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I have a problem with the option smart cache css. If this flag is no active the products of the catalog are not displayed. I submit a ticket, please let me know what is the problem.



I will need back office access becouse right now I can not see any errors.

Regards polcoder

Hi Polcoder many thanks for your support!


irmoweb Purchased

Hi Polcoder Team, congratulation for the excellent theme. I have a problem with the bank transfer module. The module is enabled and configured but he not show in payment options at checkout .

How can I fix it?



Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your back office details.

Best regards polcoder


Drotek Purchased

Bonjour Polcoder,

Tout d’abord je tiens à vous féliciter pour ce thème.

Je me permets de vous embêter suite à un souci de TVA. Lorsqu’un client a un compte avec un numéro de TVA intracommunautaire (valide bien sur) l’affichage dans le panier est erroné. Les prix sont bien affichés en HT mais le total en TTC. Ensuite si il valide sa commande la facture sera en TTC avec la mention “exempté de TVA…..” !!

Merci pour votre aide.


Hello Jerome,

Please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com Leave there your FTP and back office details so I can check files and settings.

Best regards polcoder


Ancik Purchased

Hi polcoder,

I need new version of simple blog module. I gave you my email in prv message.

Tell me, is it possible to put left sidebar (with blog categories etc.) on /blog page and post page?

Best Regards, Matthew


Reply sent via email.

Best regards polcoder

I have a problem, even If I uploaded some manufactures, they won’t appears on our brands plugin. Still appear an old one called Fashion, I deleted, still appears but without image, the link is broken. Anyway, is there something I need to do?

fixed, was about the cache

okay great

Hello, the attribute color for products is not working, I’ve assign a color for a product, the image should change when you choose a color, it’s not working!!!


I am sure it works. Problem has to be somewhere else. But to find out create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com

Regards polcoder

Hi, I have 2 languages in my store and let me know if there is any way to show the flags instead of the language code.


Solved. In themes / zensation / modules / blocklanguages / blocklanguages.tpl, I changed {if $ show_flags 0} for {if $ show_flags 1} on lines 33 and 45.


Hi, I need to update the theme but I don’t know where to download it.

It’s not in my Downloads section, in my account.

Can you help? Thank you!

Ok, thank you very much. Talk to you soon!

Hi, I’ve opened 2 support tickets, one for the download wich you’ve answered and one with some design issues.

Can you please have a look at the 2nd one ? It’s been 2 days and got no answer, if you don’t have time right now then please tell me how much time it will take.

Thank you!


Just a few hours more, I am almost finished update one of my themes and want to close it.

Best regards and thanks for your patience. polcoder

Hi there, is this theme ready for prestashop v1.6.1.3 ?



Technically it is however there are 3 files to modify so after you buy it write me on support@polcoder.com and I will send you updated version.

Best, polcoder

Hello, Thank you for this great theme. But I can not seem to solve two problems: 1) The original slider Zen theme not working. So I temporarily installed the slider base prestashop. 2) “Featured Products” -> The photos are truncated and product information is not displayed … This does not look like the example template. Can you help me, Merci, Thierry

Sorry, I forgot to indicate the link: http://www.etiennemarceldenim.com/ Thierry

Hello, please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com, leave there your back office details. Than I will be able to check described problems. Best, polcoder

Hello Polcoder; I have a quick question. Is there an easy way to make CMS pages fullwidth? In other words, to remove the left column?

Hi, yes it is. In your back office go to Preferences -> Themes, click Advanced Settings and uncheck left column on CMS pages.

Best regards, polcoder

Some questions about template

Can I use square images in my design? Can I change elements position? , I´d like to change in the product page the position of descriptions, etc under the combinations.


Hello, I can’t find a way to add a sidebar to the simple-blog module, either for single or list pages. I see similar issues have been solved via mail. Can you help? This is the link to the website.

Hello, please create a ticket on polcoder.ticksy.com