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“blue box “color – how to change to color options you offered.

Please find line 11 in s-columns.css (.dark.bluebox ) then change background color

can you describe how to fine line 11 – s-columns.css from dashboard.

Please find s-columns.css in below path

theme folder> css > s-columns.css

Hi chaps, two questions:
1. Your Twitter feed has stopped working, its not working on your site either.
2. How did you do your full width coloured backgrounds found on your About Page.
Thanks Chaps.

1- Twitter api has been changed, The new version will be released very soon

2- Please email me screenshot of issue

I have installed the theme but after activation I’m unable to edit my css or php files. When I try to access my pages it shows 404 error.

If I go back at activate any other theme everything is working fine. Can you please suggest why its happening.

OK, You win, I give up…

Where do I add the shortcode for the revslider on the homepage?

Genius the way you’ve hidden it so well unless I’m going screen-blind!


At a guess I’d say it is supposed to be added in the Visual Composer?

Only the Visual Composer doesn’t appear to be working.

We tried , there is no problem but in the next release of theme we will upload the latest version of Visual Composer

Don’t worry, did it the old fashioned way:

Put <?php putRevSlider(“main”) ?> into the template page.

Great theme, by the way.

In the ”/yalin/classes folder there is “shortcode.php” and “shortcode – Copy.php”

I’m noticing that the “Our Clients” isn’t wrapping/scrolling as it should.

Should one of the “shortcode” files be deleted?

REFERENCING ABOVE: Odd…I turned off “Latest Projects” in the “Yalin Options” panel and it fixed itself.

Is there a way of adding your own content to the homepage before the ‘Latest Projects’?

I am having to do it by editing the homep2.php template but that seems a crazy way to do it.

if it’s not possible can you add a custom text box or widget to the homepage templates in a future release?

Please use Home Blank Template and create your page with shortcodes

Oh dear, I’m not doing very well at this. Maybe I should RTFM! LOL

homeblank2… I get it.

Very smart!

Hi Guys. I have the html version. Superb feature rich theme. Thinking of purchasing for a new project I have. Is there way I can view the dashboard to see if it suits.

Cheers Guys Hoey

Unfortunately you can’t access the dashboard before purchase. If you are interested, please send us an email in response, we will send you screenshots of dashboard

Im new to flickr what code do i have to insert into the widget to display exactly like the demo?

insert below code in flickr widget and then change “nsid”
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.flickr.com/badge_code.gne?count=9&display=random&size=square&nsid=36587311@N08&raw=1"></script>


Hi, when is it supposed to be published the next release of the theme with the latest version of Visual Composer?

Another question, could it be possible to implement in a future release the toolbar working in sticky mode?

The new version will be available by the end of next week

And what about the sticky toolbar? Do you think it’s possible?

Unfortunately,We don’t have any plan in this case

Do you have to import the xml files to get the “blog 2” page to show images? I made two dummy sites.. one with and one without xml. The one without xml does not show images in the blog timeline no matter what style I choose. Is there something Im missing?

Please email me URL and Screenshot

Any update with the theme to include the Twitter API 1.1? I see that you said “by the end of the week” but that was 2 weeks ago. Just curious, not nagging. Thanks.

Also, in your documentation, you said the shortcode for the Our Clients jCarousel is [our-clients title=”“] import images here [/our-clients] but that didn’t work for me. When I change it to [ourclients title=”“] import images here [/our-clients] then it worked so I assume there may just be a typo in the documentation.


First of all , Please read last version documentation but if the content of documentation doesn’t not solve your problem ,Please send me an email

Ahhh, the documentation. I have to admit, I did read it the first time I downloaded the theme but must have jumped right to the files this time. Anyhow, there are a lot of things about this theme that do not work well with a child theme. Like this twitter widget, for instance. If I were just to upload the twitter folder to the child theme folder with my access token and other Twitter API credentials in the twitter/config.php file it wont work because in your classes/widgets/stayconnected.php file you are using the get_template_directory_uri instead of get_stylesheet_directory_uri() in the line where it is pulling in the twitter.php file (line 109). This means, if someone wasn’t keeping really close track of which parent theme files they have changed, next time there is a theme update, their twitter config.php file will be overwritten by your placeholder one. Makes it very hard to keep the parent theme updated when you have to change a number of files, like I have so far.

You are right, but most of the users do not use Child Theme. So we decided to put the file in the main theme folder. So it can modify in the same place. Please notify us if there is a problem

Hi, I’ve install the last update of the template on a fresh (one click install wordpress) Everything look fine but when I had a new plugin (bought on CodeCanyon) Calendarize-It plugin, after the activation of this plugin I do not see the New Menu into the left menu of the WordPress Admin. I should see a new menu name Calendarize It

Could you help me with that because I know that the plugin work when de Yalin template is not installed ?

Thank you very much


Please email URL and admin user/pass

Hi, congrats on such a great theme.Still I have one question :) I created 3 portfolio categories (lets say photo, music, video). I would like to have 3 different pages, each showing just one portfolio category. As example: page photos would show only portfolio from my photo(portfolio category name) posts. How can i do that? Can i somehow modifiy or duplicate portfolio.php and then filter through $terms array to get only specified category or there’s better way

OK, it is correct; if there is a problem, please send us your files. We’ll correct it

I promise I followed the documentation for Yalin2! I installed the rev slider plugin, created a new slide set called “images” created my home page with the home page template, dragged the revslider widget to the home page area and… nothing.

Clue me in to what I’m doing wrong?


You should drag Revolution-Slider widget and drop to “Home Slider” Sidebar

It’s already there (see last sentence of my post). I tried toggling “home page only” on and off and neither makes the difference.

Please email me admin user/pass

Here is the screenshot of my missing portfolio option. http://ontariogoesgreenca.ipage.com/screen.png

Hi, You have installed Jet Pack plugin . This plugin is incompatible with the theme

Can’t seem to get “blog Pinterest” to work. I installed your xml demo every other blog style works except pinterest. When I select that page, its just the default blog style…. Any suggestions?

Hi, Please check your email