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I am congratulating for this theme…I installed the DEMO xml and worked fine, thank you for the sample Layer Sliders provided in the demo xml, it helps a lot to understand how all works.

OUR CLIENTS – cannot find them Where I edit the our clients images section in the HOMEPAGE? I am not able to find it, is in the Pages?

Ah! Ok it was just in the Yalin Options HOMEPAGE—> Homepage section, I did not scroll the page till the end and did not see, after all the ICONS and the Homepage texts. ::)))

I am loving this theme every day more! GREAT SUPER JOB GUYS! really Professional!

Thank you :)

Received the update notice and downloaded. What is the update procedure?

Please Visit update log

CHANGING NAME – OUR CLIENTS – Where I can change the name “OUR CLIENTS” into something else, in the homepage?

I see there is something not working in that, it must be some conflict with something else, I will email you. I thank your organization for the prompt support you are offering, I am appreciating it so much!

Thank you for solving it. WELL DONE!


I’m trying ti upload the Yalin theme but I am having trouble with a missing template. I’m trying to locate the yalin_WP folder but I cannot find it. When I unzip I have a Yalin folder with (among others) a css folder. I tried to upload with FTP but without success. Can you help me? Thnx!

Have you purchased “Yalin – Responsive Modern Business Theme” (Wordpress version)?!

We didn’t find your purchase reference.

how do I put in a single category menu portfolio, when I place it appears as category blog.

Please email me more detail with screenshot

How do you change the height of the slide layer slider?

PLease find your answer in Global setting of Layer slier

I purchased Corporate Bundle, I thought Yalin was the Wordpress version not the HTML version. I am lost trying to use the HTML version. This theme really was the main reason why I got the bundle in the first place. Any chance that we can work something out for this version?

I’m sorry for this mistake but you need to purchase Wordpress version

Where I can change the LATEST PROJECTS name into something else? And where I would place such code??

Good Luck

Thank you for the quick support to solve this issue. This is the best theme I have ever purchased, thank again for your help and work.

Thanks :)


I have some html pricing tables that I need to add to multiple pages, they have their own ccs files and scripts so when I add the html to a page I think it is picking up your styling or something doesn’t look right.

Just wondering if you have like a shortcode i can put my html in that stops your styling being applied to that section? Not sure if there is something like that available?

You can find desired shortcode in documentation. Also you can email us screenshot of your request, we will do it for you

Hi i emailed you but no reply?

We’ve sent your answer a few days ago. if you have not received, we will reply again

Hi, how can I increase the height of the “Home Page – Our Clients” section? I want to put some text under the graphic to make it a “Review” section? Thanks & regards

You need to change css and php manually.

Please email me screenshot of your desired state. Maybe we can help you

I already have found an entry in the .css and it worked. Just wanted the doubled height to be able to put some text under the graphic. :) Will the .css modification be enough? Because you mentioned php.

OK, you don’t need to change php

I can’t see the live preview of this theme.

There is no problem !!!!!

Awesome theme. I’m having an issue with photos within posts. They enlarge to full width by default with no way of effectively resizing the image. In other words, a small 200 px image in the post editor translates into a huge image stretched ~700 px as a result. Does this have something to do with the responsive functionality of the theme?

please find line 328 in style.css then delete width attribute

Hi – just got the update notification…What is new in Ver 2?

Will I lose my customization if I update the theme?

Please visit Updates list

Is there a change log to the new update? I can’t find one.

Please visit Updates list


I really like the thin top header of your theme. Two questions about it: Is it somehow possible to add a small graphic to the header (left end before menue)? And: It would be really cool if that small header would be always visible even during scrolling. How can this be achieved?

Thanks & regards.

Please email me screenshot of your request

By the way. I tried the newest version of Visual Composer with your theme. There is no dialog box (articles, pages and so on) showing up to activate the composer in your theme version 2.0.0. In version 1.0.3 it is all fine.

Please email me a screenshot of visual composer issue

question regarding installation. Upload both files to “theme”? The main files and intallable wp files.

Please read “Installation” section in documentation

The HTML version has a page template called “Left Navigation Page” here: http://webnus2.net/yalin/left-nav-page.html

I’m trying to find the same page on the WordPress version, but I’m not seeing it. Do you have a page template for that? We would really like to use it for our site tour.

Please download last version and use LeftNav shortcode