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pre sales question….the portfolio pages the pictures are black and white….is it possible to make in color?

Yes, also you can do that.

I’m trying to put the video in the home page but is not working. I just got a black screen and with the jwplayer the error i get is something about the skin that i do not comprehend. Please help me

I answered you in the Support Forum, I will help you there.


pixseo Purchased

Hallo, Yesterday I bought your super theme. I have big problem with that- I want that menu on homepage (actually on all sites) will be stable, now it’s wrap after few seconds from open the site. Is there any code which I have to paste or change to have menu which is not hide?

I just purchased this theme, I have set up all my pages but my screen is black, I tried jpeg and png file but it is till black.

I need help asap. See website below.


Looks like you have not saved the settings in the admin panel. Go to your ADmin Panel>>Appearance>>Theme Options and click save.

Wow, its working now. Great!!!! Thanks!

Hey Pre sales QuestionS::: In the home page video background can I manage the audio botton controller_It means just play or pause_?? I’ve to upload the video with jwplayer or also video works exacly the same, directly full screen?? Thank you very much Simone

By default there isn’t a audio button. You can add it by changing the skin of the player. You can upload your videos to your server (self-hosted) or use videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

A pre-sales question: Is it possible to auto start the videos at the home page also on mobile phones ? Currently in your demo they do auto start on work stations, but on mobiles the user first has to press the arrow.

Thank you.

You can’t because, for example, iOS doesn’t allow that. Mobile devices don’t allow autoplayed videos.


I’m trying to add the “Social” widget, but social icons are disappeared.

Please can you help me about that?

If you look at bottom of your own demo page, they aren’t there: http://www.eneaa.com/templates/zeus/images/social_icons/facebook_32.png


Hi there,

Try adding this folder in “zeus/images/” http://cl.ly/420V1M2k2t1H

Hi, Congratulations for your great theme. But is it possible not to see the menu going up at the homepage ? On the footer.php you provided we still see the menu going up. In fact I would like to delete the menu temporary. Please help Thanks in advance for your feedback Keep the good work

Best regards Ron

Yes you can disable that. Here is more info: http://support.quemalabs.com/knowledgebase/menu-always-visible/

Hi, I purchased the theme a while ago and I specifically looked at the responsiveness of the website which is announced to be responsive in the details. However, I have checked the site with the responsive tool of Google and to my great disbelief Google says “not good”.... which puts me in an awkward position with my customer… the website is www.art-villa.be and the Google tool can be found in the webmastertools. Do you have an update coming, can you give me some patches for the errors Google says ? How can we proceed ? Thank you for replying, Roeland Above2nd

That Google tool tests different aspects relative to the performance of the site in mobile. Not if it is actually a Responsive design. That’s why you see that. With a site with heavy images and video you will always loose some performance in mobile.

Hi, Apparently only this meta needs to be inserted to make the template to be seen as “mobile friendly” : <meta name=viewport content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1”> I have inserted it in the editor “header.php” and the result is confirmed by Google to be “responsive” now. Perhaps you can add the code for future purchasers… regards, Roeland Above2nd

Yes, that changes the viewport in mobile which is optional. Let me know if you need help with anything else.

Problem is that customers are also adressed by Google and they test and see negative comments from Google, I cannot counter that with my authority… Fact is that with the addition of the viewport remark Google suddenly approves the site, so viewport addition might be an important parameter for them… the site works fine anyway. Thanks for your help offer. Regards,


Since the upgrade to WordPress 4.1.2, i can see the theme on my website.


I need help please :(

I see your site working fine. Do you have any other issue?

Hi, Pre sales question… Is it possible to have the same zooming effect on the pictures of the home page (Home slider) like the one of “Black Label Theme” ? I like this effect and I’d like to use it with Zeus…

Thank you


Maybe I’m wrong but I can’t see the zooming effect on the link you gave me…

That’s strange. It’ should look like this: http://cl.ly/1P3f3G2S3K2Y

I need help! I’ve purchased the theme, installed it… but how do I create the video item to be the front page. I just want a simple website, with an autoplay video a few links at the left. Sorry, I can’t figure it out… can anyone help me? Do I need to upload a file, or can I embed an YouTube video. How do I do it? I went to slider item in the Wordpress pane but I haven’t gotten any further and need some next steps.

Just create a regular page, select this page template (Home Page): http://cl.ly/image/17310c0F1C3m And then insert your video here: http://cl.ly/image/1u3T0X17330O

Hello, Quick question. Is it possible to slow down the “zooming effect” on the home page with slider ? http://www.eneaa.com/templates/zeus/home/home-3d/

What kind of option do you provide with this zooming effect?



Yes, you can slow down that zooming effect. Is made with CSS, so you can customize it via CSS.

Hi im having an issue with the contact form, I set the site up over a year ago using Zeus and it’s stopped working. http://www.theboatsydney.com Thanks

I’m Having an issue with my contact page. It seems to be the quick contact widget I’m using on the contact page. www.theboatsydney.com

Please create a support ticket in our site, I will help you there: https://quemalabs.ticksy.com/

I like his template but before purchasing just wanted to know if the full screen gallery has an option to showcase thumbnails?


No, I’m sorry it doesn’t show thumbnails.

How do I set menu “down” by default