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visual composer – i create an api key, but the Item Purchase Code doesnt work i think. So how can i use autoupdate ? Thanks

Please use the VC from our theme pack (in the archive) and ignore the activation message. We will provide you with the updated VC in every theme update.

Thank you :)

Next thing: Where i have to put the WPML code for langague switcher.

Because the theme language switcher has not a good concept. “Flag – Language” <—it schould be “Flag – English” and “Flag – German”...

so again: Which file i have to edit with ”<?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?> ”, want the same position like the themelangagueswitcher

please answer i bought it twice ;)

Please edit theme.php: framework/functions/theme.php

Thank you :) For further assistance please contact http://www.irishmiss.com/support.html

thank you and roger roger, next question i will submit over support ;)


mauzzz Purchased

Hello. I would like to change the font in the headlines. But I do not understand how this can be done? In the setting of threads there is a possibility, but the new settings do not work. :(

Please contact http://www.irishmiss.com/support.html provide us with your temporary WP credentials and text you would like to change, and we will help you!

Thanks :)


uzmair Purchased

http://yeti.wp.irishmiss.com/ same demo data not installing ?

We have double checked and everything is ok :)

Please contact http://www.irishmiss.com/support.html and we will discover what is the issue.

Thank you!

Please answer the open question. Thank you very much

done :)

Question: I need to also buy the “Visual Composer” plugin to use this template?

Because bought the template and I am unable to do anything. Whenever I add a page, it redirects me to plugin activation page “Visual Composer”. I put my EnvatoID, API Key and Purchase Code. But tell that minah password is incorrect. Always.

Please use the “Visual Composer” from our theme pack (it is included for free) and just ignore activation message, you don’t need to activate it.

We will provide you with updated VC versions when we update template :)

Thank you!

Hi, I’m runing your theme on my site www.fotofashion.no I’m having problems with the mega-menu on mobile devises. It works ok on Ipad, but on iphone or android devise with chrome or other browser, the menu is not working at all.

Please contact http://www.irishmiss.com/support.html and send us your credential, we will gladly double check.

Thank you!

ok, great. Where can I find the purchas code? I only got a transaction id from paypal.

Please go to your Downloads page http://themeforest.net/downloads

find our template and you will se the link on licence and certificate…

Thank you!

is this theme going to be updated any time soon?

the settings are not saving dude!

the last time i had to get a file that you sent to me by email, im trying to see if the theme has been updated to include the patch, so i dont have to install a patch evertime i purchase a new liscense

Ok , please contact our support team http://www.irishmiss.com/support.html with your credentials, we will double check everything. Thank you!

If I set the homepage to a static page, how do I get the page title to display in a bar (container?) like on the other pages? How exactly i can fix this problem ? In which file, which line, which code i have to delete or put in?

Please go to the Wordpress page editor. Please uncheck on your right in a sidebar “Disable Page H1 title ” and save it :)

Thank you.

demo is not loading!

Probably some temporary hosting provider issues, everything is ok now :)


buen08 Purchased

Some files in woocommerce are outdated. Please check it because it can be an issue.

im-yeti / woocommerce / checkout / form-checkout.php version 2.1.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.3.0.

im-yeti / woocommerce / loop / orderby.php version 2.0.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.2.0.

im-yeti / woocommerce / loop / pagination.php version 2.0.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.2.2.

im-yeti / woocommerce / single-product / add-to-cart / grouped.php version 2.1.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.1.7.

im-yeti / woocommerce / single-product / add-to-cart / variable.php version 2.1.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.3.0.

im-yeti / woocommerce / single-product / product-thumbnails.php version 2.1.0 this outdated. The version of the core is 2.3.0.


buen08 Purchased

I replied to your email this info right now, please check and help me. Best Regards.

Haven’t received that :( can you please send it here mm@irishmiss.com

Thank you so much!

We have answered you few days ago in “issue 3412” that We can’t find out where is the error right now, can you please specify – where does it appear, and what is causing (acts before it appears)

Please reply on that issue or on email.

Thank you!

Hello i bought the theme yesterday and i have installed the visual composer give in the zip files. The version i’m using is 4.2.3 and it’s not working at all. i see that you guys give updates everytime you update the theme did somthing happen? It’s totally not working for me.

Sorry for waiting for our answer. Please create ticket through our support system. We will need an access to your Wordpress admin panel – please specify the link, login and password in the ticket.

I have purchased this theme. I saw in theme options on Style Manager. Why there is no Save All Changes Button?? It was making me confuse to custom the skin of theme.

Could you explain about it? Thanks

Thank you for your question! Please use “Save Style” button ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9dbu8k42j09xh0/Screenshot%202015-05-20%2013.28.31.png?dl=0 ), which is doing what you have described.

I opened a ticket because I have the same problem with Visual Composer.

Thank you for contacting us. I will repeat my answer here just in case it will help somebody. Please use the version of Visual Composer that is included into theme pack. Fresh versions are not tested with our theme. Updated Visual Composer will be included into updated theme soon.

hello great theme, pre-sales question. i want to use this theme to host videos, i would like to have favorite and view counts on the video thumbnail, will it be possible with ur theme?

Unfortunately, our theme does not have such functionality. Of course, if you really like our theme, we can do this customization for you, but it paid service.