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I have a question on this theme: Is it possible to insert additional content (e.g. multi-line text) above a portfolio and below the page title and subtitle of the portfolio without heavy customizations?



unfortunately this is not possible by option. It would need some customizations.

Hi SpabRice,

Thanks for the recent update! Your theme is amazing!!

As a couple of people have recently asked about having multiple portfolios, it would be great if you could add that feature in the future.

I currently have a dedicated portfolio page with all portfolio items and I would like to add an abbreviated portfolio section on the front page, that displays less items with a carousel. It would be great if the 2nd portfolio could be added via shortcode and have different settings to the main portfolio.

Is there a workaround for this, or is this something you might consider for the next update?

Thanks in advance :)


this is currently not possible. I might add this feature for the future but not sure yet.

I hope so, it would be a great feature! Thanks, I appreciate your consideration.

In this url column latest tweets,it’s bugs or not?


Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in /customers/f/4/d/ on line 186 Xone theme just has been updated to 1.6 35 days ago Deprecated: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in /customers/f/4/d/ on line 186 @AgatheDAVAIN yes of course


can’t confirm this error. All shows fine in my live preview.

Hi SpabRice,

Its a great theme. I don’t find the option or short code to integrate several slider on a page. One of my pages is composed like this slider / text on the right, text full, slider / text on the right.

Thanx Will


please use the support tab for better support.

that’s what i’ve done with no reply … i’ll send an another one

Hi. Re: standalone pages in addition to the single page homepage.

I tried several approaches, and also followed your YouTube video for adding separate pages (separate from the single-page-homepage), but when I try to access those stand-alone pages, I get a 404. Whats the trick for getting those pages to work?

I’m rather well versed in using Wordpress, but this theme does work very differently from what I’m used to. Can you help?

Btw, links: mainpage is at the pages that won’t work are and


please send me a message via the support tab for better support.

Is there a way to lightbox the gallery images at the project level? On mobile the images are quite small.

Hi, First of all, thanks for the fantastic template. great job

I`m having a problem with WPML plugin. Every time I translate one of the pages I lose all the information from page / section settings, specifically Background color and text color.

Can you please help me with this. Thanks a lot


I answered your mail.

Hahahahaha, I’ve got so happy when I saw my comment featured in the Item Details > Customer Reviews!!! Made my day.

I had my photos pop up in a lightbox gallery when click on, but now it is not working. Can you please take a look??


please use the support for better support.

Any chances for an update with woocommerce integration?

Probably not.

Hi SpabRice, When viewing Portfolio / Lightbox, is there a way to show small thumbnails under/over the overlay for the images in that portfolio item? Thanks.


this is not possible by option. it would need major customizations.

Would you provide this functionality as a separate fee?

So, in case anyone else wanted to add thumbnails to the bottom of the portfolio slider (ajax/single), I’ve altered two files in the Xone theme. Apologies for not cleanly editing the JS file…this will get overwritten on theme updates, so be aware.

File: /xone/files/js/scripts.js, change the flexslider instance with the following

    if(jQuery().flexslider) { 
            animation: "slide",
            controlNav: false,
            animationLoop: false,    
            slideshow: false,
            itemWidth: 140,
            itemMargin: 5,
            asNavFor: el+" .flexslider" 
        jQuery(el+" .flexslider").flexslider({
            animation: "slide",
            slideshowSpeed: 7000,
            animationDuration: 1000,
            slideshow: false,
            directionNav: true,
            controlNav: false,
            smoothHeight: true,
            touch: true,
            video: true,
            sync: "#carousel",
            randomize: false

File: /xone-child/includes/portfolio-gallery.php, add around line 41:

    <div id="carousel" class="flexslider">
         <ul class="slides">
            <?php echo $slider; ?> 

Hello, is it possible to disable the bullet navigation on the Header ?

Thanks !

Yes of course, see demo 5 for example.


I need to build a One-Page Story for a documentary and your theme looks great for it! I want to built something similar to this: (but it doesn’t have to be that complex). So I wanna have a One-Page-Style webpage with some full width videos(autoplay on view) , texual information and images(parallax) between those videos. I don’t even need a comment section or anything similar. Is that possible with your theme? I also wanted to ask if it works well with the aesop story engine? :)