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Looks really cool. Is it possible to hide/deactivate the “page title bar”? Thanks

P.s. some of the active links some to vanish in Firefox (hidden header area close icons, home page active vertical tab, and “my sliders” widget on right sidebar page looks off in FF too – hopefully not just our machine! Thanks

Hi charlie4282,

Thanks for your comment ;)

Yes it’s possible to hide/deactivate the “page title bar”, you can choose between color, pattern, image, simple border or none.

Thanks for pointing the firefox issue, it’s now fixed. Please check the theme again ;)

Best Regards

Once Again Beautiful Theme :) Good Luck With Sales

Thanks vicky ;)

Congrats! Great theme guys!

Image 3

Very nice, good luck! :)

thanks ;)

Hello Where do i find demo.xml. Its not in zip file.


Hi itsgurullc,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

You can find the demo xml file on the download packatge, folder “Preview Demo Contents”. Inside it you have the preview demos for sliders, content, plugins and painel options. If you don’t need all the preview contents you can choose the pages that you want, go to documentation and on point 6 “Predefined layouts” copy and paste on your site, nice and easy ;)

If you need more help from us please post your questions on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

If it’s not too much to ask can you tell me what languages you used to create these theme except html and css. Great theme!

Hi Raveart, addition to these, we also use php and javascript.

Regards ;)

Its awesome theme,

I would like to purchase the theme, But before that I have few question please reply so it will help me to purchase faster.

1. Can I change the color of the theme as you shows light green color but I want to change and make it blue for my company, So is it possible?

2. Can I make my own page with your short codes and plugins? I wan’t use any default page but I wan to use some features at one page which is available in theme.

3. Will you help us if we required any help or questions regarding the theme?

Please reply as soon as possible so We can take action to purchase it.

Regards, Highercode Technologies

Hi highercode,

First of all, thanks for your interest on our work.

Regarding your questions.

1) Yes, you can easily change it via color picker on the admin panel. Check this Theme colors

2) Yes, you can use our 38 predefined layouts or if you want create your own.

3) Yes of course, we have a dedicated support team that will be available to assist you when you need. Support requests are being processed on business days from 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +1) within 24h in the order they were received. Check our Support Forum.

Best Regards

Hello Designare,

I really appreciate your quick reply. I have One more question please don’t mind as I am thinking to buy So I have following questions. 1. you have features like at the header social media and contact detail is only available on click of + sign, is it possible to make it visible all time without click on + sign so my client can easy to see it without click on + sign? 2. Can I add more options in contact us page like drop down selection or file upload or captcha code? Regards, Highercode Technologies


No problem highercode, we are here for that to ;)

Regarding your questions.

1) Right now we only have one option for header layout, but this week we will launch a update with more layout options and with woocomerce, in case our buyers need it too.

2) You can’t add more fields to our contact shortcode, but zap is 100% compatible with cforms 7 plugin, and with it you can add how many fields you want.

Best Regards

Hi there

Really nice theme. Was curious before I buy, is there a way to block the menu so that it does not shrink and stay over top of the content as you scroll down?

Hi shiver1001,

Thanks for your interest on our work.

In the Admin panel you can find a option to fix or not the menu at the top. See it Fixed Menu.

Best Regards

Hi guys this is sexy as hell! such a cool design.

There is a requirement from our boss which if necessary we will have coded but before we start looking for a freelancer to do it – you do not have any plans to add some form of Ajax style portfolio ever do you? (like the portfolio in http://goo.gl/dLKZgw or http://goo.gl/bZOjcG).

The theme is stunning and does not lack anything (love the special tabs etc), but its a “boss’s preference) and we have seen some themes adding features as they develop and wanted to check before we start offering it out. Obviously if you guys take on freelance the call goes first to you!

Hope that all makes sense. Thanks!

Hi Cara_design,

Many thanks for your interest on our work and for your kindly comment ;)

For now we don’t have plans to add a ajax gallery to the theme (at least for now), because, like you said, zap is already loaded of ressources.

If you buy the theme, feel free to find a freelance to do the job. We have a lot of work and we want to give a special attention to this theme. We don’t have time to do that for you, sorry.

Best Regards

Not a problem thank you for letting us know.

hello, I need without wordpress , can you sell ?

Hi codeevolved,

Sorry but no, we just have the wordpress version to sell. Maybe in future, we will release the html version, but not for now.

