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Eaneaa – NM, i was able to install. Now lets see if i can configure it to look like your sample site. Thanks!



Mekina Purchased

Eneaa – can you also please email it to me(the import file?). I have installed it. But I am also having a hard time to have it configured to look exactly like your demo, starting with the video etc…please help.


You can download it from here: http://cl.ly/AyL9

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Hi there, I installed it expecting everything to be exactly like the demo you have posted. It only is showing a home and sample page. Is there a file or something missing? I really wanted the same exact setup. Please Help. Thank you.


I sent you by email the Import File

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hello, i’m just trying to add captions to the galleria but i think there is a problem with that.

echo ‘ID).’” rel=”’. wp_get_attachment_url($attachment->ID).’”>ID).’”&w=660” alt=”’.$meta_infoimage_meta.’” title=”’.$meta_infoimage_meta.’”>’;

the script can’t get the alt and the title i guess, can you help me with that? How can i add captions to the galleria?

Thanks very much!

Try replacing this file:

with this one: http://cl.ly/B16a

Mekina Purchased

Eneaa -

Please help. I have three questions

1. How do i make the left menu bar as well as all other side bars disappear as soon as the vido starts ( similar to your demo) currently i have to hide the left menu bar manually to see the slide show in full window.

2. how do i make the video start as soon as the page loads? ( my video option is set to auto, but i still have to press play button for it to start)

3. How do i make sure audio files plays through out the entire slide show.

Thanks !!


Please create a Topic in the support forum with this and your URL . http://support.eneaa.com

Hola Eneaa !! Tengo una duda. en mi página la forma de Portafolio la voy a usar para mostrar el trabajo de clientes comerciales.

El detalle es que la gente que navega va y le da click a la foto de cada portafolio en lugar de darle click en Read More, y entonces se abren las fotos de portadas de los diferentes portafolios en lugar de ver las fotos del portafolio al que quieren entrar.

Hay alguna forma de hacer que al dar click en la foto se abra el portafolio de cada cliente ?

Checa el site www.heliovillarreal.com en la sección COMERCIAL


Si, se puede. Reemplaza este archivo:
por este otro: http://cl.ly/B2wy

Gracias Brother !!! Funcionó a la perfección


Great Template.

My dad bought this site a couple weeks ago, and we have had an issue hopefully you can help out with.

We have had an issue with the thumb nails for the portfolios. They don’t show up , but the link to the video/photo files works just fine when clicked. I’ve read about the permission issue setting it to 777, but I’m on a windows server, do I need to switch to a Linux server to make this feature work?

Thanks for the help,



It should work. Create a topic in the Support Forum with your URL please. http://support.eneaa.com

I’m serious difficulties to insert the google map on contact page.

I generated the code API : ABQIAAAA7ut16TMkMZ8h2v7r058sNhSW-SF3xfwus7XKpqTZlH4R4dgDchR0UYVTVkq0yg_-lLYJ7Q0mDxcWpw

The address is: http://maps.google.com.br/maps?q=Av.+Ang%C3%A9lica,+1968+-+Consola%C3%A7%C3%A3o+S%C3%A3o+Paulo,+01228-200&hl=pt-BR&ie=UTF8&ll=-23.549589,-46.659858&spn=0.010681,0.021136&sll=-23.549274,-46.659944&sspn=0.010681,0.021136&vpsrc=0&hnear=Av.+Ang%C3%A9lica,+1968+-+Consola%C3%A7%C3%A3o,+S%C3%A3o+Paulo,+01228-200&t=m&z=16

I did not find tutorials on this subject.

Please, help!


I answered in the Forums

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I am just about to build a website with Zeus but notice at the end of the comments section:

“The theme is not optimized for iPhone or iPad but has a fallback so that they can watch videos on these devices.”

I trust this refers to optimizing video and that the theme does work properly on iOS devices in all other aspects.

Is that correct?



Yes, the Theme will work as any other page on an iOS device. With the advantage that you can also play videos in HTML5 .

I want to be able to have different sliders depending what page your on. How do you do that? Is it possible? Right now I made two different categories but I can’t figure out how to use that so different pages can utilize different slides according to category.


You can only have one slider.

