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Hi SaurabhSharma!

I have this theme, i have many little mistakes, becaouse i didnt install childt theme. Now I would like to reinstall the full them with the updates. Can i rename the them folder for the Reinstall theme, befor i upload the server? Is it workig well if i cahneg the them folder name form Xing to my website name? Thenx for your answer!

Hello photopelbart,

Yes you can rename the theme folder to any name. The theme name will still remain ‘xing’ as in style.css file.

Before replacing the theme on server, keep a bacup of customized files, or place the changes in child theme.

When you activate child theme, you will need to re allocate widget areas and menus. So keep a backup of widget information like text widgets or custom HTML in widgets.


Thank you very much!


I would like to increase the width on boxed layout to fit to screen. Please help

Kindly also let me know how to reduce the item title length on search results / category product listings. Some titles are long that the entire alignment gets disturbed

Hello keralainfo,

When boxed layout width is increased, it will be required to change widths or all inner elements like content, sidebar, footer widgets, menu, top nav, etc., along with their responsive fallback. That may not work well. If you want I can send one sample CSS file for wide layout. For that email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.

For product titles, kindy send me the URL of your category page listing. I will check and suggest appropriate CSS.


Hello, where is the save button?
I forgot it, I have this problem with the display page. It failed in my search results. This problem issue immediately after the first time I installed theme.
# How to edit the background color of this button ?

Hello Savoir,

The pagination fix is to add this rule at the end of child theme style.css:

.wp-pagenavi .last:before {
    display: inline;

For overriding button colors, add these rules inside child theme’s style.css file:

.aqua:visited {
    border-color: #2bae82 #2bae82 #289e77

.aqua:active {

.red:visited {
    border-color: #ae2b2b #ae2b2b #9e2828

.red:active {

.grey:visited {
    border-color: #575757 #575757 #4f4f4f

.grey:active {

.pink:visited {
    border-color: #c24e82 #c24e82 #b24777

.pink:active {

.brown:visited {
    border-color: #825700 #825700 #774f00

.brown:active {

.skyBlue:visited {
    border-color: #5782ae #5782ae #4f779e

.skyBlue:active {

.rosyBrown:visited {
    border-color: #ae8282 #ae8282 #9e7777

.rosyBrown:active {

.royalBlue:visited {
    border-color: #0057ae #0057ae #004f9e

.royalBlue:active {

.orange:visited {
    border-color: #d98200 #d98200 #c67700

.orange:active {

.forestGreen:visited {
    border-color: #2b822b #2b822b #287728

.forestGreen:active {

.crimson:visited {
    border-color: #ae2b57 #ae2b57 #9e284f

.crimson:active {

You can edit colors as required.



We are trying to make several updates in a site with Xing theme installed. We are addressing several problems trying to update the theme, which we already purchased. The original versión installed on site was 1.0.4 and we must update the theme so we can update the Woocomerce version.

There’s a bunch of modifications in the theme, and the original developer did not make a “child-theme”.

I only need to update the part of your theme to make it compatible with last versions of Woocomerce. Any clues?

Hello coinfes,

Since the changes were not added in child theme, it will be a bit of work in updating the theme properly. Kindly download latest theme archive and look for the ‘changelog’ folder. Inside this folder there are text files for each version, along with the list of files that were modified during each update.

Checking all those list of files from v1.0.4 to current one, you will get a final list of modified files. Depending upon that you need to update files manually. If any of those files collides with your customized file, it will be required to merge changes from new one into the old one.

The best way would be to replace entire theme and “Xing Shortcodes” plugin with latest one, and then place back custom changes inside child theme.


Hello, the theme support the new WP4.4? Thanks

Hello iramirez79,

Yes it is compatible with WP 4.4. and WooCommerce 2.4.12


Hi SaurabhSharma, The theme is shaping nicely. I’m having a problem with smartphones. Images are blurry when viewed through a smartphone. What can I do to correct this. Thanks Brad

Hello Brad,

Can I have your site URL please. I will check and suggest appropriate solution.

Regards Thank you

Hello Brad,

The image sizes are smaller on site, due to which they are appearing blurred on smart phones. Kindly log in to WordPress and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display > Product Images. Inside this section, provide bigger image sizes or around 800px or more. After saving changes, regenerate thumbnails as described in that section.

It will be required to install Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, and then navigate to Tools > Regen, Thumbnails. Only after that images will get resized into new sizes.

Please also be aware that images will resize only if the actual source images are larger than the specified size.


