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Hi Eneaa, first of all, congrats for the theme, really nice work. I’m interested to purchase IT, I just wanna to ask you some questions.

I assume there is a css file where you can customize a lot of things, I just want to know if it is possible to change the menu color background (from black to white for example) and also its shape at the bottom.




The color of the menu is made by an semi-transparent image (also the shape at the bottom) but you can change those image for any other image you want. Also the Photoshop Files are include


Perfect. Thanks! M.

gerrymax Purchased

Hello !

I know I have asked a similar question, and you sent me a file and it worked perfect ! I needed to have the menu move up and the right panel to stay in place ; this works perfect.

Now, I would need to know if it is possible, instead of clicking on the Arrow to make the menu move up, if I can make the menu to move up when clicking on one of the Menu item ? Leave the arrow there, in order to make it go down …

Actually, what I would like, is when clicking on a Menu Item , the page appear and the menu moves up.

Let me know, I really appreciate it !



You can’t do that becuase when you clikc on a Menu Item the page is reloaded so it can’t run any code.

gerrymax Purchased

Hello, thank you for your reply.

One very last question, Can we simply take off the arrow in order to leave the menu in place at all times ?

thanks a lot.


You can leave the menu in place at all times with out removing the arrow.

Open “zeus/footer.php” and remove line 142

tle2000 Purchased

Just purchased the theme, great them, but I have a problem 1. In IE8 , music does not play. Yes, it play in Firefox. 2. In IE8 , Blog page doesn’t display picture properly. All my landscape size pictures turn into portrait. And yes, it works properly in firefox.

You can check my page here. http://bellusstudio.com

Please advice


Please create a Topic in the Support Forum so I can see why. http://support.eneaa.com

Eneaa, espero que estés bien. Me está pasando algo muy raro en el blog. Las primeras 2 entrdas que hice funcionan a la perfección, en la última entrada, algo está fallando o algo estoy dejando de hacer que no puedo lograr mostrar la imagen destacada en la portada de la entrada. Simplemente no sale. http://blog.heliovillarreal.com



Ahi vi que las 3 entradas estan bien. Pudiste solucionarlo, no?

Problema resuelto, el tema era que el nombre del archivo tenía espacios. al quitarlos se resolvió el problema. gracias !

Nice theme! I have some questions:

1. Can we have different pages with only background gallery (like the home page)?

2. If the browser is resized into a square, the photo (which is horizontal) will show black at bottom. Is there a way to make photo fit, filling in top to bottom but keeping proportion? - Side Note: some photos seem to stretch out of proportion.

3. Can we change width of menu and subs?

4. Can we use custom fonts like Typekit?

5. How do we hide the sound icon? Or can we customize to have user choose songs (while keeping it minimal/clean)?



1. Not for now. Hopefully in new updates.

2. The pictures always fit the entire window (keeping proportion) if they are landscape .

3. You can, changing the CSS

4. Yes, if you can configure that. But there are more than 40 cufon fonts to choose

5. If you don’t set any song the icon is hidden

delturo Purchased

Buenas eneaa,

Adquirí el diseño de tu Theme hace unas semanas y tenia una pregunta que hacerte.

Cual es el valor para que el “Read More” de las páginas Portfolio quede desplegado por defecto? Es para que en ve de que el visitante vea el carácter “>” vea “Read More”.

Muchisimas gracias. :-D

Abre el archivo “zeus/style.css” y en la linea 873 reemplazala por esto:
Y en la linea 888 por esto:

Tambien abre “zeus/js/script.js” y borra desde la linea 76 a la 102

delturo Purchased

Funcionó perfectamente! Muchas gracias!.

Hello there,

I just downloaded your theme but i can´t install it. Wordpress says (fault alarm) that a stylesheet is missing, I can not control it because i am not a programmer so what can i do ??? Can you send me that missing stylesheet and how i know what it is..??

Thank you for your help Paulo


There isn’t a stylesheet missing. Probably it’s a problem in the installation.

Did you check the documentation?

Hi, I am thinking of buying this theme. How easy is it to edit / use for a complete word press novice? How much plug and play is it?

Thanks, love the theme and its just what I need for a project.

Thanks in advance


I think it’s really easy to use. And also I include videotutorials in the Documentation. And of course my support.

Hello Eneea !

I want to know if there is the possibility of applying background patterns in the pages of videos as well as is possible on pages where there are sliders.

I hope you can help me!



It’s not possible, sorry.

Dear Themeforest experts,

Big props, your stuff looks great. Regarding this particular theme, Zeus, is it compatible with a WP shopping cart and if so, which do you recommend?

Have a client already sold on this theme but they require a shopping cart. Please advise.

Thank you very much, Jose


I didn’t test any Shopping Plugin but it should work well

1 – After inserting the Google API , it is always the message: This website requires a different key for Google Maps API . A new key can be generated at http …

Note: It would be the simplest possibility of a simple link inseam Google maps?

