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Congratulation, this should be the top theme sellers soon, i really love this theme.

p.s: i want to contact you in private email: please can you send me an email here: ardianmusliu@inspiro-media.com

Thank you so much :)

Thanks inspiromedia :D


Simple question, Would this theme be compatible with Wordpress ecommerce plug in, to sell online?

Also My website is far much simpler that the theme, Is it simple to deactivate most of features after I purchase, for example Top menu bar to have a static behaviour?

Last question would the home page be widgetized I mean I san change position of elements easier?

Hi gabrielgomez,

First of all many thanks for your interest on our work.

Regarding your questions.

1) No, at the moment the theme is not ready for ecommerce, but it’s is in our update list and this feature will be added to the theme very soon.

2) Yes, you can activate/desactivate almost every element on this theme. See this page on tab “Powerful Admin Panel” http://designarethemes.com/themes/zap/features/

3) The homepage was build with zap shortcodes, but if you want you can divide the homepage on 4/3/2/1 sidebars and use on it only widgets.

If you have any other question, don’t hesitate to contact us again ;)

Bes Regards

Awesome theme! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks SeventhQueen :D

Hi! Really nice theme. I’m thinking on buying it but I would like more alternatives for the header (navegation menu, contact, social buttons)...Are there some others designs for it? I can’t find any other options.


Hi robertopeap,

Is taking a bit more time, but we’re working on it ;)

You can see this Header-Options to see if that is what you expect.

Best Regards

Thanks designare, that’s cool. I have already purchased the theme and working with it in local host. I’ll get used to the theme when the new headers come.


Thanks robertopeap, when we release the update we will announce it here for you ;)

Hello, pre-purchase questions. Does this theme work well with the Events Calendar plug-in. Also the client I am considering this theme for is a micro brewery and I looked at the Font Awesome list of icons and saw a beer mug in the Web Applications section. Is that available in this theme?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. You have definitely just made a sale! :)

One more quick question. Is that a drop shadow under the boxed layout? I’m preparing a screenshot for my client and need to be accurate in the design.

Yes, and it can be customizable via admin panel ;)

Hi there,

is there any news on the next release to fix the “Custom CSS” issue (where the admin panel fails to recognise that “Custom CSS” is switched on?

Kind regards, Aaran

Hi Aaran,

Yes, we already fix that issue. The updated version 1.0.1 will be released today.

Thanks for your understanding ;)

Best Regards

thanks for the update…I’ll be waiting eagerly for my notification from ThemeForest!

Another question for you, how do I set the Job Title for my Team members (like you’ve done on http://designarethemes.com/themes/zap/about-v1/)?

Is this another inclusion for v1.0.1?

Thanks, Aaran

Hi again Aaran, simply paste the following code inside the content of the team member, HTML tab.

<span style="color: #10b9b9;">Public relations</span>

<hr />

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras lacus metus, convallis ut leo nec, tincidunt eleifend justo. Ut felis orci, hendrerit a pulvinar et, gravida ac lorem. Sed vitae molestie.

[social_icons p_flickr="#" p_skype="#" p_instagram="#" p_rss="#"]



Firts of all congrats for your awesome theme. But I have a problem with featured images for my partners.

In the other sections works perfectly, but I want to upload images to my clients / partners and never see the image.

It has a specific size and does not accept any more?

You know how I can fix it?

Thanks and i’m waiting your response.

KingReguards, Manel

Hi ciracmanel,

First of all many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it!

Regarding your question, please post it on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you ;)

Best Regards

First of all I am waiting to receive an email to gain entry into the forum, on the other hand, I just want to know why the images are not loaded.


Hi ciracmanel,

We don’t know what’s happening, we need to see it, because in our live preview the theme seems that have no errors.

If you don’t want use our support forum for any reason, no problem, please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with you site link and the wp login details for us see what’s happening.

Regards ;)

hello man

im trying to put my logo, but i just can change width, my logo have more height

how can i change it?

ok man!

i registered in forum suport, but the e-mail with my pass doesnt come

Strange :/ But ok, no problem, send us an email to designarethemes@gmail.com with you desired login details and we will setup a account for you.


I’m a bit sick! I gave my designer client data, and surprise, when I entered my own favicon disappeared, there is neither special tabs can be set.

I’m waiting for an answer, is my own web Pagin and I can not provide this service! Wait much longer?

Hi ciracmanel,

We don’t understand what is happening, we try to do our best and yes we are professional. We’re sorry if something is not as you wished, but we are here to resolve and to help you. We don’t just want sell themes, we want that our clients have fun and like our themes, and above all, that them are happy with us.

Do you have problems with the theme? We tested all the theme and all the shortcodes all everything seems to working well.

Do you need that we setup the demo contents for you or need us to do anything else for you?

Please have a little patience, if there are anything that is not right for you, we will try to solve.

Best Regards

I installed Revolution Slider slider on main page of my site. It works, but I have one problem: there are large horizontal gray field at the bottom of slider. Could you please help me remove that field? http://webmuza.ru/ Not adjustable in height and width of the slider at all.

