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Hi there, I am working on this template for a client who purchased it, and there seem to be problems with image sizing. The images on the product listing pages are HUGE. The admin image settings don’t seem to have any effect on the image size for some reason. How do I change the image size on the product listing pages?

OK I have done that, thank you.

I received your response, but we have customized this theme now. We can’t just upload a new version. Can you please tell me which file I need to replace? The post is closed in the support forum so I can’t reply to it there.

Please open new ticket and our developers will response it.

How can we add the subcategory images back in? It looks like they were removed from this template for some reason. On this page in your demo: http://themeforest.net/item/zenn-minimalist-responsive-zen-cart-template/full_screen_preview/3901096

We would like the images for Bedding, Cushion, etc. to display along with the subcategory name.

Thank you.

That was our design for this template. You may need some customizations to change it for your client

You could edit partials/tpl_product_grid.php to make it 3 columns. Just change col-lg-3 col-md-3 to col-lg-4 col-md-4.

Perfect, thank you.

Hi I recently purchased the template, and I congratulate it is very nice .

I have two problems, the most important is that I want to remove the zoom on the product image and install the module zen_lightbox , I’ve tried but does not work with the theme.

and the second problem is that the main page can not be in two languages ???

many thanks in advance

There seem to be a bug in the quick view in IE10. The product image is too big. Can you look into it?

Update file was approved. You could download it from TF.

Is there an integration in the template with Ultimate SEO URLs, or is it just capable of using it if I wish to install it?

It just capable of using it if you wish to install it

ok, so I can probably continue using ceon uri mapping then :)


luxxd Purchased

hi there, i have installed your template and i’m having a few issues with the font. basically, i would like to use century gothic as the main font, but it doesn’t show on Ipad and Iphone. i tried to use another font that is compatible with iphone and ipad, but this doesn’t show on pc and mac.

can you please let me know how i can set century gothic so it shows consistently on all devices or can you provide a list of fonts i can choose? so far the only one that shows correctly is the default one, but i would like to use a different one. Thank you in advance for your reply. all the best, silvia

You could open /src/includes/templates/zenn/common/html_header.php and edit this line

font-family: "<?= $zenn['google-font']; ?>";

Best Regard.


samuxul Purchased

I just installed v 1.5.3. and set up a new theme for my shop and thought everything was fine and working.

Then I made a sale item via Catalog > Specials. I noticed all items in product listing after that special priced item get the same price. This is only in product listing and doesn’t show if you add those products in cart which SEEM to have the special price. Or if you click to see product info.

EXAMPLE: http://s23.postimg.org/aasceb5ob/Screen_Shot_2014_12_28_at_17_37_12.png Only the RIDE FOR REVENGE has special price (-20%) in Catalog > Specials. And all items after that appear to have the special price of that item.

The problem is in the template files since the listings work just fine if I change the template back to default zen cart template.

Anybody know how to fix this problem?


You could open /src/includes/templates/zenn/partials/tpl_product_grid.php and edit like following
if (!isset($currencies) || (isset($currencies) && !is_object($currencies))) {
    $currencies = new currencies;
  $specials_price = null; // add this line

samuxul Purchased

Works fine now! Thanks!

How do you turn on item reviews? When I do it the usually way it does not show up.

Unfortunately, our template don’t support reviews.


saastah Purchased

Acabo de realizar la compra pero ¿Podrían indicarme que CMS debo de usar para instalar la plantilla?


saastah Purchased

Pueden ayudarme con los pasos para la instalación porfavor


Please read the documentation in the downloaded file.

Hi. I’ve installed ceon uri mapping, And its sort of working, but in IE11 the all images disappears if the page has two “subfolders” for example: maah.no/hatter works great, but maah.no/hatter/flosshatt dont work. It seems to be some kind of rewriting of the image base or something?

I am pretty shure it’s not my .htaccess. I have checked it and I can’t see anything wrong. The site works like it should on Chrome

May it be something with base href? Here’s an answer to a guy with a similar problem I found on the zen cart forums:

“You must have something wrong in your template files or you have some image displayer (maybe an AJAX one) which can’t deal with static URIs and needs to be modified to do so.”

I figured it out. It was caused by file encodings in a addon module

How can we enable the category/manufacturer filter on the product listing page? It is enabled in the admin, but the functionality seems to have been removed from this template for some reason.

Thank you!

I’d like to make the slider on top full width is there any easy way to do this? I want to keep the 12col the same width, but maybe move the slider outside of the 12col div?

You could enable EZ Pages on header.

Thanks I got that working now. On my ezpages that I created I noticed that the header was there but not the footer, is there something I have to enable to make the footer appear on an ezpage? Here is an example: http://bit.ly/1AugAXf

You could add EZ Pages blocks to footer

Can I do dropdown menus with EZ-pages just like how the categories in the top menu work?

Unfortunately, our template haven’t supported it yet.

Hi – I love this template but need a little help. I want to remove the “buy now” over the thumbnail images – we are doing a catalog site, not a full ecommerce site. Can you help?

I did it! :) I changed the tpl_product_grid.php. I saved the original under a different name in case I need to revert. However, if you have a better way, I am all ears!

You could disable buy now button in Zenn Template Options.

I did that but it didn’t take the buy now hover image off the new products thumb. I disabled all buy now buttons AND made it a showcase only. Still, had to alter code to get rid of it.

Seens silly, but how do I add images to the slider?

You could add banners to a banner group and use that group name in slider block.

Hi, I love this template but need a little help. This theme supports the Chinese?

Unfortunately our template don’t support the Chinese