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Looks nice! good luck with sales mate :)

Good luck with sales!

Once again flawless victory :)

Yup, Awesome Theme! Maybe add this in your CSS : a { outline: 0;} ... because I see the dotted border when clicking on the slide tab / buttons.


Yup this is being updated.

aboudard Purchased

Excellent Theme with many features ! Your documentation is top !!

I think I see a strange behavior with images that do not act “responsive” on FF … maybe I’m wrong.


Thank you, we’re updating this now to appear online shortly.

Good stuff, mate!

Good job ! :) Good luck with sales….

yea.. fresh work again guys… ;)

File Updated:

Fixed a few display bugs reported.

Hi I am interesting to buy the theme but very curious about the method of update the portfolio page. Is it possible to create a temp account for me to access the backend to see??


The portfolio page is just an archive of all projects, ordered by posting date. The easiest way to re-order projects is to manually set the posting dates. There really aren’t any other options for updating the portfolio page.

Projects are created using a custom projects post type. So, each new project is individually created and will then appear on the Portfolio/Projects archive page as well as having it’s own individual project page.

Internalization in there? and Can I change the name from project to some else? And when is the update to some bugs I see…by the way a very impresive theme


Yes, header, category names etc can be updated via the admin panel, also we have updated those display bugs.


Internalization is setup and is ready for translation, though there currently aren’t any POT included with the theme.

aboudard Purchased

You did fix the images feature ! Excellent job !

skdeol78 Purchased

Hi, I just purchased this theme. I tried installing it as zip, it failed.. Then I tried extracting the files with WinAce, and this time it installed. However, no matter what I try, I can’t get the theme to look like its demo. All I see are my posts displayed on home page. I really really like the look of this theme. Please help.


Please read the documentation. Follow the instructions in the Quick Setup section if you want to set your site up similar to the preview. Also, please register for the support forums for further support

Hello. I am using the Zen theme and found that my navigation menu will not work if I am using a mobile device. The responsive layout looks like it should and re sizes correctly but if you try to click on the menu nothing will drop down.



Hmm… we’ve tested this on multiple mobile devices and the menu works as it should, also we haven’t had reports of this until now. Have you made any modifications to the file? What type of device are you having issues with?

First off, on your screenshot of this theme, where did you get the flower petals to use in your design?? It is awesome!!!


On the preview image? That’s just individual petals cut out and placed… the images with the female models and flowers were purchased from Fotolia.com, then photoshopped a bit with different colors etc.

Thanks for the comment!

I am having problems with the project portion of the Zen theme. I have read the documentation and I believe I am following the correct steps.

The problem is once I publish my project, it will show up on the archive page but you can never get to the project itself. Here is a quick video of my steps.


Also notice that even when I try to preview the project, I get an error that it doesn’t exist.


Also, so I don’t have to keep posting all of my questions here, how can I register for your support?


You just need to update your permalinks and you’ll stop getting errors. Go to http://support.metaphorcreations.com/ and follow the instructions on registering for the forums

is it possible the top gray line being thinner?


There isn’t a setting for it, but a couple CSS adjustments should meet your needs. Please use the support forum if you need more help after purchasing.

Wow, nice job!

Loving the theme. What icon set did you use for the Design, Research, Marketing icons? Thanks.