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Hi, I’d like to change the style.css for the black background color and the black diagonal stripes on the background pictures to another color than black, but I can’t identify which style it is … I’m using f12 in chrome and inspect …


A hint how I can identify styles right would be great.

Thx, Frank

Is made by PNG images:

ok thx. Do you know of a method to easy and 100% locate a style from within the front-end ? also in a style hierarchy ? The chrome or firefox inspectors are often quite confusing with loads of entries, and very often don’t pull out the right location of a style at all … Regards, Frank


I think the best tool is FireBug for Firefox, try that plugin.

Hi, how can I switch on the social media icons in the footer or slide-control ?

In your Admin Panel: http://cl.ly/F7uO

thx … is there a way to make it open in a new tab ?


It should open in another tab by default

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El Theme ya esta optimizado para ser amigables con los buscadores, igualmente podes probar algun Plugin especializado en SEO : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=seo

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Hi, nice!! and nice!

I’m looking for a new theme, i added this one to my favorites so….. maybe. I got a little question: the menu, does it support submenu, subsubmenu (subsubsublevel)? And… well… guess that’s all (for now).

i found the XML file, great! - well.. the link to it.

Other question: when clicking the home button, the video plays again. Possible or easy to set the link of the Home button to a page?

Still more questions: Videohyve vids are support right?

Regards Robert


1. You can have 2 Sub-levels in the Menu.

2. You can redirect to another page after the video ends.

3. Yes, these are the supported formats: http://www.longtailvideo.com/support/jw-player/jw-player-for-flash-v5/12539/supported-video-and-audio-formats#video

checked your link and there the videos also overlap the menu items in IE and Chrome. Only FireFox works …

http://my.jetscreenshot.com/10418/20120319-amtm-36kb.jpg http://my.jetscreenshot.com/10418/20120319-mn44-69kb.jpg
Try replacing this file:
With this one: http://cl.ly/FAcj/video.php

tx for reply and file. did exchange the video.php but still … i also recognized that the overlap by the videos happens as well with the wordpress admin menu, have a look.


any news if it wrks now ?


I sent you an email with the explanation to add the “&” instead of ”?”


ya, I paste it here so post gets retraceable :

In that code of yours, look you have 2 ”?”. You need only one.

So, if you already have one ”?” in the URL the second must be a &>

<iframe width=”460” height=”289” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/QXtZx_Ltl_c?rel=0&wmode=opaque” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

I´m interested in buy this theme, because it has a background video, but I need to know if mobile devices (IPAD, IPHONE , ANDROIDS) support playing video files on background


As it says in the description this theme use a few tricks to make the videos play as background. It’s not like on the computer but is a nice fallback.

You can try the demo site with an iOS device to see what I’m talking about.


you can pass the demo site?

Hi, is it possible to add a text title and slogan at the top and bottom of the logo picture ? By using the fnts that are delivered with Zeus , like so :

Regards, Frank


You can try something in “zeus/header.php” around line 130


k cool tx

hi there… interested in using this theme for my site… how well does the background video work on tablets or when viewed on a phone?

You can try it yourself by looking at the demo on you device: http://www.eneaa.com/templates/zeus/

and can the menu bar be displayed as white instead of black?


For that you need to make several changes to the images.

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Site: http://www.thisiswarpaint.com/#

I am using jwplayer and a video file hosted on my server. Auto Start is set to “True” in the Zues settings and I’ve played with different buffer lengths. I’ve set the Controlbar to be true, so I can clearly see that the video is waiting to completely load before playing.

The video must load after buffering 3 seconds. How do I achieve this?

I searched the forum and found this question unanswered.


I anwered in the support forum.

hello why can’t i upload the apolo theme? it always says ” try again”. i bought the black label, but it’s too complicated.


Do you want to upload the Apolo Theme? but you bought Black Label? I don’t understand.


All of my pages display these titles at the bottom

Entries (RSS) Comments (RSS)

No categories

Register Log in WordPress

Is there a way to get rid of all that. Or if not, can any one explain the use of it ?

this is my website www.soundfountain.co.uk

Thanks very much for your help


Those are Widget Areas, you can use the widgets in your Admin Panel>>Appearence>>Widgets.

More info about widgets, here: http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wp-101-video-training-part-12-widgets/
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@lucyontheground: You need to unzip the download file, which has a contains documentation and other non-theme files, and navigate to the zeus.zip it contains, which is the theme file you upload. This is a very common way to distribute wordpress themes.

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@soundfountain: Those are widgets areas, which in this theme automatically populate with those content areas unless you change theme. The areas can be altered by navigating to Appearance > Widgets and dropping widgets into the First, Second and Third Footer Area. If you want those areas to display no content, I suggest dropping in empty “text” widgets. I tested this on my theme and it displayed the results I believe you are looking for.

perfect, that works :)

While I am talking to a pro, my Favicon is not showing. it is a 16×16 png file. It uploads normally and shows as a thumbnail in the upload area, but doesn’t show in the browser ? am I using the correct file format ?

thanks a lot for your time

Try using a .ico file. You can use sites like this one: http://www.favicon.cc/

I have tried it with an ico file ? still no luck

Any other suggestions ?

many thanks

Sometimes it takes time for the browser to show the favicon. If you still have this problem, please create a topic in the support forum with your URL , I will take a look. http://support.eneaa.com

Hi There

I want to make some changes in the layout

1.I want to move content header sidebar float all to the left only align left marge 10px is there oone line in the css to fix this ?

2.If you see the layout now on a widescreen the content sidebar is very small Can i change e.x. body 1200px ?

Kind regards Andre Holman


1. You can’t do that with out changing a lot of files, sorry.

2. The problem is that all the Theme is made so that you can see up to a minimum of 960px, again you have to change several files for that.

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post below. (no email notification on this one)

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For now I would like it so that when someone goes to my main URL , it doesn’t automatically open up a blog formatted page with “Categories”, “Archives”, “Pages” etc etc. I would like it to go to Page 1 or 0, or just the background. I have no need for the blog feature, and have tried my best to figure this problem out. Please and thank you, Kyle


For that you can see the Documentation, is explained in the section: C. HOW TO use the Theme>>>Create the Home and Blog page

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Excellent :) Thank you.