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Is there a way to change the order of items with in a portfolio?

Any new item a add becomes number one at the top. I tried changing the date published but it doesn’t change the order.

As a example: I have a Page set to the Portfolio 4 Columns. In the portfolio say I have 4 different assets named: GREEN, BLUE, RED, YELLOW. I created those assets in that order G / B / R / Y but I want to have them come up on the page as R / Y / G / B.

Thanks for your time.


Portfolio items are ordered by publish date, so you can change the publish date to reorder.

Hello ! I want to buy but it is possible to keep playing the music all pages long consulting ? I don’t want it to break


It’s not possible because every time you load a new page, all content is loaded too.

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Hello, I would ask help for following issues or a point into right direction:
  • single post template load both default and sinle post sidebar. Post widgets are loaded under content section of single post page.
  • form, and social share widgets are loaded in white they seems to be not styled with right css
  • Some images like background pattern previews and loading gif (for saving) are broken links into the admin section

Aside thank you for your job and for your help!

Can you show me the URL so I can see those 3 issues? support@quemalabs.com

Lovely theme!

One quick question before I purchase – is the full screen video on the theme responsive?


Yes, the video fill the windows size on load.

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Felicidades por esta excelente plantilla.

Tengo el siguiente problema: Cuando creo una galerĂ­a me aparece un mensaje “image not found”. Sin embargo si le doy click a la galeria esta se abre y puedo ver perfectamente las imagenes. A que se debe ese mensaje y como lo puedo eliminar? Te adjunto un a imagen con el mensaje. Saludos y gracias.


No logro ver la imagne que adjuntas. Me podrias enviar la URL de tu sitio a mi mail asi veo de que se trata? support@quemalabs.com


How do I have multiple videos play one after another on homepage video?

How to I change the little fly in widget on right of home page? I want to add text.


There isn’t a default option to show several videos on the Home Page. You can only show one.

An this content is a Widget area: http://cl.ly/image/1p0533082N3G

You can add a Text Widget in your Admin Panel>>Appearance>>Widgets.

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Hi there. i already bought this theme. this theme is great. However, i am having a problem regarding the sliders. When i uploaded my images for the slides, everytime i tried to preview the sliders, the images would be zoom in and not in actual size of the images. I tried to resize the images before uploaded it but the same problem occured. Could you help me and take a look..? here is my website. http://www.tayarpakar.com/?page_id=17#

All the imgaes for slider is in kind of zoom in. thank you for your respond.

That’s because the background slider resize images to fit the entire window. Here is more info about Image sizing: http://support.quemalabs.com/knowledgebase/image-sizing/

I would like to buy to create a portfolio for a client in motion graphics.

If you are using standard 16:9 video will it scale according?


Do you mean in the background? Yes, the background always fit the window. But if you use YouTube, you will see black bars like in the demo: http://www.eneaa.com/templates/zeus/home/home-video/

Does the Zeus logo have to be in the bottom left corner? or can it be removed?


I tried to compress the file Zeus and when I upload the .zip file “Zeus” it says….”The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.”


NVM I found it out.

Ok, great. If you need more help, you can create a ticket in our support portal: http://support.quemalabs.com

Are you going to update to where HD video can be streamed through Vimeo on Zeus? If not, can YouTube stream HD on Zeus?


YouTube can stream HD video but the quality is decided for YouTube. Because they calculate your Internet speed and windows size.

I cannot seem to get the background video to go full screen. Have spent an amazing amount of hours trying to figure it out. Fill, exact fit, nothing works.

Can you take a look? Aurratech.com

Client is getting stressed at this point. Any suggestion would be much apprecaited! Thanks J

Hi, I see a few javascript errors. Please create a support ticket with a FTP user and I will take a look: http://support.quemalabs.com

Is there a way to implement pan zoom on the background slider aspects?

Thanks Tom

eneaa Author

No, sorry. You can’t apply zoom on the background images.