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Hi there, pre purchase questions.

Is it possible to change header colour and can the logo stay the same dimensions when scrolling page?

Great theme.

Hi antoniomac,

Thanks for your interest on our work.

Yes you can easily change the header color by using the custom css (we can help you with this) and yes, you can set the same size to your logo on scrolling page. http://designarethemes.com/img/logo-size.png

Regards ;)

Pre purchase question:

I need to add in custom post types. Previous themes (purchased other places) won’t display them.

Will the theme support custom post types?

Thank you!

Hi CAEagency,

Thanks for your interest on our work.

Yes, the theme support custom post types Check it

Best Regards ;)

Hey guys,

great theme, love it! As a DJ and music producer i need an event calendar, can you advise a good calendar (e.g. Event Calendar)?

Second i don´t wanna have comments on the site or something like “Posted by: Admin”, is it possible to turn that off?

At the moment our site is running on a theme from Themezilla, is it possible to install your theme and edit it in the background still it´s finished?

Thanks in advance!

Hi rockzi,

Sorry for the long time to answer your question but we had a issue with themeforest, and and we can not respond to comments.

Now regarding your question.

1) Yes the plugin “Event Calendar” work nice with zap.

2) Yes this is possible but our help is needed, no problem with that ;)

3) This is not possible, we think. The only way that you have is by creating a new wordpress installation on your server with a new database and install there our theme. After you edit it and when it’s finished you can export your content for the new site, nice and easy.

Best Regards

Quick question. Working for a client who was purchased your template and noticed something rather strange with the menu.

When you scroll down, the small menu’s sub – sub item is pushed right down and not aligning with the active menu item?

Any reason why? http://postimg.org/image/cb0hyn88n/

Hi greenapple,

We already fixed that issue. The update will be available tomorrow.

Best Regards

Hi, Sorry I don’t think your latest version has resolved the issue?

Hi again greenapple,

The version 1.0.4 still have that issue. We already fix that on the newest version, we are only dealing with a few details to launch the new update.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/mjclient/public_html/rojoli/wp-content/themes/rojoli/lib/widgets/testimonials/des_widget_testimonials.php How to resolve this problem

Hi tali62,

Many thanks for your purchase.

We will check it and get back to you with a feedback


Hi designare when m supposed to get the feedbck from ur side

Hi tali62,

We are trying to see what’s happening with it but our developper is on vacations this week and we are trying to manage this without it but maybe we need to wait for next week to fix that.

Anyway, the testimonials widget work not? that error is appearing where? Please post your question on our Support Forum and and provide us the link to your site and the login details, use the “Private” tex.

Best Regards and thanks for your patience.


Thinking about purchasing this theme. Does it have the ability for custom forms? Also, woo commerce capable?



Hi James,

Thanks for your interest on our theme.

Zap comes with a contact form shortcode, that allow you put forms where you wants. Also you can install cforms7 plugin (it’s 100% compatible) if you need more fileds or captcha.

Regarding the woocomerce for now it isn’t compatible but we are working on it and the update should be available tomorrow ;)

Best Regards


I bought zap, but every time I try to install it from the administrator of wordpress appears an error page.

I also tried with the file without plugin but the result is always the same.

I also tried via ftp but it has caused an error and I had to reinstall wordpress.

What should I do? The theme does not work.

Hi Andriu70,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Maybe you have done something wrong. Please check the points “Install Error” and “Install Warning” on our documentation “1. Installation” http://designarethemes.com/docs/zap-doc/

Anyway we can help you, no problem. Please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com and we will install and setup the all our demos contents for you ;)

We look forward for your response.

Best Regards

Nice theme! On your Portfolio v1 – 4Columns page: http://designarethemes.com/themes/zap/portfolio-v1-4columns/—This is laid out nicely. But I’d like to make a couple changes. First, can the ‘Filter Projects by:’ menu open up automatically? I’d like for customers to see the categories right away. Also, under the images, can the meta-info (category type) be removed easily, and can I place some other small amount of text below each title. Thanks.

Just bought the theme – tried to register on forum. It accepted the purchase code. I put in username and email – and it instructed me to check email for username/password. – no email yet, can you check to see if it’s functioning. When it is, I’ll submit a ticket on there. Thanks, and can’t wait to get started!

OK, the email came. Thanks and I’ll post my request ticket on your help site. Thanks.

Thanks for your purchase bcatkins! Our support team will answer your question soon ;)

Hey guys,

How is it I stop the mobile versions from moving the header to the right by roughly 10px when I scroll down? I remember you guys saying something like it’s in ‘media queries’ ?


Please note, the header is positioned correctly on initial load, but when I scroll down it shifts over to the right like in the screenshot.

This is strange rairdesign :/ because this don’t happen on my iphone. What device are you using?

Samsung Galaxy S2

Hi Guys,

I have having a problem with the ‘landscape mobile’ view with the portfolio.

The items appear to be squashed – needing more height to the thumbnail – see HERE

Hi there,

It’s a problem that exists on your demo page too, so is this going to be fixed for the next update?


Yes we will improve that. Regards

Thanks guys.

