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Awesome design! Theme looks really nice. Modern, clean and functional. Well done ;)

Thank you my friend :)

Buenos días, necesito ayuda con el siguiente error

El apartado de contacto, no envía los correos

Dice lo siguiente:

Your message has been sent successfully, We will contact you shortly.

Pero después voy al correo y no se ha enviado nada


Hola, envieme un email por mi perfil de themeforest con sus detalles de wordpress asi me puedo loguear y ver que anda pasando.


Hello again, I am writing in google translate

When I create more than one page with tabs carousel, fails

Repeat the slidecontrols and each page shows a slidecontrols for each page-carousel created


If I create a page as follows

carousel number = “2” Your Content / slide Second Your Content / slide

And another equally

carousel number = “2” Your Content / slide Second Your Content / slide

Each page puts me two slidecontrols

I hope I explained

I need your help


Ok lo voy a mirar, disculpa la demora

Te envie un mail solicitando la URL, gracias.

Hola, si te envíe un email con la URL

Si necestias alguna cosa más, pídemelo

Gracias y no te preocupes por la demora, imagino que tendrás mucho trabajo


First off, great theme!!

My question is, when I create a page and I set it to “Private”, it still shows up at the top of my webpage (it shows above my Home page slider). I want to create this page as a web Form for my clients to fill out, but I don’t want it to be visible to the public unless I give them the link. Is there a way to do that? Thanks

Hi, i have sent you an email :)

Hi -

I’m updating my site and was wondering if it would be possible to link to another site (in this case, a subdirectory) from the responsive menu. Please see In this example, when the navigation is shown at wider screen sizes it links fine (for example, if you click on About), but when the navigation menu collapses into the menu button at smaller sizes, clicking/tapping on the links just collapses the menu and doesn’t take the user anywhere.

Thank you!

Hi i have sent you an email :)

Thank you so much! I’ve sent a follow-up. Were you able to receive it? Thanks again!

Hello, the contact form is not working. Installed Wp-Mail-SMTP plugin for my SMTP server requires authentication. I did test with the form of the contact-form7 plugin and it worked normally.

Got it, i will reply soon

Hi, please take a look now. Remember to put your email in the Theme Option Panel

FIX: In this case the function mail didn’t work on the server, istead i use this

wp_mail( $emailTo, $subject, $body, $headers ); 

And install this plugin WP-Mail-SMTP, now everything works.

How to update from version 1.4 to version 1.6?

Hi, enter in your FTP to site/wp-content/themes and upload the new folder xiara (from your download), you must delete the old folder xiara or change the name of the folder.

If deleting your old theme makes you nervous, another option is to rename the old version of the theme. This will allow you to successfully upload the new version of the theme.



En la parte del portafolio donde puedo editar los “filters” de igual manera al dar click y entrar en los detalles donde puedo editar la imagen.


ya te lo envie gracias!

este es tu correo? [email removed]

Ok lo tengo, disculpa la demora! Ya te contesto.

Hello I just bought this theme. Where is the background image located? I cant seem to see it or load it/find it.

Hi, to change the background image of parallax sections and normal sections please go to:

1) Your WP Dashboard
2) Under Pages, search for your page
3) Look at “Featured Image” in the right bottom corner of the screen.

Note: If you don’t see the “Featured Image” option, go to “Screen Options” (is located at the top right corner of the screen) and then select “Featured Image”.

You can always send me an email if you need help =)



I have sent you 3 emails over the period of the last two weeks asking your help with a code issue and you have not responded to any of my emails. I purchased your theme and have been trying to get the Revolution Slider plugin to work within the Portfolio section of the theme. I reached out to the Revolution Slider support team to help troubleshoot the slider functionality issues and they identified that the problem is within the code controlling the Portfolio section.

Before I purchased the theme I emailed you asking if I would be able to use the Revolution Slider in the Portfolio section and you specifically replied yes. I find it unprofessional that one, you provided me miss information about the capabilities of your theme and two, you have not bothered to respond to my past three emails.

I am now having to look into hiring a web developer to fix the theme’s Portfolio code so that it will allow the slider to function properly. I would hope that you do not ignore other customers as you have done in my case.

Hi Heather, I will reply to you in a few hours. Sorry for the delay.


Thank you for replying. I hope I can resolve the issue with you instead of hiring a 3rd party developer to fix the code issue.

We will solve the issue, don’t worry.

Is it possible to use woocommerce with this theme?

Hi Dolec, woocommerce was not implemented in this theme. Thanks!

Hi , I bought the theme and I have some problems: None Some menu items do not open. In the team , I would put the Instagram icon . How do I change the title of the background color of each page Thanks

Hi please send me your WP details through my profile to see what is going on there.

Thank you :)

Hi, I sent e-mail asking for help on the menu and other items, I am to be resolved with urgency. Thank U

Hi, yes, please send me an email through my profile because I need your WP details to take a look to your site.


Hi, I sent e-mail asking for help on the menu and other items, I am to be resolved with urgency. Thank U

Hi, yes, please send me an email through my profile because I need your WP details to take a look to your site.


Hola! Buen theme! Una pregunta, cómo puedo hacer para que unas páginas no aparezcan en home?


Hola, gracias, para eso tenes que poner un custom field que se llame “separate” y le asignas el valor de “yes” en la pagina en cuestion. Para ver los custom fields te vas a la parte derecha arriba donde dice “Screen Options” y buscas “Custom Fields” y le das al checkbox.

Cualquier otra cosita me decis.


Can you update the theme with latest fixes for Revolution Slider?

Great :)

Hello Breecode, I have a JS in your theme code which causes quite a huge delay in page loading (Please check your code and look for “”).

Hi, I will take a look, if you run some test please send me the screenshot through my profile to take a look.

Hello Breecode,

I bought your really nice theme a few months ago. Now I have one questions.

The client wants to have a radio or check boxes in the contact form, or if this is not possible to have a few more fields added to it. Can you please tell me if this would be doable and if yes, could you please send me the .php code needed to add to the bp_contact_section.php

Thank you in advance!

Regards, Momchil

Hi, since you are on the wordpress version you can use a cool plugin call contact form 7 that lets you add more flexible forms.

Take a look to the plugin and let me know :)

Antes que nada gracias por la plantilla está muy buena. Pero tengo dos problemas, mi sitio la forma de contacto no funciona y por otra parte tengo un menu personalizado pero en la version movil no sale un boton que si sale en el menu de escritorio, me podrias ayudar? mi web es

Hola, como estas? He contestado tu email pidiendo los datos para entrar a tu WP. Tambien te he enviado un correo por el contacto, si no te llego me avisas y lo revisamos!



I made a support request for this theme I bought. Please give me feedback since I didn’t get a reply from you..


Hi, I’ve replied to your email.

The contact form is not working. Please contact me for help please, thx..

Hi, I’ve replied to your email.

Hello I have purchased the template but I have some issue showing the slider on the Home how to publish the slider to the Home

Please I have black strap on the slider Home page don’t know how to remove it

the slider is active now but the text is not showing