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inivini Purchased

Hi, I have a problem with the slider, it seems to be a javascript problem, i have everything well configured, two slides and selected the custom field “Slider include”, observing the code i can see that slides are correctly written in the code but they do not appear, a black space appears, could your tell me how to solve the problem?


Hello i Can’t make the slider work, im fairly new to this but i read other post about ” insert slide or contact form ” and i can’t find it anywhere. please help.

hivedoes Purchased

I updated to latest Word Press version and my slider stopped working:


I tried to embed the code into the slider options, but that did not work.

What should I do?


Hi, I also have the same problem with the slider Me too, I have everything well configured (I suppose) and selected the custom field “Slider include” in the page, but in the home page I see only a white empty space

Could your help me please?

My site is: letizia-accinelli.com Thanks a lot!

CADKent Purchased

Everytime you click a menu link on the wbesite http://kentbni.com/ it goes to dead pages by added the website again! Like: http://kentbni.com/kentbni.com


jiunyx Purchased


I cannot update wp and pages … most of the links and brankic panel are not working. So I cannot reach my contacts or about page for adress change or something. How can I solve this problem?

Altough the website www.alphankutval.com works fine I thinks there is something fishy goin’ on inside.

Thanks and Best,


Hi Brankic,

Thanks for a nice theme! I’ve worked out a lot of things on my own but not sure why this is occurring. I am looking to reduce the spacing or padding between my main content and footer. All of my pages are set up as individual pages so I don’t think it has anything to do with the single page layout spacing. If you want to take a look here is my page snakeeyeslawncare.com/wordpress/

Please let me know what CSS to change, thanks!


murabura Purchased

Hi Brankic,

Can you please put on our contact form additional field with numbers/letters for security from robots? We start receiving lot’s of spam through the form.

Thank you Mariyana


How can I reduce the space between the page sections in the home??

I love this theme but will there be a 4.0 update????


Please can you tell me if you are still supporting this theme? It seems to me as if you are not. My site is using your theme and I want to get e-commerce up and running on it but this might be tricky if there is no support so would appreciate some guidance. Thanks

Hi guys

I’ve tried looking through the support forum to find the answer but I can’t seem to.

Basically when I click on the add new page the button for the short codes in the visual editor is missing meaning I can’t use any of the short codes such as the dividers or the icons, please advise.

Alysum Purchased


I want to ask when will an update for wordpress 4.1? We bought this so I do not understand why technical support is Your template access as follows.



No update is planned :(

Alysum Purchased

So I bought this template unnecessary. It is not nice from you to …


Software Version WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.3, WordPress 3.2, WordPress 3.1, WordPress 3.0

Hi Brankic1979,

Does this theme work with WordPress 4.1? Says above the slider will stop working??

Please confirm if this can be used on latest WP.


I don’t think it can work with latest WP 100%

Brankic can you please create a manual short codes list?

Since you are no longer offering support at least this will go along way for most of us who especially those who were early supporters of the theme.

I’ve been wanting to use the portfolio for a month now but can’t as there is no shortcode button.

Alysum Purchased

Hello, I have a problem I stopped work filters in the portfolio. On the page http://www.alysum.sk/ Can you help me how to fix it?

Thank You

Ant602 Purchased


I want to allow comments to show up on a page – ie on the standard page template, or on a portfolio gallery page rather than just on individual portoflio items or blog posts.

Is this possible? I’ve tried adding in <?php if ($comments) comments_template(); ?> to the page template without any luck.


Ant602 Purchased

Anyone else searching for this, the solution I found was, in the page.php:

Immediately after: if ( have_posts() ) while ( have_posts() ) : the_post();

enter: $comments = comments_open() && get_option(“default_comment_status “) == “open”;

And then near the bottom, just before

enter <?php if ($comments) comments_template(); ?>

Doesn’t seem to have helped with having comments on a main portfolio page, but does make them show up under standard standalone separate pages at least

Trying to install this theme again but I am receiving this error message: Sorry, there has been an error. This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number.

What’s the solution to this?

This theme works fine until WordPress 4.2.1. Be sure to backup before update to WordPress 4.2.1!!!

this theme works fine until 4.2.1 but top slider doesn’t work in safari