Dead SaurabhSharma ! I’m Thuy, i live in Viet Nam, want to code HTML slide left and stopped, then how. I have 2 websites kem bodyand kem tri nam hieu qua. Can you help me !!!

Hello Thuy,

Do you mean you are looking to purchase this theme for the mentioned websites? Or you need help on existing ones? I can only provide support for purchased copy of Xing. :)


Thank you SaurabhSharma !!!!!!!!!!

Hi The VARS is at 10 000 Still having the same issue.


Are these for the suhosin vars? If so, kindly also try by adding max_input_vars = 3000 inside php.ini of your server. Either suhosin or max_input_vars will work, depending upon the server. Below are two links with complete details:

You will need to contact hosts and ask them to increase the value depending on which ever is applied. I hope max_input_vars will work.



3bridge Purchased

Hi I need to update to the latest theme, I have downloaded it but how shall i update my current version without causing issues with my site?

Hello 3bridge,

In order to update the theme safely, follow these steps:

1. Download latest Xing theme archive from themeforest downloads section. Unzip the file and extract the xing folder.

2. Log in to FTP or File Manager of your Hosting and locate the wp-content/themes/xing/ folder. If you want to keep a backup o any customized files, download this folder.

3. Replace the wp-content/themes/xing/ folder with the latest copy of xing.

4. Locate wp-content/plugins/xing-shortcodes/. Delete this folder and replace with the latest one. You can find latest plugin inside xing/plugins/

5. Finally, log in to WordPress and check site. All shall work properly as intended.

Another method is the following one:

1. Log in to WordPress and navigate to Appearance > Themes.

2. Change the theme to any default theme like twentythirteen.

3. Delete the Xing theme.

4. Click on Add new > Upload from computer. Browse the xing theme folder in ZIP format and install the theme.

5. Activate Xing theme.

6. Navigate to Plugins > Installed Plugins. Delete Xing Shortcodes plugin.

7. Click on Add new > upload from computer, and browse the file.

8. Install and activate the plugin.

In first method there are less chances of losing widget information.


I have a problem with the widgets on the product page. The sidebar widgets don’t show at all (even it is said to do so in the widget page) – it’s completely blank.

Also, the footer look strange. This is the only page on the whole website where footer and sidebar widget is messing up.

Hello Ursula79,

Kindly post message from the purchase account please.


Hi. I have a problem with the widgets on the product page. The sidebar widgets don’t show at all (even it is said to do so in the widget page) – it’s completely blank.

Also, the footer look strange. This is the only page on the whole website where footer and sidebar widget is messing up.

Hello Kegelmaster,

The theme version on your site is very old. It will be required to update to latest version of theme. Also make sure you update the xing/woocommerce/ folder with the latest files. After that you shall see the layout correctly.



cmsadmin Purchased

On the home page the site title is wrapped in a h1. On every other page it is wrapped in a h3. Therefore when navigating to another page it changes the position from the logo. Realy annoying.


cmsadmin Purchased

Dear SaurabhSharma, I noticed that the UberMenu plugin does not work in responsive mode. Please enable it and make your Window smaller. It will disappear. I checked the box that says: Check to disable only the responsive menu. This option is useful when using mega menu plugins which add their own responsive menu. In that case theme menu shall be disabled. But the MegaMenu appears beyond the logo in a smaller Window.

Hello cmsadmin,

Kindly send me your site URL and login at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the menu issue.

Regarding logo heading tags, the text and image are properly styled for all tags (h1 to h4) in logo area. Only the tag changes for SEO purpose, but not the actual styling. If you have any custom size change for the tag, it may show different.



cmsadmin Purchased

Dear SaurabhSharma, Thank you for the fast reply. I have send you an email.

- You will see the UberMenu disappear when resize the window - When you navigate from the home page to another page a padding/margin is added beneeth the logo



I have got a serious problem with my website. Sometimes when trying to access either the wordpress panel or the actual website, it shows an error message “405 Not Allowed”. Also, sometimes i get different error “Error 504, Gateway Timeout”.

Can you please help me?

Regards, Stavros


It is adding an extra part on the url address when the lightbox image is open



That is prettyPhoto’s deplinking feature which can be disabled by adding this code at the end of xing/js/custom.js file:


This same code is located inside WooCommerce JS files too but that doesn’t work for some reason. Adding it again in theme files work.



It works fine thanks!



I have bought in October 2014 theme Xing but my Wordpress didn’t automatically an update. So now I get a message in my dashboard that I need an update to the New Version. How I can do that? I still have the key from the download.

Kind regards

Dirk Smets

Hello Dirk,

Can you post message from the purchase account please.