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Hello, When I am gonna edit the html or page content, i can’t see anything from the edit page as its showing white. But I selected that the content is showing, thus its being very annoying to edit any page.

Could you help me on this?


Hi amiomoke,

Please open a ticket here http://support.stylishthemes.co/forums/forum/zen7-wordpress-theme/ and we’ll find the issue for you.

Regards, Vlad


Can’t you please tell here how to use the line icons in the stacked tabs?


Please tell me exactly which icons, so I can give you a right answer. A screenshot or url will be fine. :)

Hello everyone,

First of all we want to thank you for this great first year here on ThemeForest, for all your support and for choosing our products. We are hope that next year we’ll do all things better then ever, and provide you more awesome themes for your needs.

Second, we want to announce that due to the holidays here in our country, we won’t work on 25, 26, 27 December and also on 31, 1, 2 (the end of the year).

Thank you again for everything, we wish you happy holidays with your families!

Regards, StylishThemes Team

Woocomerce has some outdated files in your theme. Do you plan to do an update soon?


Hi. We’ll try too, but no promise. WooCommerce keep changing their code and we try as much as we can to catch up.


Hi there, are you planning to upgrade the theme soon? It seems a little buggy in places as I have ran into some issues.

The recent one is that I use OptinMonster for my mailing list sign up box and since I upgraded to the latest version of WordPress, this has stopped working.

When I switch over to any other theme though, OptinMonster works fine, which makes me think the problem lies with the Zen7 theme.

I also removed all other plugins to make sure there was no plugin conflict and that didn’t resolve the issue.

Hoping you can help :)




Please open a support ticket on http://support.stylishthemes.co and point the problem you have.

We will make an update for the theme as soon as possible including fixes for known bugs, but please point the issue you have on the support forum so we can have it in mind for testing and solving.

Regards, Vlad


Thanks Vlad, I have now posted to your support forum.

hey guys, few months back i bought your HTML verion of Zen7. i have small clarification in it. i would like to have blog (wordpress) script with this html theme. you have some sample BLOG pages in html theme, is there anything we can place those blog themes inside our blog script as like wordpress theme plugins or we have to work manually with your sample blog theme with wordpress frontend script ?


I don’t really understand you question right now sir. If you want to get the HTML version to WP you have to code it yourself. Else, you can just purchase the WP version, and use the blog as it is. :D

Thank you very much! Vlad

Don’t work on IE8 as is mentioned !!!!


Hi sir.

Did you purchased the theme first of all?


Hi there,

By default, a portfolio URL is in this format http://www.example.com/zen_portfolio/portfolio1.

Is there a way that I could change the zen_portfolio in the url?

Hoping for a quick response.




Hi Almyr,

You have to go in the code and use a simple trick to do that. Please open a ticket https://stylishthemes.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new an we will help you with that.


I have updated to latest wordpress and woo commerce, view cart and checkout page gone completely wrong,... please fix these ASAP And let me know…. Its very urgent for me because my site live :( Email: manojmk4u@gmail.com


Hi. Our theme doesn’t support right now the latest version of WooCommerce.

Please downgrade to your latest version of WOO that worked for you and don’t make updates if we don’t publish the update compatibility in the theme changelog.



But due to some security reasons client forced me to do it man,... really its my humble request,... please help me out…. :(


Revert it until we will post an update or something. This can take some time because we have to re-write some big parts of the theme to make it work fine…

I have installed and imported all data but,... Sliders always loading ,... donno whats the issue not getting sliders


Hi. Thanks for choosing our product first of all. Please open a ticket on http://stylishthemes.co/help and we’ll try to debug your issue there.

Regards. Vlad

manojmk4u Purchased

Please update to latest version support, My site down past 2 months, kindly please update,.... Begging man,... I loved ur product now u have to save me ,.... please do the needful.

And themes need to update because of Widespread WordPress Plugins and Themes Security Vulnerability.

Please please please!!!!


It’s not working for woocommerce latest version. Please update asap, this is show stopper for me. Please please


You can downgrade the woocommerce version to the last one that worked fine until then. :)


Lots of security issues and client will cancel the project, I’ll be huge losses man, please fix this ASAP, I loved your services, this is the least one I am expecting from you guys. Please man….