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Hi again!

In contact section, there is a SP quick contact module, how can I configure it? I mean, to configure the mandatory fields, fields length, etc. Currently there are few options to configure it :( Is there an advanced extension? or how can I configure it deeply?

I was testing the contact form and I didn’t see any message when the email are sended succesfully or not. Also, no messages are appearing for mandatory fields and regarding its correct format, e.g., when you introduce a wrong email address. It seems quite simple isn’t it?



Hi, For the contact us form there for demo you had used two form one at the bottom and another at contact us page. Now go to the module manage and there is all settings for like configure admin module success module etc. If you want to adjust input box size then you have to do by css. Inspect and apply css on the proper class.One advice for contact us page disable one contact us module as two module at a time will not work good. Disable bottom one only for contact us page.After that check again it will work. There have a email validator but it will check the mail format if it bad it will show “Please enter a valid Email.” Thanks

Hi, I disabled the “get in touch” sp quick contact module and nothing happened. The problemas remains equal. Could you help me?

Also, in the module SP Simple Map, the controls button at upper left corner are not shown :(. It is another bug?

Thank you for your support!

Regards, Roberto.

Hi, Thanks. Please give me your site access at our forum support.themerox.com so we can take care the issue. Thanks

The “Simple Slide Rox” have to include 6 images but I only want to include 2. What I can do?

Hi, For that go to the mod_rox_simpleslider and then check tmp/default.php and from there you can edit the layout you want. Thanks

Hello, I have a problem with the drop-down menu, and I could see that if any of Rox_flexible_slide module type is not displayed, object_slide_show or rox_carousel_slider the dropdown menu does not work properly and show submenu items. It’s like I need a file that is inserted is displayed when any of these modules. I need your help because it does not abut the solution to this problem. thank you very much A greeting.

Hi, It can happen because there jquery library is not loading for that pages. For demo or quick pack we had set to load jquery library file from k2. So make sure k2 is loading remote copy of jquery. If problem not solve you can load latest jquery from index.php file. Let me know if you can solve the problem. Thanks

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I tried to include the jquery-2.0.3.min.map version but the result was the same fault. I send by mail hits on the web for you to better assess this ruling and tell me how to fix it since it has been impossible. thank you very much

Hi, Please give me access of your site from http://themeforest.net/user/ThemeRox#contact. I will fix it for you. Thanks

Helix framework not found [ Error message after installing xyst-Corporate template] Regards Ferdicon

Am designing on my local machine and I just purchase xyst template but when i installed Rox_Xyst_Template_Only_File_j2.5&j3.0 it show me the error message [Helix framework not found] I attached a picture of my template folder. Is their anything that I need to enable or install so that the template can work, I really appreciate your help(s) in advance.

Hi, Please Check Documentation. If you install Template Only File then you have to install helix framework plugin. To download plugin click here. Also you should try to install Quick Install Pack which is demo pack on your local server to check how we configured everything. Please check documentation. Thanks

Thanks I have downloaded the plugin and everything is working fine

Great :)


do you have any advice regarding the back-end error message related to `simple pie’ ?

Strict Standards: Non-static method SimplePie_Misc::get_element() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /home/kreed/public_html/xyst/libraries/simplepie/simplepie.php

There are many instances of the same error showing – I have copied the list to a word document and it takes up 27 pages

Any advice appreciated.


Ok thanks. :)

*Follow up – interesting results after upgrading Virtuemart (I have used the XYST quickstart edition)

Product list loses images – a single floating image on the page instead. You can see the result at http://devtest.com.au/xyst/index.php?Itemid=668

I will re-install from the Quickstart and not do the VM update. Seems to be buggy.

This message is just for your interest – no need for support.

Thank you.

Hi, Make sure you had re-configure from Virtuemart> Configuration > Template. There its was showing like this because of you may be did not re-configure after update.Just check and do previous configuration it will solve the issue its just happening for that modal class.


Why the demo for this template does not work? http://www.themerox.com/demo/?theme=Xyst it says page not found

Sorry we had put the template display offline for small time. On that template people done huge spamming. We are cleaning that and also transferring full sites. Thanks

i need demo site. When will you publish?

Hi,Working for this issue.Hope it will be publish soon.


I have been trying to figure out why I cannot change the settings on the rox simple slider. There seems to be no way to change the amount of slides etc. I have been trying to get support for a few days and haven’t gotten any response. The demo site was installed as directed. Please advise

Hi, Please give me site access from profile. Thanks

Hi, great job, but before buying any support for Virtuemart for the version 3.0?

For virtuamrt you have to use j2.5.x version. As virtuemart did not upgraded its component for j3.3.x . But we will release update when they will release the update for the component. Thanks

Hi, where is the code that i can change the height of the nav menu section? i want to make it thinner, thanks.

Hi, Check logo height and nav li a height to reduce main nav height. Its auto height with logo and menu li. Thanks


I would like to get the shopping cart always visible. I think that there are several modules doing this, also I think that you thought about this before. Do you have a modified cart shopping module aiming at remaining the cart always visible? Could you send me the modified module?If you could, It would be appreciated ;)

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Roberto.

Hi, To make shoping module always visible just go to module manager and make view option : Sho on all pages. Thats it. Thanks


I’m using 2.0.18a version of virtuemart but a lattest one is available, in fact it is the 2.6.6 version. I wonder if there will be any problem if I update my current version of virtuemart.

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Roberto.

We will update it soon. Thanks


bilidp Purchased

Hi, could you please tell me how to turn off certain module positions like the slideshow when it is opened on a mobile device? thank you


http://www.tharkansproperties.com the site is down. Please make sure its live. Thanks

bilidp Purchased

there is a spelling mistake in the link you have given above. it is www.tharakansproperties.com. it is not down. kindly help. I have pm’ed you the ftp details. trust you have them

Hi, I had checked it and really strange why its not coming as working great on my demo site. You also can check on my demo or installing on local server and this kind of problem is the first time you facing so may be you installed any service or anything wrong on your side not any theme related issue. Can you test on local server with a fresh installation and let me know if it work or not? Thanks


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it just look like different from the rox theme you show here, but another protostar instead. please make sure the installer can show the same as you show, thanks.