css/skins/blue.css for example.

Hi. Do you plan to make Bootstrap 3 version of this skin? Your skin is realy good, but I need it with Bootstrap 3(((


Hi, no, we don’t have this update in mind. Thanks!

Great theme and support Breecode. Cheers!!!


Thank you :D

This is a great template! I’d like to know if I can modify it just a little to present clusters of related images instead of just a single image.

My categories will be things like logos / posters / websites, but I’ve done multiple items for the same clients. Would I be able to either make the featured portfolio image into a slideshow or add thumbnail images at the bottom of the description to refer to other pieces in that set? Adding a thumbnail image is easy, but making it pull up the intended larger version…

I can work in HTML and CSS, but ajax and most javascript goes right over my head.


Hi Kimr, i think that what you are asking it is possible but a little complicated. If i were you i will try to maintain the structure and edit just html and css. In any case i will glad to help you if you need it :)


Thank you for the reply! Are either of those things possible by editing just the HTML and CSS?


Hi Kimr, it could be, but i need to see the design, send me a basic structure of your desire design and how it works and i will tell you if i think that could be possible through html and css. You could send me some jpg or whatever you think that helps to illustrate your idea.

Thank you :)

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Hi Breecode,

How exactly can we change the position of the bullets in the slider? I assume it has something to do with the JS file?


Hi, i have sent your question to the creator of the slider to get the right way to do it. I will let you know :)


Hi rypens, this is the reply of the creator of the plugin.

This happens via the options. Once you decided if the bullets and arrows should be managed as “one” or as “seperated” elements you can use aligns for the elements and offsets from that alligns.

So let say you want to handle the Arrows independent from the Bullets. Than you have for bullets, left arrow and right arrow the following possibilities:

To Handle Bullet and NAv Arrows Independent:


Aligment of Bullets:

navigationHAlign:"center", // left,center,right
navigationVAlign:"bottom", // top,center,bottom

Offsets from the Aligned Position of Bullets:

navigationHOffset:0,  // offset position from aligned position
navigationVOffset:0,  // offset position from aligned position

Left Arrow Aligment and Offsets:


Right Arrow Aligment and Offsets:


Hi Breecode,

I’d sent you a message via profile last week, you may have missed it.

Contents as follows;

Hi breecode,

I am currently using your theme Xiara to develop a site and was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions – here is my url – http://www.isomorphic.com.au/monument/

1. Is it possible to shift the location of Parallax anchors? This may not be the correct terminology here. At the moment the page “lands” at the bottom of the header, due to design I can still see the bottom of the page above so was wanting to shift this to have page “land” at top of browser window.

2. One the home page I have a link to “previous articles” using the same url as the News item in the menu. The News menu item scrolls to the news page but the “previous articles” link does nothing. Is there a way to have links outside the menu behave the same way? i.e. scroll to section of site.

3. In the gallery (portfolio) page some but not all the images are surrounded by a 1px border or margin. Is it possible to remove this?

4. Still in the gallery. I am wanting to remove the commands box that displays on mouse over or hover and just have prettyPhoto fire when image is clicked. Is there a way you’d recommend to achieve this?

5. Is there a way of or an option for including Previous / Next arrows in prettyPhoto popup so user can move through images without closing?

Thanks pretty much it for now, any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.




Ok, i will send you the email again. :)


Did you get it? :)


Hi, i have send you another email (google font issue)

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Hi Breecode,

I’m trying to replace an image placeholder with the facebook Like box but can’t get it to work, can you help me? And I would also like to embed responsive youtube videos, how would that work?

Thanks Andreas


Hi no problem, send me an email through my profile and i will help you with that :)

It seems like the main menu isn’t allowing links to external URLs. I noticed when I disable the script for the scrolling menu, the link work. Is there possibly a setting in the script that allow for linkage to external URLs while maintaining the scrolling menu feature of the theme?

<div class="main_menu">                        <ul><li><a href="http://google.com" target="_blank" class="external">Google</a></li>                    </ul>
<pre /></pre>

Send me an email throgh my profile and i will send a complete guide to do this.

I am currently adding this to the documentation, i will let you know.


The template has been updated with your request, look at the documentation. An email from Themeforest will let you know when the template is ready.

Hi breecode, first of all thx for the great template!

I have a question about parallax working on iOS devices. I changed backgrounds in this section:


@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px)

After that I looked at parallax on iPad. Nothing changed there. I tried to change other properties like prices_tab and other but had same results. So can you help with it?


Hi thanks! Sorry for the delay, send me your URL to test it on my Ipad.


Hello breecode, I am having a problem with the theme, as it only displays rencet items in my portfolio (about 10-12). Over that numbers the items do not appear on the portfolio wall. When I change their date to a more recent one, they appear yet the oldest entries are gone. Anyway to solve this issue? Regards!


Can you send me your URL and WP details through my profile?


Hola Breecode, Tengo mi página web, creada a partir de la plantilla Xiara, en funcionamiento desde hace unos meses (www.2gv.es) y no he parado de recibir correo spam a traves del formulario de contacto. ¿Qué debo hacer para evitar que me lleguen correos no deseados a mi cuenta a través de la web?



Gracias breecode por tu rápida atención.


Mandame un mail así te lo paso por ahí

Is there a way to offset the position of where the scrollto plugin positions the document for individual navigation links? It’s working fine for most but due to design it is positioning in some locations with the menu over part of the container for the location header.


Thanks a lot. That worked great for offsetting the individual links. However, when I click one of them the active state (.active class) is not being removed from the other menu items. Is there a way that I might have it not show the active state for more than one item at a time?

Also, in the portfolio section is there a way to have it default to display only one of the individual categories rather than showing all of the items from all of the categories?

Thanks again!


Not sure if you noticed this last message. I was wondering if this is possible in the theme or does offseting the locations of the scrolling cause the active states on the menu to not work correctly?


Hi, send me your URL to take a look, the active state should active one item at a time.

hello, i just purchased this theme and cant seem to upload the demo content in xml format. when i go to “tools/import” i only see a list of specific importing tools that do not include an xml option. any suggestions? thanks so much.


Hi, choose “Wordpress” and then upload the XML file.

The loadtime seems to be pretty heavy from the images on the portfolio page. Is there any way to reduce the lag on page load? The images have all been optimized for web.

I was wondering also if there might be a way to separate a portion of the single page template into a secondary page as a possible solution of reducing loadtime.


Hi, there is a couple of options, can i take a look to your site? Send me your URL through my profile please. I will be glad to help you.

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Congratulations for the work!!

I need a little help …..

1. how can I be putting the code to twitter in html? 2. is possible I create a carousel of images within the about?

thanks for the help ….



1- You mean external twitter plugin? 2- Yes, look into the documentation to see how to use carousel.

If you need help send me an email through my profile.

Thank you

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is it possible to place a video in the expanding portfolio section rather than just a single image?

Thank you.


I have send you an email, thanks! :)

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Hi, appreciate you getting back to me :-)

Am having trouble with the Responsive aspect of the theme. The background images and headline text doesn’t resize and ends up cut and chopped out of view when in tablet or mobile versions. is this an issue with the JS or css perhaps?


Hi, no, i think that is the version of your Revolution Slider. I have sent you an email.

Nice work ! I love it.;


Thanks man :)