Hi muza_15,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

We notice that you have the old version of the theme installed. Please update the theme to the last version vs1.0.1.

After that, go to Admin Panel Options -> Custom CSS and inside the custom css textarea paste the following code and hi Save Changes.

.rev_slider_wrapper {
       min-height: auto !important;

Best Regards

good afternoon. Where can I download the update.

Hi muza_15, you can download it from your themeforest account on downloads http://themeforest.net/downloads


Please help.

I just installed this theme and I get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\verso\wp-content\themes\zap-installable\lib\widgets\recentPostsSidebar\des_widget_recentPostsSidebar.php on line 196

Problem solved in version 1.0.3. Please download the theme again.

Best Regards ;)

Thank you, it’s working now properly on windows local server.

No problem limbosaur, you can thank us by rating the theme ;)

Since I’m also waiting to receive a registration email from the forum I’ll ask my questions here :) For NOW :P

Oke I just bought and installed the theme. Everything went fine, untill I chose to install the demo file for the revolution slider. The import button won’t open a new screen so I’m unable import the demo file I’m running on wordpress 3.6 btw. One other more troublesome issue is the fact, that if I select in the admin panel I want a boxed version and choose to save this. My entire site goes blanc. I’m not quite sure if this has anything to do with the fact that I’m using a background image?

For now I’ve switched back to full screen mode, but eventually I offcourse want to be able to run it in boxed mode. Could you look into this?

Thanks !


Hi Maarten,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate ;)

Regarding the revolution slider, you need to first create a simple slider test, after that, you will be available to import our sliders. We think that is a small issue on the plugin, not too serious :)

Regarding the boxed issue, this is strange because we tested it and it seems to work well. No problem let’s see what’s happening and we will back with a answer for you.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

I’ve decided to downgrade to wordpress 3.5.2. I’ll keep you updated if I’m experiencing the same troubles :)

Designare I found it! Apparently when the revolution slider isn’t working or deactived the site won’t work in boxed mode. I imported the revolution slider now with the demo settings and it works.

Please do look into this :)

Hi Eindbaas,

Thanks for pointing that out, we will check it right now ;)


Hello, pricing tables doesn’t work with IE 9. I can send the print screen if you want it.

Hi appds,

Thanks for pointing that out, we will check it and if there are really a issue on ie9, we will contact the author of the plugin to fix the problem.


Please, let me know when fixed because I have interest in your theme.

Hi again appds,

So, we’ve been testing the theme in internet explorer, and the page that you mention seems to work well. See the screenshots Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10.

What windows version are you using? Could you please send us some print screens.


Hi, looks good, might purchase, however does this template support self-hosted video and audio beside the various hosting services mentioned in your features. In your Envato description under blog, it says supports all post types, what are the reffered to post types? Does that included self-hosted audio and video?


Hi Yazis,

Many thanks for your interest on our work.

Sorry, but for now this is not possible, but we will take in account your suggestion and put them on our future list of updates.


Wow what a let down… not everyone wants to embed from a service that can lead the user away from the site. Okay maybe next time.

Sorry Yazis, we will try to add this feature on future updates, we promise ;)

Hello Designare,

I really appreciate your quick reply. I have few more question please don’t mind as I am thinking to buy So I have following questions.

1. you have features like at the header social media and contact detail is only available on click of + sign, is it possible to make it visible all time without click on + sign so my client can easy to see it without click on + sign?

2. Can I add more options or field in contact us form on contact us page like drop down selection or file upload or captcha code?

Regards, Highercode Technologies


No problem highercode, we are here for that to ;)

Regarding your questions.

1) Right now we only have one option for header layout, but this week we will launch a update with more layout options and with woocomerce, in case our buyers need it too.

2) You can’t add more fields to our contact shortcode, but zap is 100% compatible with cforms 7 plugin, and with it you can add how many fields you want.

Best Regards

I really appreciate your quick reply and thanx for the answer.

Thank you for the theme. I’m following your instructions now and want to point out what I believe to be an error. This is in regards to setting up the navigation.

Your instructions say to choose newzapmenu and footer-menu as the menus. But after following all the previous instructions, those two menus are not imported. Instead you find zap-top-menu and custom-menu.

Hi wisemonkey26,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

Regarding your comment, yes we need to update that screenshot on our documentation, thanks for point that out.

Best Regards


Having the same xampp problem as limbosaur above:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:\xampp\htdocs\verso\wp-content\themes\zap-installable\lib\widgets\recentPostsSidebar\des_widget_recentPostsSidebar.php on line 196

Any update on this?


Hi balbany,

First of all many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

Regarding the xampp issue.

We’ve been testing the theme on xampp, and we not find the error that you and limbosaur speak. We install it via wp and ftp.

Where this error is appearing? Could you please send us some print screens?

Bes Regards

Hi, I like the look of this theme. Would it work for a multi-site installation as I need to do something in English/German and was planning to go multi-site for that. Please let me know. Thanks!

Oops, I have now read the info more clearly and it says it’s 100% WPML compatible so that should be fine for my needs.

Yop it’s! ;)