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Hello, that theme is really beautifull, so much things to do with it. Just one trouble catually, I can’t manage to add multiple images to a portfolio item. I have folowed the procedure you’re showing in the video but it just does’nt work. Any help would really be welcome.

the page : http://www.mygraphiqueshop.com/?post_type=game_portfolio&p=31

It seems you solved it, right?

corgnaac Purchased

yep, I should have look for the answer in the previous posts sooner… Thank you for your answer anyway. I have a new question actually, is it possible to insert some vidéos directly in the post of a portfolio item ?

Yes, add the embed code of the Video… something like this:
<iframe allowfullscreen src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/XWCwc1_sYMY" frameborder="0" height="315" width="560"></iframe>
corgnaac Purchased

Thanks eneaa, once again I could have figured that by having a better look at the live preview… think I deserve somes jokes here… In any case thank you for that quick answer, it solved my problem and congratulations for that amazing theme. ++

How do I auto minimize the menu? I really don’t want to use the menu. I just want the photos/video to transition.


Do you want minimize the menu on every page?

Replace this file:
with this one: http://cl.ly/BUf1/footer.php
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Hello, I just love this them.

I have a question, is it possible, when clicking on the arrow for the menu to go up, to leave the right panel there ? Meaning not having the panel going down, but keeping it visible ?

thanks !


Yes, try replacing this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/BWKg/script.js
gerrymax Purchased

Hello eneaa !

Thank you so much it works perfect !!

Have a great day.

Hello I am very interested in this template.

However first I have some very simple question I was hoping you could answer.

1.Is it possible to have the site start with the ‘home slider’ (not the video slider)

2. I would like the top navigation to display 10-12 ‘home slider’ projects. I dont require a sub menu(2nd navigation menus). Just 12 ‘home slider’ projects titles. Would this be at all possible?



1. Yes.

2. You can only have one Home Slider, but you can have several Portfolios or Galleries.


Great thanks for answering.

If I have several portfolios or galleries I want them to sit on the main navigation menu (not in a sub menu) rollover. Is this possibly?


Yes it possible, but if they are too much maybe it looks strange with so many links in the menu.

Sorry….continuing from my last comment I would also like the widget area to show unique project information for each ‘home slider’ project. Hope that make sense!


Like I said you can only have one Home Slider, so you can do that but just for one.

Hello, I’m trying to post YouTube videos, not Vimeo and it won’t play. Anyone succeeded with YouTube video?

Many thanks /D


Please create a topic in the Support Forum with your URL . http://support.eneaa.com

Hi there I am loving your theme and just have one question to ask. On the home page is it possible for the menu to stay in place instead of folding up when the video starts playing? I look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the work you did on the theme. Cheers


Are you using a self-hosted video or YouTube video? because with Self-Hosted video you should not have problems


Hi Eneaa. I’m using a self-hosted video but the navigation doesn’t seem to work on the iPad. You can check it out here to see what I mean – www.beaconinvestmentgroup.com. It works fine on Safari and Firefox but just not on iPad. Thanks for your help with this.


I think maybe is for the video format because I can’t see it on the iPad. It has to be H.264/MPEG-4

Hello! I recently acquired the theme and after install and customization, just had a problem with the gallery.

When viewed from Chrome, it displays the following error: ”Could not extract width / height from image:...”

The site url is http://macstyle.com.br/verao/

Could you help me? Please.

In Firefox 3 and IE9 not had these problems, by the way, in these browsers the entire site is working better.



I can’t give you a solutions for a Browser that are still in beta. Because probably when they release the final version there will be no problem.

Now no one is using the Beta version of Chrome.


Hi Eneea, I still need your help.

I tried viewing the demo version of the site from the current version of Chrome and it worked.

If the problem is with the browser version, there should be the same problem with the demo site?

I await your response.


I’m not sure but like I said, I can’t give you an answer with a Browser in beta.

Nodody that is a normal user, uses the Beta version

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i am not seeing anything in the theme options to add video to background, like on demo siite


Inside of Documentation is explained how to use the Video Background

GRB Purchased

ifound it, however how do i remove the categories, blogroll, subscribe, meta, archive etc from the pages i don’t want them show up on


Do you mean the Sidebar’s widgets? You can manage those from the Admin Panel, more info about Widget here: http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wp-101-video-training-part-12-widgets/