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Nice looking theme. I had some questions about the header builder. Is it possible for the logo to be centered, with the menu on either side of it on the same line, like this example: http://www.advisionmarketing.com/ Having the menu hide on scroll like that example would also be nice – is that possible?

Hi, mate thanks for your interest. Currently it is not possible to make the head area layout like that with our head builder :)

Hi, prepurchase question. Is this theme multisite friendly? Thanks.


Hi Julie, yes the theme is multisite compatible, infact demos are hosted on mu :)

Thanks! Looking more at your features now.


tholme Purchased

Hi there!

Just purchased the theme this week and am having a great time messing about with it. Thanks!

I looked through the forum, but didn’t see my question come up (or I missed it). With widgets, am I able to add icons to the existing icon library? Would I need to (or would I be able to) create a new icons library?

Many thanks,


Hi Thom can you please show me the link for the slider where images are cutting off, I will need to check to give you proper code.


tholme Purchased

Thank you again for being so quick to respond. My supervisor has been hesitant to allow me to work on a live server, so I’m currently hosting it local and won’t be able to share it with you :-( Hopefully I’ll convince her to let me move it online soon.

Regarding Video headers, is there a tutorial on how to do it in the documentation?


tholme Purchased

Disregard the Video question; I wasn’t thinking about Revolution Slider for some reason.


I just wonder why these circles (which is placed by default around these icons) seem to appear squeezed.. I assume they should be completely round? Also, they are not placed in line/center of the titles, which I also thought they would. What is wrong here?

The site: http://dorgogremfeldt.no/vi-jobber-med/

Ok, thanx, but that did not seem to make any difference. Its only in Chrome I have this problem though..

I also have another question I hope you can help me with: I have noticed that the toggle widget bar suddenly is emtpy, after using the widgets for a short while. That means that I no longer can reach any widgets.. they are suddenly gone. When I open another browser and try to make changes, they appear again, but then, after a short while, they are gone. Why do this happen??

hey strange I am viewing on chrome only and now it looks good, are you on chrome windows or osx . For the toggles can you please show me the page where it is

For you to see the page you have to login to the site. I have sent you the login details in a separat support mail.

Hi, thanks a lot for the support, trust and using our services. To keep on building trust and new way’s to improve our customer relations we’ve shifted to our brand New support forums. Please register yourself by using one of your purchase ID’s and we will see each other on the other side ;).

Any chance that will get updated to work with 4.3 all it does is crash

hey we are releasing an udpate this week, though demo is on 4.3 and its working fine.. Is there anything specific that is breaking ?


tholme Purchased

Is 1.5.3 the latest version (as of August 25, 2015)?

Hi, yes it is the latest version :) .. changelog added on preview page

Hi there, great theme. How do you have links open in a new window when using the image widget as your link?

The equivalent of target=”_blank”. Thank you!

hey can please register at our forums http://artillegence.com/forums/ , we will provide you the solution .. thanks

Hi! How can i remove or change the “Home |” Title with something else, in homepage? Thank you!

hey mate it requires some code related changes, please goto Xinity / backend / helper folder, at line 690 you can change it in

add_filter( 'wp_title', 'setIOAHomeTitle' );
        function setIOAHomeTitle( $title )
          if( empty( $title ) && ( is_home() || is_front_page() ) ) {
            return __( 'Home', 'ioa' ) . ' | ' . get_bloginfo( 'description' );
          return $title;

Hello! Can I change the background of the top and the transparent bars into a specific colour? Thanks!

Hello, thanks. – I tried already to select on BEHIND THE BAR AND TRANSPARENT BAR the color I want, but it does not appear. - the colour I want behind the transparent bar AND the head bar is: #00dbae

Thanks for your help

Also, how can I put the contact form in the footers? Thank you!!

hey can you please post this on our forums , our staff will help you out or set it for you :)

Hi… I have downloaded and installed the theme but the RAD Page builder is not working. I cannot add elements to the page.

hey can you please contact through profile with wp admin details and site link, we will quickly look into this :)