Best Regards


I’ve got a question about the Alert Boxes. I’m currently using a theme from ElegantThemes and want give my site an update.

Is the shortcode from an alertbox in this format:

[box type=”download”] content here. [/box]

If not, is it easy to change? I don’t want to edit all my posts to let the AlertBoxes work.

btw: Does this theme work with Wordpress 3.6?


Hi CedricDanneels,

Thanks for your interest on our work.

As you may understand each developer have a different way to implement their code. Our alert boxes are a little different, so it’s normal if you use our alert boxes, you have to update the content.

We can help you on what you need, but like you may understand, we can’t change our code to work with other one :)

Yes, Zap is compatible with the latest version of worpress.

Best Regards


Where can I find the Photoshop files?


Hi stevetipson,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

We have a lot of pds files to include in the download package, but they are a bit messy, so we are working on them and as soon as possible we will integrate them into the theme. Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

10 Layered psd’s files were added to version 1.0.1 ;)

Hi, I got couple questions before I make the purchase.

Look at the little link next to “iPod touch” http://www.apple.com/ipod-touch/

I really like how apple organize a product’s details into features, design, built-in app and etc. and when you click on each link the content on the page changes.

So, would I be able to use your tab in this manner? Like have massive graphic, text, icon, links and etc under each tab?

Hi wowkido,

Many thanks for your interest on our work.

Yes, you can add almost every zap shortcode inside the special tabs, divide it in columns, add sliders, icons, accordions, toggles, sliding graphs, buttons, etc.


Hi there, Can I remove the “© 2013 Copyrights ZAP | All rights Reserved” from the pages??? I’d like to remove any Wordpress or ZAP or any other similar text from my pages… Thanks!! Cheers!

Hi wpsamba,

You can remove it from de Admin panel.

If you need more help please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will try to help you ;)


This is really cool. Holy cow.

Thanks :D


I already purchased a theme to use for my business but now I see this theme and my mind is all changed.. I really love the simplicity!

But…. I just have one question, what are the possibilities to include Facebook and / or Twitter in the menu? I would like to have little ‘like and follow’ buttons in it.. Is there a posibility and how would this look?

Kind regards from the Netherlands, Jochem

Hi Jochem,

Thanks for your interest on our work and for your kindly comment ;)

At the moment, you can put these buttons on the top panel but you can’t put them in the menu, because it will not work well with the fixed menu.

Anyway, via Admin panel, you are allowed to remove the Fixed Menu and use it in regular mode (relative), in this case we can help you to add these buttons above the menu, directly in the code.

If you choose to purchase our theme, after buy it, post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

Does this have any type of drag and drop page builder built in?

Hi jdwright10,

Thanks for your comment.

No, zap don’t use any drag and drop page builder. We use on it a big set of visual shortcodes, with a 100% percentage grid that lets you create lots of pages in a structured and extremely easy way. Add columns inside columns, shortcodes inside shortcodes, nice and easy, no page builder is needed ;)

Best Regards

Looking at buying this – I don’t know how to code, and have a basic Wordpress free account. Do I need the paid Wordpress account and can I make a website using this program without knowing code?

Hi nawhalley,

We are really sorry about this situation. It’s our fault, if your are not thinking in find a web hosting to install our theme, please contact us to this email designarethemes@gmail.com and we will solve this little mistake.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best Regards

Ok – sorry – I have it figured out to the point now I am trying to install it. My host is DreamHost and I am on Windows 7. I get the error message “Wordpress Failure Notification” “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again. I try again – but get the same message everytime. I am trying to upload the ZIPPED file.

Hi nawhalley,

Please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you! We will install the theme for you and if you want setup all the demo contents like our live preview.

Please provide us the login details and ftp account (case we need it). Use the tag “Private” text.


I recently downloaded this theme and installed it. The problem is when you go to edit a page all the text is white and none of the publishing buttons work. There is also no update button or anything. It will let you preview a page but that is all. A lot of the placeholder photos are missing too. I have no idea what would be causing this…please help!! Thank you so much!

Hi centMarket,

First of all many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it.

Regarding your question, we tested the theme and all de demos contents, preview xml, sliders and panel options and everything seems to work well.

Have you following all the steps in the documentation? Maybe you have done something wrong, not? No problem we are here to help! Please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you ;)