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Hello, when I launch my website im missing the FEATURED PRODUCTS part and i only see the HOME menu on my website. where can I go to add this or make these visible? I am also missing the (Home Privacy Conditions Shipping Site Map Contact Us) which is usually on the bottom.

I need some better explanation of editing this template. Which file do i have to edit in order to change the name of the menu. The very top of my page shows(HEADER_TITLE_LOGINHEADER_TITLE_CART_CONTENTSHEADER_TITLE_CHECKOUT) and even the Home button shows as (HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG)The very bottom shows (FOOTER_TEXT_BODY) how do i change these, and how do I add pages like about us or contact us pages on the menu section. please provide the customers with better manuals so we can edit the webpage more easily.

okay discard the top two questions. I solved it. My questions is for products, can I upload more than 1 pictures and how do I make the picture zoom in when I put my mouse cursor on the picture. Please reply back asap.


Sorry for the late reply. I don’t check my dashboard often.

To add more images, please follow this guide. http://info.template-help.com/help/how-add-multiple-images-product.html

CloudZoom was integrated, so you need to upload images with bigger size than size that you set in configures.

If you have any questions, please send me an email.

Thanks !

Hello, I am unable to get a banner to show up. I’ve followed every instruction a couple of times and nothing changes. Could you instruct me how to have a banner show up on the home page? thanks,

I like your template a lot but I’m about to give up on Zen Cart. There isn’t any help at all and no definition of the options. I have now lost the slider although I didn’t make any changes that I am aware of. I also cannot get the “buy this” button to show up. I’m not sure what PM is but you can reach my admin panel at dmaelements.com/mtheez/zcadmin username is pabrex. password is bach1750. Hope you can give me some information. THanks


Please set Categories – Always Show on Main Page in Layout Settings at 0 so it don’t overwrite the slider.

In My Store, set Store Status to 0 ( Normal Store) to enable Add to Cart button.

And this template hasn’t supported attribute images so maybe you need to use addition images.

Thanks for that information. Really appreciate it. I’ll check those things and see what to do about the attribute images. Thanks again!


I’m really torn between purchasing this template and Zenn!! If I purchase this template will I be able to add links/pages like “Privacy, Conditions, Shipping, Site Map and Contact Us” like Zenn has at the footer and the “Social Media” links like Zenn has in the header? This would be the perfect template if can. If you can let me know as soon as you can that would be great! I’m ready to purchase!!!

You can use Tools > EZ-Pages to add link to menu and footer. But to edit the “Login” link you need to edit code.

Hello, Everything was running smooth until i was trying to add the social link icons on the footer section. The slider does not show up anymore. i didnt touch anything on the slider section. I tried to replace all the files that i touched with the backup files, but still no luck. my website is http://www.blackboxguard.com Please tell me how I can get the slider back. thanks.


You can find jQuery(’#slider’).nivoSlider in zenstore/templates/tlp_index_default.php


Send me an email if you need more help.

whats your email address? thank you

You could send me an email via my profile.

I’ve installed on godaddy and so far I can only add a product and upload my logo. The slider either isn’t working or isn’t there and I have activated the sidebars and added items but they do not show. I chose your theme because of it’s aesthetic nature but so far not so good for me. Could you please provide me with some guidance. Thank you

Hi, You need to add your banners to “slider” group to active slider.


I’ve got everything set up :)

Is there any smart and relatively easy way of making the banner/slider bigger(for example to be able to show 1600×1200 images in full?) without messing the “Featured Products” and other elements?

Ideally I would like to achieve much bigger slider and have the other items below like in the original tamplete. something like this ->> http://atlantic-theme-minimal.myshopify.com/


Thanks for the quick response!

I went to edit this however in /includes/templates/ there’s no folder ‘partials’ -> http://prntscr.com/36p5jq

I have only ‘classic’, ‘tamplete_default’ and ‘zenstore’. I tried to look manually for ‘tpl_homepage_slider.php’ but couldn’t find it. (not available also in the original zip which I downloaded from here)

Appreciate your help!



Sorry for this mistake. But that is guide for Zenn template. And Zenstore doesn’t support full-width slider right now.

Thanks !

Got it, no problem :)

how to get started?? i really confused.. i already download this template , after i unzip i open zen-cart-v1.5.1-full-fileset-09182012 after that what should i do?please help me


Did you install Zen Cart on your server ?

yes i already install zen cart on my server but..after i install is not the same like the demo..how i can get the same theme like the demo??please help :)

Could you send me login infomation to your server via my profile page ?

Hi, I already have a website, with a basic theme installed a few years ago. I want to upgrade.

This might be a hard answer, but in general, how difficult is this process? Is it feasible, or it a better idea to start over from scratch and install fresh?

Hi, I don’t know why the built-in ZC function was not finding this correctly. Weird.

In /zenstore/common/tpl_drop_menu.php

I changed the line

require_once (DIR_WS_MODULES . zen_get_module_directory(‘categories_ul_generator.php’));

to simply:


And it works. I’ll use a new thread for future questions :)


Please make sure you have upload includes/modules/zenstore

Hey! Fantastic! I came back here to ask another thing, but fixing the permissions on /modules/zenstore fixed that as well :)

I wish I could delete my previous comment; I was trying to be helpful to future buyers, but changing the require_once as I did above is NOT THE RIGHT SOLUTION because if the template’s own categories generator is not found it will cause other problems as well. PLEASE IGNORE THE COMMENT ABOVE!

However, this might be useful for future buyers: If for any reason the Currencies is not suitable for your store, here is the code for the regular currencies drop down box you can just copy and paste anywhere in your site:

http://www.zen-cart.com/showthread.php?74936-Putting-currency-dropdown-in-the-header (time111’s reply)

I actually really like Zenstore’s currency display, but as I support 30 currencies, a few with the same symbol, it just isn’t suitable. This is how mine my site is looking now, I’m quite pleased with it all around: http://imgur.com/If4qaCP

I’m about 1/2 done with fully migrating my store, and thus far I’m very pleased with it and very happy I chose your theme mate. It’s beautiful and very well suited to my needs, a site with dozens of categories and thousands of products. Merry Christmas :)