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Awesome template htvu, good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler..

Thanks Peter :)

Very nice, good luck with sales.

Amazing template! I can’t wait to see your WP version. :)

Cam on nhe Duc :)

Nice design concept. Something different! Congrats for that, and goo luck with sales ;)

Thanks pezflash !

(sorry, double post!)

nice work, gud luck with sales :)

this is beautiful.. good luck!

As promised .. and good luck with more sales

Thanks for your purchase ! :) Contact me if you have any questions about this theme.

Thanks for your beautiful template. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this question; sorry if I’m wrong. Recently I bought it (22/07/12) and I need some help, because I’m not a expert in javascript, and I would like to load the page portfolio-1-col-alt.html with a specific filter not the general “all”. I see the script initPortfolioFilter() in theme.js and I try some attempts for specific filtering, filter-design for exemple, and I tried to get some documentation too, but without exit. Is it possible to do? Thanks in advance BCNSites

Hi htvu,
Thanks a lot for your code. It works well in firefox, chrome, opera, safari, but not in my ie9 (64 bits) running in windows7.
I think that I made what you say me in your last email. My page is in: http://www.cosmetalia.com/pigmentos.html
Really this functionality needs some work. If you would like to do it, you can say me your economic rate, for this job.
In the other hand, you sayme “y if your give me a rating for this theme”: you mean that I click in the “Buyer Rating Box” with social icons?. I have nothing (facebokk, tweet, google plus or pinterest), but I have no problem form getting a acount; it this is the right way…
Thanks in advance.

Sorry, it’s seem Themeforest filtered some characters in my code.

Go to the end of theme.js and replace this line:
var regexS = "[\\?&]" + name + "=([^]*)";

var regexS = "[\\?&]" + name + "=([^&#]*)";

ps: yes, I mentioned about Buyer Rating box. Vote for my theme please :) Because you bought my theme so I will support you for free if your issues not too different with theme functions or not get time too much. In the case you want to make more customization you can contact me via email (huongtinhvu@gmail.com)

Hi htvu,
Sincerely thanks you. Everything works fine!
I take your email for if maybe I need some customization.
I create the acounts in the social networks and publicity your template. I don’t know if I can do something more about it…
Thanks again.

how to change the logo position on top side?

How do you want to change the logo ?

i want to set the main logo in all pages on the top of the page.and need to change size also.now the logo is not possible to move.how to do this?

open style.css and set height for [#logo img]

This theme included a document to help you customize the theme.

thank you for the reply, i check style.css, but i didn’t find any height option for main logo. can you tell the line number?

By default it doesn’t have. Add something like this


i am not an express css user. i have a logo W128xH110 i want to put this main logo on the top of the home page. now your logo posion in center.i want to test before go. pls help

Open style.css and go to line 102. Add following lines:


Thank you, i added that lines, but still the logo not going on top of the page. what is the reason?

do you have skype or yahoo messenger ?

Wow! This is one of the few templates here that really stands out from the crowd. The more I look at it, the more I love it! Very elegant and stylish, very good use of white space, you are a true designer. I also appreciate the online styling function, very handy! Your color combinations and backgrounds are also very well chosen.

I cannot believe you haven’t sold more yet. I’ll buy it after finishing this, and I’m sure a project/client will come along that appreciates this template. Thank you! I hope you will add more templates to your portfolio here.

PS you may want to contact Envato to fix the layout type, as it is responsive, but the specs say that it’s fixed…

Thanks alot for your words :) I’m working on a new WP template, will release soon. Thanks for your notes also.

Looking forward to your new theme!

Great work, GLWS;