2 – some portfolios have been created for inserting images. But now they are giving 404 error. View: http://artefotoevideo.com.br/newsite/portfolio/casamento/cerimonia

3 – Video – When you insert a video on Vimeo’s home while he is fighting charges.

4 – Video – If I insert a Youtube video at the end it shows an option (unwanted) sharing.

5 – Video – In both Vimeo and YouTube videos will not repeat as directed on the Home Page.


1- You can create a new key here: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html

2- That looks like a problem with the Permalinks. Try changing that here: http://cl.ly/C6gi

3- I do not understand what you mean

4- Replace your folder “zeus/jwplayer/” for this one http://cl.ly/8SI6

5- Do you want the video start again on its completion? YouTube videos can but not Vimeo’s video


1 – You can create a new key here: http://code.google.com/apis/maps/signup.html R – newly created key, inserted, but the message keeps appearing. 2 – This looks like a problem with Permalinks. Try changing it here: http://cl.ly/C6gi R – Amended, but the problem persists 3 – I do not understand what you mean R – The videos from Vimeo stopped running normally. While the video does not load it is stopping. 4 – Replace the folder “zeus / jwplayer /” for this http://cl.ly/8SI6 R – and in lieu of any positive results. 5 – You want the video to start again at its conclusion? YouTube videos can, but there is video Vimeo R – Only the videos on Vimeo begin again, YouTube is playing better than not. But the problem is that the videos on Vimeo are not running smoothly.


1- I don’t see any error. The maps is working fine: http://artefotoevideo.com.br/newsite/contato/

2- Ok send me a WP user and I will take a look. nicoandrade@gmail.com

3- Can you show me a link to that?

4- Does it work?

5- This Vimeo video is working fine for me http://artefotoevideo.com.br/newsite/ Could be your internet connection?

Hi! Im thinking about purchasing this theme, but I have a question:

Is there a setting in the template to turn off the pattern that is in front of the background pictures? So that they look like they look normally?


Yes, you can do that.

What song is the background music?


Miaow – Bubble

Hi ! Nice design, thanks

i have just just one problem :

no image on my portfolio, i looked at you video demo and no results



Please send me to my email a FTP user, nicoandrade@gmail.com


it’s ok thanks

Hi- trying to make the menu stay visible on the home page. I don’t see line 42 in the footer.php page:

“You can leave the menu in place at all times with out removing the arrow. Open “zeus/footer.php” and remove line 142”

Can you provide the exact code to remove?

Thanks! Love the theme :)

The line is 142 not 42. This is the line:
setTimeout(function(){ $('#home_widget_btn').trigger('click'); }, 3000);
vpomella Purchased

I’m a total novice in working with wordpress, but your theme has been pretty simple to utilize. However, I’m having difficulty creating a contact page. There should be a “Contact” page template, but my theme is not showing that option. The only template options I have are: Default, Galleria, Home Page, Page Full Width, Portfolio 1 Column, Portfolio 2 Column, Portfolio 3 Column, Portfolio 4 Column.

I also tried to paste the code from the live preview of the demo site, but the formatting was all crazy…it didn’t work.

Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you!

You need to paste this code:
[two_third] <h3>Please use this form to contact us</h3> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque ultricies ornare est id dignissim. [form email='test@test.com' ][/two_third] [one_third_last] <h4>Find Us</h4> [map id='othermap' popup='false' html='Your Company is here' width='270px' height='200px' zoom='16' latitude='40.723025' longitude='-74.002267'] <br /> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque ultricies ornare est id dignissim. Phasellus semper purus non tortor dictum venenatis. [/one_third_last]

On your page and remember to have the “HTML” tab selected: http://cl.ly/CGbK

GRB Purchased

am having an issue displaying other blog categories, for instance i have an menu called blog, then i have submenus under blog, when i select the menu that i want the post to show up in it only shows under blog and not with blog and submenu items. http://thestylologist.com

Also. when i setup an custom widget for homepage only it doesn’t show up, i tried to make the socialshare-widget show up on there and all i see is the name of the widget but the widget can be shown on other pages like blog.

Images on Gallery are not proportional how can we fix this

Need more control over the contact form i want to change the label names to something else how can i do that an where would i find the file for that.

Last but not least when on an blog item page, there is no hover effect on blog main menu, i can’t see the drop down any more when am in an blog item

Great theme! I’ve got it installed and I’ve started to customize if for my client. We’d like the background to be a lighter color and I’ve been able to change the CSS for the main site. However, I can’t figure out where the background color for the full-screen home page video is set. Where can I change that?


I have problem to download new theme – all i get its my old purchase files and 0 bites from new theme.


The last version is 1.1.0. Check your version in this page: http://cl.ly/CM2e