A while ago there was talk of woocommerce integration. Has this been implemented yet? Do not see it on the feature list or the changelog.

Hi wpadmin_henkburger,

This is to take a little longer than expected, but it almost done! Today, or maximum, tomorrow the update will be available ;)

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

Thanks! Saves me a lot of work to integrate!

Hi, is it a quick way to instal the Zap theme exactly with options and pages created here: http://designarethemes.com/theme/?theme=zap-wp ?

I mean : same menu items, image slider, pages, ...

Thank you !

Hi produwordpress,

Many thanks for your purchase.

Yes, importing xml demos contents. If you like you can set it ;) To do that please send us a email to designarethemes@gmail.com with your website link and the login details.

Best Regards

Ok, found. Thanks !

Nice ;) If you need more help, please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will be happy to help you!


I am having problems with inserting the Designare slider.

I have selected the Homepage template and under Main Slider: Home-designare-slider

But it’s not showing. Please help asap

Got it to work now. thanks!

Ok nice! Many thanks for your purchase ;)

Hi, I am facing a problem with this theme see after i install the theme WrodPress Seo is showing a warning message and it is ask me to delete the meta description from the theme..

SEO Issue: Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly, please delete the following line, or press fix it: <meta name=”description” content=”<?php if(get_option(DESIGNARE_SHORTNAME.”_seo_description”)) echo get_option(DESIGNARE_SHORTNAME.”_seo_description”); ?>”>

What i need to do now ? And You have any plan to make it WooCommerce support ?

Hi judinash,

Thanks for your purchase.

What is the plugin you’re using?

Regarding the woo commerce we are working on it, just a little more and it’s ready ;)

Best Regards

Thank you for your reply i am using WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Hi judinash,

Sorry for the long time to answer your question.

We will release a new update, and this version seems that this error no longer appears.

Once the update is released, upgrade your theme and confirms if the error persists.


Ps: The update we be launched today.

Hey, You should correct the error in Google maps, and more specifically does not display the control bar, you have to add to your css: ”# MapCanvas img { max-width: none; } ” Besides great job, have a many sales.

Hi Vexler,

Thanks for pointing that out, we will check it.


Pre purchase question:

hello web guys,

i am new to this all and I have spent a lot of time thinking of going with this specific one.

i have a few basic questions and sorry if they are stupid!

1) once i set a specific style on my theme will i be easily able to change the look and feel like the drop downs you have on your demo site? 2) will you automaticially provide us with updates on this theme? 3) are you always at hand to help us out on anything we need help on forever or just a limited time? 4) how easy is it to make this site up exactly to what it is now but changing to my specifics? 5) is this site very well protected? in terms of hacking into the site? 6) if new features are available for this site as you develop it further will be as old customers also be able to add those features to our site? 7) how will you keep us informed of new features you have developed for this site? 8) what is your response time? 9) SEO – can you advise on this as i want this to rank high on google and need the best seo plug in for this theme 10) what other plug ins would you recommend for seo, quick load time and any others you feel will help make the site better?

I am worried as i dont want to waste $45.00 if i am not going to make full use of the site.

look forward to your reply cheers

Hi university1,

Thanks for your purchase and sorry for the long time to answer your question.

Yes you can count with us, if you need any type of help. Please post your questions on our Support Forum and our support team will try to help you ;)

Best Regards


sorry forgot to ask:

will i get all those fonts to choose from and also the icons and other things that i saw on your site?


hello – ive just bought the theme….

I bought it without you even answering my questions…. nevermind im sure everything will be ok??? can you please help me

Hi university1,

Sorry for the long time to answer your question but we have a little issue with our internet provider and couldn’t answer our customers questions.

Please post your questions on our Support Forum and our support team will try to help you ;)

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards

When will the update ready ?

Sorry jackal07, we are working on it. We want to make sure everything is ok before the update was released. Thanks for your patience, regards.


1. How do I change the white background of content area?

2. How do I keep the filters opened at all time?


3. Hi, the slogan is not working either. When I selected another font “Helvetica Neue”, the slogan now sticks to the top of the header bar. Also, font style and size does not work using the zap options panel. Please advise how to fix this the soonest

Hi ellewong,

Sorry for the long time to answer your question but we have a little issue with our internet provider and couldn’t answer our customers questions.

1) You can change the background color by paste the following code inside the custom css in the admin panel

    background: red (your color here);
2) We will add this option on the new update.

Regarding the other questions we will see what’s happening and return to you as an answer.

Please post your question on our Support Forum and provide us the link to your site for us see the problem.

Best Regards

Hi I am enjoying the theme very much so far, but I am having a hard time adjusting the dimensions of the header. There is no option to adjust the height, or keep it the same as I want to do, there is only the width dimension given for logo.

Please help?

Hi animationoutsourced,

Many thanks for your purchase, we truly appreciate it ;)

Regarding your question.

What version of the theme have you installed? In version 1.0.4 the header height is calculated automatically, with the height of your logo.

After set the size of the logo, you can adjust the margins and paddings of the menu in the tab “Menu”.

If you need more help from us, please post your question on our Support Forum and our support team will try to help you ;)

Best Regards