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Would it be possible to use this a cPanel Skin? as in /


It is a HTML template. It is ready to be converted to any CMS system. So, before to use it as cPanel skin you must convert it. (But I’m not sure if is this is possible, I have not worked with this system)


Guau this admin templates :) i like this for my plesk panel :))


Thank you.

How heavy is it? :) Is it hard to be separated only part of the function? Loading for example 1MB css + js takes rather a long time:)

Every plugin load only necesary css/js file. So for example if you don’t need a plugin you can simply delete the lines from html document wich call the script/stylesheet.

So its completly modular?

Yes. In documentation I’ve explained how it work and what files are required for every element.

Great theme, really thinking about buying it :)

Is there a form validation engine included? If not, is it planned for a future update?


Hmm, this is a good idea… I will include in next update. Also next update will come with two diferent skins.

Regards.. :)


Just ordered, thanks for your work

Thank you, glad you like it. :)

The provided archive is corrupted and I have no answer from support… I’d really like your theme but if useless I’m very disappointed

Seems like it was a problem during uploading.

I have uploaded it again. Soon will be approved by one reviewer.

Approved: Download it again. Now I have tested it and all is fine.

Thank you very much, it works perfectly… :)

thinking to buy, do you have a plan to add ipad/tablet pc version for this template?

Sorry. No plans for tablet/mobile devices.


I have purchased your theme and thanks its really good. I need help with 2 things tho.

I am using grid_12 but the data table/grid does no go full page – it only goes up to where the content ends – is it possible for all grid_12 make it go full width regardless of content.

Again with the data tables, the hide button on the data tables when added is completely different from the other ones grids etc. What can i do to make it the same, its only on the data tables.



I guess the author is no longer active? Does anyone know how to fix the selection boxes so that it can show out of the grid, this is a really annoying bug! I have to add around 4-5 br tags at the end of my form because otherwise you will not be able to see the selection box. It does not do this with an unclassed selection.

Ill most prob end up having to pay someone to fix this bug.


Hi, this is not bug, is human mistake(made by me).

So, here is the solution:

Open style.css and delete this text overflow:hidden; :

appr. line 262:

 .box {

And this: appr. line 436:

form {

Don’t forget to include this code after your form (in HTML document):

<div class=”clear”></div>

P.S. I don’t check every time the comments, and seems like I forget to answer you question which is posted about 3 weeks ago.

Thank you smartik!

Hi I’m having the same problem Mwesty has. I’ve done what you said, but that still occurs. I have added the clear div at the end of the form and done the style changes. If this helps, the form is inside a tabbed system.

I’ve tested it, and work. Just add clear div after form.

Hi, the first problem was fixed by adding the clear div BEFORE the end of form. Another problem was that the container class has the same issue so I removed that and added clear div BEFORE the end of the container div and fix that.

Another problem I had is with the Fallr Dialog boxes. When I resize the screen manually, the dialog slowly moves back in place. This is extremely tedious for users. Is there any way to remove the fancy movement?

This is a buid-in function. Here are default options:
icon            : 'check',          // [string] icon displayed (see custom icon explanation)
content         : 'Hello',          // [string] fallr content
position        : 'top',            // [string] top/center/bottom
closeKey        : false,            // [bool] close fallr with ESC key
closeOverlay    : false,            // [bool] close fallr on overlay click
useOverlay      : true,             // [bool] should overlay be shown
autoclose       : false,            // [int] autoclose duration in miliseconds, false to disable
easingDuration  : 300,              // [int] animation duration
easingIn        : 'swing',          // [string] easing type when appear
easingOut       : 'swing',          // [string] easing type when disappear
height          : 'auto',           // [string] css value for exact height
width           : 'auto',           // [string] css value for exact width
zIndex          : 100               // [int] set z-index

Could you please tell me where you got this from? I need to find out the easingIn and easingOut parameter options.

Never mind I fixed it by removing the animation on window resize just fixed css position in the fallr javascript. However I am having problem with the textboxes. They seem to be too big and I can’t find out how to resize them properly, would you guide me in the correct direction? Thank you.

Plugin page:

All changes can be done here: plugins/dialogs/jquery-fallr-1.0.css

I advice you to use a developer tool for an easiest development. (In Chrome press F12 , In Firefox install Firebug plugin ).

Regards :)

Hello, Does the horizontal menu template support multiple menu levels? or just the two as appear in the demo?


Yes, horizontal menu have multilevel support

Hi, you probably missed my last question in between all my others. This is the last thing that I am having problems with. I can’t seem to find the textbox height style. Could you please send me in the right direction? Thank you for all your support, great product.

I told you, all changes can be done here:/plugins/dialogs/jquery-fallr-1.0.css

Now find lines 174-182:
#fallr input[type="text"],
#fallr input[type="password"], 
#fallr textarea {
    background: #fff;
    border: solid 1px #999;
    color: #777;
    padding: 5px;
    width: 90%; 

Change padding value. Ex:

padding: 1px 5px;

Also you can set a height or line height for these tags.

That’s all.

Hi, sorry for the confusion, I meant for the actual forms on the template. Not on a fallr dialog.

In style.css starting with line 494:
input.i-format[type="text"], input.i-format[type="password"]

Edit height, line-height and/or add/edit padding.

Thank you so much for your help. Once again, love this template. Great work.

Thank you, mate. :)

The sub-menu on IE is behaving very unusual.

When i click the top level menu, the grey sub-menu items appear. Except the text in them does not appear. The hrefs do not exist.

But as soon as I hover my mouse over the menu items below the sub menu. Then the sub menu items all appear fine.

Any ideas?


Any plans for a mobile release, willing to pay extra, but want it in the same style!


Hello, can you tell me how to run an external site with xsysteme?

thank you